Saturday, 19 December 2015

for x lv

At first I will tell you that I am an incest lover and a haircut lover. This happened few years ago and after that my life changed. My dad lives in Dubai. Working there. And he barely come to home because he don’t get much vacation. So I and mom live here…
At first I am going to tell about my mom. She is a beautiful woman, with normal size boobs and ass. From childhood I am in love with her. I always wanted her to be my sex partner. And she had also gorgeous hair till her butt. Her hair is little curly that makes me more horny.
Now the main story, since I have told you that I wanted her to be my sex partner, I didn’t have any attraction to any other girls. I always stared to my mom and her body and hairs. She always kept long hair but trimmed many times. I always watched her hair being cut. That made me horny and I always went to bathroom to masturbate thinking of her haircut and her. But I didn’t told her nothing since I saw her naked. I came back from college. She came out from bath, naked. She didn’t know I have a extra key. I was just stunned there seeing her naked body, hairy pussy. Seeing her naked my dick got strong. She was also surprised to see me. I was looking at her.
Then she quickly take a towel and covered herself. And asked me when I come. I didn’t reply for 1 minute then I realized mom is talking to me. Then I replied that mom it’s been 5 minute. Mom asked how you get in. I replied that I had a key. But mom notices that I was looking at her. That day I masturbated for 3 times thinking of her naked body, and from that day she turned me more on. And my desires got higher about her. Mom didn’t tell me anything or asked me anything about the incident. I also kept quiet.
One day in the morning she was combing her hair in front of mirror and called me. I went to her room, looking at her hair my dick got strong again. She asked me, “Son look at my hairs, is it thin at the end?”
I replied,” yes mom, it’s getting thin at the end. you need a cut”
She asked again,” how much should I cut? 2 inch?”
I replied, ”mom cut till shoulder.”
Mom: “its too short son, how about 3 inch?”
Me: “mom try a modern look. Shoulder length will be good on u, and you will look more beautiful.”
Mom: “its too short son, I will have a trim at salon.”
Me: ‘let me trim, I will do good haircut to your hair.”
Mom laughed and told no my dear you cant cut. I didn’t argue much as I was getting hornier and I was about to cum in front of her. So I run to the bathroom and masturbated again. Some months pass and I didn’t say anything to her about her haircut. But I was getting so patience less. My birthday came. And I got a idea, as I am her only son she gave me anything I want in my past birthdays. So I got a plan for her. Mom called me and asked me what I want for birthday this year. I said, “mom this year you have to give whatever I ask.” Mom said, “I always gave you what you ask. Now tell.” I replied, “ mom I want to cut your hair short and want to be your sex partner.” I was in so fear, I wasn’t sure what will mom do.
She looked at me angrily and scold at me. Mom: “how can even you think about this? you want your own mom as your sex partner? How bad are u?” mom beat me and told me to get out of house. I went to my friends home. For 2 days I didn’t call mom, she also didn’t. at the 3rd day she called me on my mobile. And requested me to go back to home. She was crying that time. But i said:
“I will go if you give me my birthday present. Otherwise I won’t go there.”
Mom: “how can I son? I am your mom.”
Me: ‘I don’t know mom. you have to give me my gift or I wont go there.
Mom: “cut my hairs as much as you want but don’t have sex with me. Please son” she said crying.
Me: ‘mom I dreamed about it since my childhood. I just dreamed about you. I didn’t think about other girls except you. plz mom agree.”
Mom: “first come home then I will say.” I got an idea and told mom, “I haven’t eat for 2 days. I wont go there if you don’t agree.”
Mom cried a lot then said yes. I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked again to mom. She said yes again.
I went to home at night. I saw mom prepared some of my favorite food and waiting in the dinning table. I entered and mom hugged me. I got turned on and hug her tightly. Mom said, “come have food first.” I start eating. Then noticed mom went to her room. After I finish my food I went to her room. I saw mom sitting on her bed and she kept her head down. I sit next to her and touched her boobs first. She removed my hand but I again did and pressed her boobs hard. I pressed her boobs for sometimes and she start moaning and taking her breath heavily. Then I slowly removed her saree and unbutton her blouse and bra.
Then I lay her down on bed and start sucking her boobs. She said, “u r sucking like babies” I looked at her eyes and smiled. Then I sucked so badly, bite her nipples and pressed her boobs. Then I kissed her lips as like French kiss. After that I removed her petticoat and panty. I saw her pussy is already wet but hairy. I rubbed her pussy for sometimes, then put my 3 fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She was moaning loudly now and enjoying. I done that for 5 minutes and then opened my pants. My dick got so strong before. I didn’t waste any time for fucking her. I put my dick in her pussy. Ohhhhhhhhh it was like heaven. She screamed loudly as my dick is 7 inch long and very thick.
I started fucking her so hardly. She was screaming but telling me to do more hardly. Hearing this I got more speed for fucking her and I fucked her more hardly, after 10 min’s of fucking I cummed in her pussy. She smiled looking at me. I also smiled and thanked her. But she said: “don’t thank me my love. you give me a great pleasure. I should thank you. As your father is outside of home I didn’t have sex for many days.
After so long time you give me great pleasure. From now I will do whatever you say.” I was so much happy. I said: “ mom this my best birthday gift. But mom you have to get a haircut as my wish.”
Then mom asked why I desperately wanted to cut her hair? I told everything about hair fetish thing. And also told her, “ as you are my sex partner, you need to be beautiful. As I want.” Mom was surprised. She said, “ I should have let you have sex with me before son. I have made mistakes. I haven’t sleep many nights. Desperately wanted to have sex, but I cant tell anyone. But now you removed my all depressions. I can do this every night. I will also let you do anything with me.”
And then we kissed for 10 min’s. then we had bath together. In bath she again give me blowjob. I holed her long hair and put my whole dick in her mouth, she give me a nice blowjob and sucked my whole dick. I cummed in her mouth. After bath I helped her to dry her hair and combed for sometimes. And told her to get ready for loosing her hair in few days. Then I again kissed her and went to my room for doing some of my home work. But I couldn’t concentrate for what happened in my life, for those happy moments. My mom finally agreed for sex and her haircut by me. I was so happy.
Now her haircut time. Few days past. Suddenly some of our relatives came to our home. So I cant have sex with her and cant give her haircut. My mom saw my face expression and understands. After 4 days they left. After the leave I locked the door and hugged my mom and kissed her. She said, “cant you wait son? Its just 4 days.”
Me: “no my sexy mom, how can w8 without fucking you for 4 days? But I want to cut your hair first, make you more beautiful.” She wanted to say something but I stopped her and kissed her lips. And said to get ready for haircut, I am going to nearby market to buy something. I went to market to search a hair-cutting scissor. I found it and bought it. I returned home. I saw mom open the door in open hair. I asked, “why is your hair open ma?” mom replied, “ I want to comb my hair for the last time but what did you buy?”
I showed her the new scissor. She got nervous by seeing the scissor in my hand. I kissed her lips to remove the nervousness. I bring her to my room and told her to remove her dresses. She obliged like a good girl. I just sit and saw her removing her dress one by one. Loved the scene. My dick was getting strong but I saved it for later. I bring a stool and told her to sit on that. She sit. I take the comb and started combing. She kept silent.
I keep combing from her forehead to end. Mom asked, “son are you going to cut my hair dry? Why don’t you make it wet?” I replied mom that I like dry haircuts. And you gonna also enjoy the sound of cutting. I finished combing and take the scissor in my hand. Seeing the scissor mom get nervous again and I saw tears in her eyes. I just kissed her lips and pressed her boobs. She smiled a little but closed her eyes.
I went on her back. Took the comb and placed it at the shoulder length.
Snip..snip…snip rain of hair falling on floor and gathering on moms ass. I saw tears falling down from moms eyes. I keep cutting. I cut all her hairs till her shoulders. Then I shaped her hairs and cut some more lengths. I took all the hairs from floor and moms ass.
Then I put them on her pussy. Moms eyes were big seeing so much hair on her lap. We both smiled seeing each other. I give mom a mirror. She saw herself, shakes her head and hairs little bit and kissed me and thanked me. She said, “son you changed me. you have done a great job. you have bringing out a new me. Thanks son.” And kissed my lips for long time and rub her hand on my dick from outside of pants.
Then I removed my pants and t-shirt and took her to bed. I fucked her pussy and ass for 30 min that day. Then take bath and dinner. In the night after mom slept, I again went to her room. I was naked, my dick was strong. I laid beside her and pressed her boobs. She woke up after sometime and caught my dick and said “you want again now?” I moaned and said yes. She said ok and removed her panty. She got over me and out my dick in her pussy. She was fucking herself, again we had sex that night.

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