Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dancing cobra rests in hand bag by Kalyani

I am a good looking young girl having a very long free flowing raven black shining hair. My hair stretches up to buttock level and moves like pendulum on hips when I am walking. People say that my hair looks like a dancing cobra. while men go mad and crazy looking at my hair, girls feel zealous and envious.

     I have recently attended an interview for secretary post. The interviewers told me that I fulfill all their requirements but there is a peculiar hitch. They said I have to be modern but not orthodox looking girl. They said the job would be mine provided I change my hair style-similar to Marylyn Monroe hair style. They said the job gets very high remuneration and left the choice to me.

      I have discussed with my parents, they initially objected but I have convinced them that it is the fashion. I have told them that celebrities like Persis kambata, Protima Bedi, Rekha and Shabana Azmi had their heads tonsured for high remuneration roles. JayaSudha, Sita and Amala had their heads clean shaven for religious offerings. Sarika, for the sake of fun, had a clean shave.
My parents agreed for a change of my look.

       I went to a beauty parlor for change of hair style. The hair dresser said that Marylyn Monroe hair style needs conditioning from root level, means that present hair had to be totally removed and fresh crop has to grow and conditioned. I had to have a clean shave and nurture new style. I have to choose either long hair or career. I preferred career. The hair dresser fixed appointment next day.

     That night I barely slept, fearing how it would be-whether pain full or tolerable pain-how to show my bald scalp to others, but having decided for career I have made up my mind to enjoy every moment of it.

     Next morning I have applied shampoo,probably for the  last time blow dried my long hair, twined it in to two plaits, then went to beauty parlor.

The hair dresser smiled at me as I sat for planning the tonsure.

      I have requested hair dresser to first separate my hair length wise,put a rubber band around, cut it with scissors so that I can collect and preserve dry clean hair and later tonsuring can be done with blade. The hair dresser accepted and straightened my hair opening the plaits. I admired my image in the mirror-round head,surrounded by thick black cloud of hair-soon it would be gone. Hair dresser kept her left palm on my head holding the scissors in right hand asked me whether there is any rethinking.

      I have shown her photo of Rekha with clean shaven head. She got the message and made few clicks with the scissors then made first contact with my hair on fore head. FUT one tress has cut off and fell on my lap, one after another soon half of my fore head was looking like a black lawn. Hair dresser completed her task fully and I have collected my once asset. Thus first part of my makeover took place.

       Then I have requested hair dresser-as I want to enjoy every moment-to tonsure my head with all her creativity. She said she would make left half of my scalp to look like a chess board and right half like a foot ball. She inserted brand new blade in razor made a few polishing moments and shaved a square on left side then left a space to indicated black square. like that my scalp was made to look like a chess board on left and like a foot ball on right. Both of enjoyed the look. I touched clean white square and sponge like black square.

       Then the full tonsuring began, blade went through all black squares soon full moon like white scalp appeared. let me tell you it is like a refreshing massage, I particularly enjoyed when blade was behind my ears and neck. There was wet ness between my thighs. I had a peculiar pleasant feeling when my head was forcibly bent and blade moved on my neck area.

       Then a new blade was taken and I had a re run in opposite direction to make sure that shaving is complete and nothing is left.

       My tonsured head is shining under halogen lights, sandal paste was applied and I had a cool sensation. I have waited till the paste dried, then had a wash and took out black fur cap to cover my bald scalp.


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