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mom haircut and sex

My mom name is sowmya she is very beautiful white texture, good structure and most attractive part is her hair. Her hair was very thick, silky, long and shiny jet black till her butts. It moves like a snake near her butts. This story is about how I seduced my mom to cut her long hair upto chin length classic bob. Coming to the story:
Till intermediate i used to study well and I used to be first in the class. When i joined my engineering i am not studying well and concentrating on other activities Mostly i used sit in internet and watch hair cutting videos sex videos hair cut stories etc.
Once my mom caught me seeing all these but that day she dint talk to me. Even i dint talk to her due to fear. Days went on mom only broke the silence and asked what happened to me and said she was worried about my behavior. She said in this age children will go into so many fantasies and so on u should not be like that till now you r a good baby now you are changing what’s your problem express with me, because you used to be more close to me i am like your best friend na u have to share with me i cant see u like this if u have any problem tell me i will solve it if possible express it son.
But i dint say anything and some more days passed. One day my engineering 1st year results came and i failed in two subjects. On that day my mom got very serious and beat me. I cried and went away from home whole day. Next day morning i came home and she was waiting for me, when i came she hugged me and gave kiss on fore head and crying because i am the only son i consoled her and she consoled me and asked what’s my problem. I told mom i will tell my problem to you but you have to solve it and you should not scold me. Mom said tell i will not scold you. I asked to promise me to solve that problem
She promised me and i started to express my inner feelings to mom.
Mom first of all i loved u very much i liked u very much, But recently i have observed some fetishes in my self. I thought it is my problem but when i searched internet they are so many people like me and understood that it is not a problem. I developed my desire and fetish towards you whenever i see u
mom: Ok tell me the exact matter what u want to tell.
Me: I thought for a while and told i have a fetish towards u to cut your long hair and also want to have sex with u. She was shocked and raised hand to beat me. I stopped and told you promised me. She stopped and started crying what is this how are u talking like this to your own mom why you became like this son and She went in her bed room and locked the door. I went to my bed room and i was in fear that she may tell to dad all thoughts are running in my mind with that thoughts like that i slept.
In evening mom cam came and waked me up. But i was in fear, She asked me to come for dinner. I went to dining room but i cant see her face directly. She kept the food in plate and started to feed me
i saw mom and said sorry and started crying she consoled me and said i.e not your problem baby i.e human nature dont cry leave this topic and eat food. This topic was left for few days. I am going to college daily and days are going on.
One day at night mom called me and asked how are your studies? I said ok. But mom showed the mid marks to me and asked what these marks but i dint answer after some time she asked what i want to do. Do u want me to have sex with u tell. I was little bit afraid and said no
mom: What you want then tell how you can concentrate on studies tell what i want you to do
Me: I gained some courage and asked first i want to cut your long hair she stopped talking and full of silence in the room after a while she said ok. How much you want to cut. I said total
Mom: Total means do u want to shave my head or what?
Me: No i want to cut your hair in short boy cut.
Mom: Ok i will agree you can cut my hair. I was surprised and my face was full of happiness and excitement and i stood up to bring comb and scissor. She stopped and told me you can cut my hair but on conditions, If it is ok for you than u can cut it as much u want
Me: Ok mom tell me the conditions i will agree for that
Mom: Condition1: if you pass all the exams in this sem u can cut my hair till mid length. Condition2: If you get good percentage and good marks in every subject you can cut my hair till shoulder length. Condition3: If you get topper in class you cut my hair till neck level. Condition4: If u get topper in college you can do want ever you want with my hair you cut my hair as much as you want or if you want you can shave my head also. If you fulfill any of these conditions i am ready to loose my long hair son. Tell now its your turn to decide. Bcz i dont want to loose my long hair simply. Win the bet take my hair
Me: I thought for a while and said ok mom i am ready u be ready to loose your long hair. But now i just want to touch it once and kiss it plz she said ok, that day i touched my mom hair. I opened her braid and combed her hair for an hour. Mom said its all enough for this day from now onwards your time will start so study well get good marks and take my hair.
That three months i studied well without any other aviations and got first in the class. That day i was very happy and showed the results to mom and said to be ready to loose her long hair. She got very excited and said i know son you will definitely achieve it so I am prepared for that and ready to loose my hair for you dear. I jumped with excitation and hugged my mom and kissed on her cheeks and said thank you to mom and told her to be prepared. I went out to my friends gave treat to them and returned back in the evening at 7:00pm. I rang the bell mom opened the door and got surprised and shocked to see mom. She took head bath and her hair was wet and tied in loose bun. I went inside the house closed the main door and took mom to the bed room.
I opened her hair bun and smelled it. Total room was with good aroma smell even my dick got erected by seeing such a beautiful hair. I brought one stool made her sit on that and brought dryer and started to dry her hair, next i placed a big cloth on the floor and kept table on that and made mom to sit on it. When she sat her hair was touching the floor it was awesome to see that hair. I went to dressing table and collected the comb and scissors and came to my mom. I went near her and combed her long hair. While combing i opened my pant zip and kept some of the hair in that and feeling it and combing mom hair after some time i brought out my penis and started masturbating and very soon i cummed on her hair. I have cummed a lot than before. Mom asked what are you doing without turning back i said just combing. Mom: Cut the hair what u r waiting for? Me: Today your hair is mine i have to enjoy it to my extent dont disturb mom plz. Mom: Ok son but do it quick even i am waiting to see my new hairstyle after many years i combed and took the hair upto mid back and snipped it cruck cruck cruk it took five minutes to cut her hair u can imagine how thick it was and how I was feeling while cutting.
Now the butt length hair which is touching the ground was cut to her mid length and fallen on floor
mom saw that hair and tried to took in her hand but i stopped and said dont take that hair if u want cut your hair with your hand and take it. (Bcz some cum is there on that hair na thats why). Again i combed her hair and made into two partitions and told her to cut one partition of how much length she want to cut and gave scissor to her. She took her left hair bunch and cut her hair till shoulder level and dropped it on her lap. Now it is super to see mom left hair cut to shoulder length and right side it was till mid length. It was an awesome feeling at that time now i combed the right side and cut it till shoulder length and dropped it on her lap. Now her lap is full of hair. Now mom said are u satisfied son.
I said no mom balance is there still i have to cut it to neck level. Mom: Its enough son u have cut most of the hair. Me: No mom i will not agree if i have lost the condition what u have kept will u agree me to cut your hair. Definately u will not agree so now i will not agree. I have to cut it till neck level. Like bob cut till neck length. Mom: Ok son your wish i have lost, So i have to do what you say. Me: No mom u r not lost you made your son won. If ur son wons means you also won na. Mom: K cut it then u r convincing me son. Then i combed my mom shoulder length hair for some time and made some hair to front to cut bangs and cut her hair just above her eyebrows and gave front bangs. Then slowly i trimmed some more to give some short bangs till fore head. Then i again combed her hair and cut it to neck level. Then made her hair even and trimmed it to get a classic bob. I told to sit her and i went to bathroom and brought the razor. She saw it and asked for what? I told to wait and see. She was trying to get up from stool but i stopped and asked why? Mom: First tell me why you brought razor then only i will allow u to do any thing. Then i said i want to shave ur neck which has some extra hair plz allow she said ok and told me to be careful son. I applied some water at neck area and shaved her neck by giving a good sensation to mom. After that i asked mom that i want to shave your armpit hair also plz allow. I think due to the sensation i created on her neck she agreed soon. I told to open her blouse. She opened her blouse and she was in bra. Her boobs are portending out they were stiff. I think she was aroused. So then i applied some water to left armpit and shaved it. After i again applied shaving foam and shaved it smooth. Same process done to the right armpit. She was very happy and hugged me with that excitation. Her boobs are touching to my chest and my dick is getting more harder. I again went back and combed her hair and trimmed at ends and said to mom your haircut is finished now you can get up and see in mirror.
Mom got up and all her hair falling from her lap that total bottom cloth is covered with her hair. That was an awesome seen. She saw in the mirror came to me and hugged me. Mom: You gave me a beautiful experience son thank you sooooo much. Ask what u want. I will give u anything u want. You made me so beautiful I liked the hair style I am looking so cute than before. I cant recognize myself my age is reduced like a college going girl. Thank you sooo much son ask what you want…..
Me: I smiled and said you should not tell no when i ask you. She said ask i will give it. Ok mom grow your hair back till butts again. But every month i will trim your hair comb your hair till it grow to your butts. And what i want is i want to have sex with you badly and want to cut your hair while having sex. That time i want to cut your hair in boycut. She thought for a while and said ok son anything for you. But by the time my hair grow till that length it wil take 2 years mostly so in these 2 years your engineering will also get completed you have to get good marks and you have to settle in good job then i will agree for that. From now you should be on that bcz i kept my word you should also do it. Me: I said ok to mom and hugged her. After she went for bath she came out with wet hair water dripping i only dryed and combed her hair.
Now at present my mom hair grown back to butt length and I am waiting to have sex with her and give a boy cut to her

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