Monday, 12 August 2013

Aarthi is studying 12th STD; she had gorgeous and long hair. Everyday she wearing twin braids and went to school. 2 yrs before she maintained her hair with nice bobcut, but once she finishes her 6th std, her parents not allow her to cut her hair. Initially she feels bad for her growing her hair, but once she grow her hair mid length she herself like her longhair. Because her hair very shiny and long. Everybody in her school jealous about her hair. She also have head weight about her longhair. The annual examinations are finished all of her friends are happy for their 2 months summer holidays. So on the school final day everybody chat with each other, all of them talking about vacation plan. Aarthi said I don’t have any vacation, because next year is very important for me, so I will join any coaching class.

After their long discussion everybody left the school. Aarthi come to her house, her mother asking about her exams she said she wrote excellently surely she will pass. So her parents are happy. Then she asks her parents for any summer vacation trip. They said they are planning to tirupathi for tomorrow, she is asking why we going to tirupathi, they said because of your tonsure. Actually we are planning your headshave next year, but next your you will join any college, so it’s not look good to join college with bald head, that’s why we proponed our trip. Aarthi got shocked her father’s decision, she said no chance daddy, because I had long hair, I don’t want to lose my hair, but her father said this order, because already we vow your hair to tirupathi. That’s why we are not allowing you to cut your hair for the past 4 years. She fight with her parents but her father said we are starting tomorrow morning and finish your headshave and come to Chennai then you can join any coaching class. Aarthi cried whole night, her mother convince her for tonsure.
Next day morning her father mother and Aarthi starts their trip to tirupathi. On the way also she is ask her father for not shaving her head, but he is not convince. They reached at afternoon, and they went to cottage and refresh. And 4 pm her father ask Aarthi and her mother for tonsure. So both of them started. They reached kalyanakatta her father bought tonsure token for Aarthi, not for her mother tonsure, her mother asks her father I will also shave my head, but I don’t want Aarthi’s headshave, she can cut her hair, but he said no way, we came for her tonsure only, so don’t convince me for this. After that he ask Aarthi to stand in the queue. Before her 3 of them waiting for their tonsure, but all of them men, she is the only girl in the queue, so she had nervous about her headshave, but behind her one female with 35 yrs waiting for her tonsure, she had midlength hair, she wet her hair, her father ask Aarthi to wet her hair, She also done the same thing. Her hair is very long upto her thigh.
Then another 5 mins Aarthi’s turn, she sat in front of the barber, her father gave the tonsure token to the barber, then he pour water in her long hair, and put two knots, her father asks pray “govinda , Govinda” she also said the same. By the time barber put halfblade in the knife and start shave her middle of the head, Aarthi bend her head and crying a lot, her lap full of her long hair, but he doing the headshave sincerely, another 2 mins Aarthi went bald. Then she touch her bald and come back to her parents, and she is cries and asks her parents, “so both of them happy” her mother cover her bald with thupatta, but she remove the thupatta with little angry. Then they went to darshan, and came back to Chennai. After this also she is not believe her she finish her tonsure, all the way she cried a lot.
Next week she joined coaching class, and next 2 months she studied. After 2 months her school got opened, she went to school with bald head, but she had very short hair, all of her friends and teachers also shocked her bald look. And asking about her headshave, she said, I can’t concentrate my studies due to maintain such a long hair, so that’s why I shaved my head. Everybody appreciate her decision. Then onwards she grow her hair very short only, after her tonsure she is not speak to her father, she maintains boycut style for the whole year.

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