Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Best Friend Priya

I'm Jeeva from Chennai. I would like to share my experience of haircutting. Being a guy from village and not easy going with girls, I struggled lot in Chennai. At that time I got a new friend Priya. She is the one, who changed my attitude and behaviour. I share all my feelings with her. She's more soft to me. She's not much beautiful, but nice to be a good friend.
We used to share a lot of things, but did not tell her that I'm a hair fetish. I used to admire while she's dressing her hair. We used to study together in her room. One fine day, Priya told that she was feeling sleepy and wish to lay in my lap. First I feel embarrassed but I managed to agree. She had a waist length hair. She immediately laid in my lap with her hair  towards me. I feel heaven for the first time. My mind started even thinking of cutting her hair immediately.She was wearing a braid. But, I started combing her hair with my hands. Slowly I got her hair in the nape. It was so thick and soft. I started playing with her plait. With some confidence, I started to undo her plait. Once I'm about to undo her completely, she felt something and woke up. I got afraid. But she smiled and said nothing.
It became my advantage and i used to touch her hair whenever I got a chance.After the classes are over, we used to chat in the staircases of our block. She used to sit in front of me in the down steps. I love to see her hair from top and touch it. I'll hold her hair in my hands secretly so that others could not see, even her. Sometimes she would see what  iIm doing when she moves. But she'll not tell me. I used to tell her that I love long hair and don't see cutting of hair. But my heart scold me for hiding the truth from a true friend.
One day, Priya asked me that why I'm so much interested of long hair.I told her that i used to see my mother and sister's longhair and I'm fond of it. But She told that is it very difficult for girls to hold such a longhair and maintain. Especially for girls who are staying away from home. Then she told that she was thinking of reducing her hair length and afraid of telling it to me as I love long hair. I told her "I will support you and accompany you to the parlour." She told ok.
The next weekend, she called me as usual and asked to come to her home. Since. she's staying alone, I used to accompany her till her house in the evening. Her house owner knows me very well and will not object me. She told that she was planning to go for a parlour near her home. We started to the parlour. She asked me to choose some nice hairstyle for her up to shoulder length. I was eager to see cutting her waist length hair. I even planned to capture the scene in my mobile.When we reached the shop, we're shocked to see the parlour was closed. With sad mind we back to home.
In home, I can see that she's feeling sad. I told her that we can go to the parlour next week. She told that she was eager that what kind of hairstyle I'll choose for her. I told her that i like to see her with free hair with single clip in her back about shoulder length hair.She immediately asked me, "Nee enakku Mudi cut panni viduriya?" (will you cut my hair?). I was shocked as well as surprised to hear that. But I told her that I'm not aware of that and embarrassed. She told that it is very easy to make and she'll guide me. My heart was asking me to say 'yes'. I was waiting for sometime to see her reaction. I can she was eager that I'll cut her hair.
I agreed to cut her hair with some condition. I'll need an hour to make myself ready and till then she should give her hair to me so that I can play with it. Also, the Hair being cut belongs to me. She said okay to my conditions. Then we went to her dressing room. She was wearing a churidhar and a shaal. She removed her shaal and sat in the chair in front of the mirror. I asked her to sit in the other direction so that she could not see the mirror. She said ok. She turned around and sat in the chair. She had her plait in her hand in the front. I asked her to give her plait to me. She smiled and gave the plait in the back. The first thing I did is I caught her plait in the nape and hold it tightly. I used two fingers and started acting like I'm holding a pair of scissors and cutting her plait. While seeing this she started smiling and asked whether I want to cut her whole plait. I smiled back and asked her whether will she allow me for that. She told that, she can give her hair for me if I want to cut. In my heart i was thinking of shaving her head
I started to move my hand from her for head to the end of her plait. I enjoyed it. I removed the band in the bottom of the braid.Then I undo her braid. She used to wear two hairpins in the nape and a hairclip in the top. I removed it slowly.Her hair was completely free and heavy. I didn't even imagine that I'll hold all of her hair in my hands. It was so soft. She was enjoying my actions. Then i moved to her front and stood in front of her. She was talking to me about something and I did not hear it. I was enjoying holding her hair in the forehead. Then I asked her that I like to comb her hair and braid it. She was thinking something and said ok. Then i started to comb her hair andtried to braid it. Though it was not looking good, i liked it. I unbraided it again and freed her hair.
She asked me to start cutting her hair. With hope in my heart I took the pair of scissors in my hand. I asked her how much I should cut her hair. She asked me to style her as I wish. I told her that I wish to cut up to her shoulder length. She asked me to wait and see the mirror. She told that she wished to see her longhair and said okay with smiles to cut her hair. She came back and sat in the same place. I smiled at her. I gathered the hair in my hands. It was huge. I kissed her hair without her knowledge. The i mover to her right side. I took some hair in my hands and made some sounds with scissors. She got nervous and I can see that. I asked her to relax and started. I measured the hair to her shoulder and placed my fingers in that level of hair. I placed the scissor and cut the first blond of hair. The first success in my life to cut a girl's hair. She asked me to put a band on her hair so that i can cut at same level. So, I put a band in her hair at shoulder level. Then I started cutting again above the band. It was so thick and I could not cut it easily as first time. When I'm cutting her hair, the hair started to spread in her shoulder which are being cut. It was heaven to see that. I was capturing all this in a video with her permission. I finished cutting her hair and holding all of it in my hand. She started blowing her hair. then again I took the scissors and trimmed it in the bottom so that it looks correct. Then, I parted her hair and combed it. I combed it smoothly and put a hair clip in the backside at the nape.
She stood from the chair and ran to see her new look in the mirror. She was so happy that she was looking beautiful with new look. As promised she allowed me to take her hair. I asked her not to disclose this to our friends. I kept the video secretly and used to watch it when I'm free.

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