Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Preparation of Sister for Air Hostess

 This is a story of  Priyanka
  Now she is 23 years old. They are 1 brother andshe is single daughter. After 11th standard once her brother asked whatis the aim of her life. She told anxiously that she wants to become anAir Hostess. Than she had buttock length thick black hair. Her brothertold her that she have to change herself, if she think so.
        Priyanka asked what she have to do. Her brother told that shehave to be stylist like a model. She have to look hot. Than Priyankaasked her brother to help her. His brother anxiously agreed. Theydiscussed on the topic. Her brother said her to wax her legs, to cuthairs, to shave eyebrows, and to use cosmetics always.
        Priyanka asked her brother to bring so and to do allthese things. Than she have to join a good Spoken English Center. Herbrother 1st arranged all the instruments, than he joined her into agood Spoken English Center. The days continued. Her brother broughtsome pieces of scissors and hair cutting books.
        Than one Sunday morning when their parent were awayfor a week, he told her that now she have to cut hair. Priyanka gotagreed. Now the conversation as follows:
Bhaya: Priya now you are ready and you have to change hair styles repeatedly
Priya: Bhaya how
Bhaya: Nowyour hair is long. We will make it shoulder length in instalments.
Priya: How in instalments?
Bhaya: 1st we have to cut it 6-8 inches and make it U-Cut
            2nd we will cut some bangs on your face
            3rd we will make back step cut
            4th we will cut front side layer
            5th we will cut it in every month & die when required.
Priya: Bhaya how many days will it be required?
Bhaya: Just 4 days.
Priya: Than Mom-Dad will be arrived. What shall i say them?
Bhaya: Tell them that your friends had gone to parlour and you went with them and did that there.
Priya: Good idea. Than when to start?
Bhaya: Today and opening will be from my hands to prepare my sister.
Priya: Ok Bhaya.
Bhaya: 1st let me lock the doors that all will feel that nobody at home and we will start our work.
Priya: Ok Bhaya.
        Bhaya locked the doors, spread a bed sheet on drawing roomfloor, put a table in centre, switz off the fan, told Priya to sit on.Priya sit gladly. Her brother combed her hairs very well to straightdown. He opened his box of scissors. Joined the scissor on her splitends and sounds were audible on silence(as fan was switz off)Crunch..... Crunch...... and about 10 inches of hair fell on ground.Priya was happy with her hair cut. Now her brother shaped that inU-Shape and few more inches fell on ground. She stood before dressingtable and became happy to look at her new hair style. Her brother askedher to make her hair open for a day. Than on next day they will doStep-Cut at a parlour.
        Priya agreed and the day came. Priya used Sun Silksampoo and sat on bike and they went to parlour. The stylist took about30 minutes and give her shoulder length Step-Cut and on the same dayshe gave bangs on her face and made front side Layer Cut. She wasreally happy at her new look. They came back her brother kissed her.She asked her brother what will be the next step.
      Her brother told her that she have to use all thecosmetics and wax her legs and eyebrow to be shaped. She agreed and onthe next day they did so. Within a month gap she usually visit parlourand did all the changes. Than her brother told her that she have topractise little sex before joining Air Hostess. She told that with whomand her brother arranged everything for her, 

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