Thursday, 19 June 2014

Real Headshave Experience

Hi, I am ratul working as a telecom engg. Since from childhood my best friend none other than gorgeous lady. As the time passes out we are build our career both. From same school, collage. she is very beautiful looking with long hair. and she is very naughty also.after finish schooling we both got chance in same collage. and we take a rented flat. as we grow from childhood we both rely on each other.and our family also know they are not interfere in between us. as the day’s goes on we both devote to our study. i don’t really look at her.we both share our knowledge all the time.In Sunday we use to take our lunch in home.we both prepare hand to Sunday after finish my bath I go through the newspaper.certainly my eyes stuck on her.after taking bath she is combing her beyond knee length thick hair.i was really astonished to see her beautiful thick long hair that I was not noticed in past days.i was not look anywhere until she was finish her combing.As a telecom student we have PC in our room.we both share the PC.

From that day I really getting love of her thick long hair.she also don’t know that I love her gorgeous hair.but I dream about her thick mane all the time.after that day I always look at her long hair.i was get mad about her hair.

One day I came back from collage early and find the long hair site in the internet. Certainly I find various long hair site. Though we both share a single room.both of us have a duplicate day she come early and saw that I am browsing the long hair site.that time I am bit uncomfortable.gradually she knows that I like her beautiful hair. One fine morning she asked me to give me a head massage ‘I have very much headache’. I said ‘no prob its my pleasure’. That time I am eagerly wanted to touch her beautiful long hair. I sit on her back and slowly give her a nice head massage. She also hesitate to tell me that she is not maintain her thick long hair properly along. She need some help of others to maintain her hair. After she knows that I am mad about her hair. One day she shyly told me to comb her thick long hair. I was started to comb her almost floor length thick hair. I slowly comb her hair and its takes almost half an hour to finish it. After that I make a big bun with her gorgeous hair.Then she told me please make a beautiful braid. I started to do it. So from that day I got the job of her hairdresser. And I am very much satisfied to do this.

Like these almost six months are gone. One Sunday I working with my PC. Certainly she asked to give a oil massage to her hair. I said it’s ok. After finish the oil massage as usual I make a big bun of her hair. Then she said wait for moment. I am waiting. She go to room and take a scissors. I am quite dumb at this moment to see the scissors. She gave the scissors to my hand. My hand is now shivering. Then she told me to cut the split end of her thick long hair. Then I loose her big bun. And comb once more to make it straight. Then I told her to keep sit straight. After that I was started to cut her split end hair. It was a big opportunity for me. Slowly I finished my work. Then she look at mirror that is It maintain straight. Then she gave a sweet thanks and told me ‘u save my money and time’.

After finish our collage. We both got job in different company. But we stay together in that same flat. And everyday I used to comb her long thick wavy hair. And I was used to that. B’cus I am very much mad about her long thick hair. One Friday evening we both go for shopping. As we both have holiday in Saturday and Sunday. We both almost finish our shopping then she told me to buy a straight razor. I buy it to thought that she have some work with that. After finish our dinner like other days comb her long thick hair and make a big bun. Next day morning I am doing some pending work. Then she came with two mug of coffee. We both share our experience about our work. Certainly she slowly told me that she want to shave her head. I look at her. I don’t believe my ear. I told her ‘why??’. She told me that she want to offered her hair as he got the job. I strongly insist. And I told plz don’t do this with u’r beautiful hair. Now I knew that why she buy the straight razor yesterday. I told her what u’r family member said when they knew that. She told me that she already got the permission from them. But I still insist her idea. And she told me tomorrow she will do the shaving. And she need my help. I said what type of help? She told me she want to shave her head in my hand. I told her I cannot do this..plzz go to any perlour. And once more I want to convince her ‘why she want to loose her glory’. She don’t reply me. To thought that she will shave her hair tomorrow which I touch, feel and maintain for the last two years. I cannot believe. Then she give the comb and told me comb her hair. Slowly I combed her thick long floor length hair. I thought today is maybe the last day of my daily work. After combing give her oil massage of her glory. And as usual make a big bun. Then she requested me to wash her hair. I said ok. She came with a bucket of water and bottle of shampoo. I unloose her big bun and slowly poured water in her head. Then I added the shampoo to her hair. It’s a lifetime experience for me that I couldn’t describe. To wash her thick hair take almost half h hour. Then I wrapped her hair with towel.

After finish I was go through the daily newspaper. Then we both take our lunch. After finish of our lunch I sat idle and thought tomorrows event. Then she come in varandha and unloose her big bun from towel. The long thick black hair falls like waterfall and I was watching this. Sunlight directly fall to her hair and her silky thick hair is shining. My eyes was stucked In her hair. I again request her not to shave. I know that once she decided. She give the comb and requested to comb her silky hair. I touched her hair and feel more silky then ever and I played her hair. She also enjoyed. That night I played her hair again. And this is may be the last time for me to touch, feel her long thick hair. I played her hair till the midnight. At 2:30 I got to sleep. But I could not sleep.

Next day is Sunday. I used get late in Sunday. certainly she come with cup of coffee and called me up. She was wearing a milk white salwar and her thick long shiny hair almost covered her body. Still now I remember that moment. Then we take our breakfast. And I go through the newspaper. Now it is 10:00 am. Then she said can we start. I don’t replied. I was really dumb at this moment. She take a new box of blade , the straight razor , scissors ,comb and a bucket of water. She said can we start. She sat on high tool. I loose her big bun. Her long thick hair touches the floor. The thick black long hair now flowing on her back. This is the last time I combed her glory. And really I feel it in my heart. I combed her thick long hair almost half an hour. Then took scissors to cut it short to manage it properly. But she said “don’t cut it u just directly go for shave”. It is quit difficult to shave her thick hair. Then combed her hair into two part. She was quit excited and thrilled about her new head shave.

I poured some water in the left part of her hair. And started to massage as because her hair is very much thick and heavy. I continue the process about to fifteen minute. Now her weated hair is flowing in her back and front side also. I took a new blade from box and fitted to straight razor. For the last time I feel to touch her thick long hair. I asked her “are u ready?” she shyly replied “ok”. I started from back. Slowly her long glory is falling on the floor. As the razor goes from back to front. Now big bulge of thick hair fall in her lap. Her left side is almost shaved. Bulk of thick long hair is scattered on floor and on her lap. I poured water again and shave once more of her left side for clean shave. Right part of her hair is untouched. I am feeling bit tired. Because her hair is to much thick and long. I requested her for a cup of coffee. She got up from high tool with her half shave head and came back with a cup of coffee for me.

After finish my coffee I again prepare for rest of her shave. She again sit on high tool and I started to massage her hair with water. After 5 min her hair is bit soft. I changed the razor. And take new one. I started shaving from back of her head. After 10 min I completed her shaving. Once again I changed the razor and give her complete full shave.

Now she at mirror and give me thanks and hug me.

This is one of the lifetime experience of my life. And I am one the lucky person that I have got such a good friend.

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