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In olden day there are some priest group is there near yamuna river.
Every day they take bath in that river in the morning and went to beg
for the food. These was a saint in that group he was very peaceful and
angry man. Every day he also went to beg for the food.
One day that went to begging for the food on his way he reached to one
house. He started to beg but there is no reply from that house he
again start to beg loudly. Then also no reply from that home. Then he
moved in to the house. Then he saw 4WOMENS who are combing there long
hair and praising there hair. He go near them and beg for the food
then also they won't reply to him. Then he shouted on them. Oh women's
I am the priest I am shouting her from last 1hour. Then one of the
women brought the food from the kitchen. That Food was not nice it
dehydrated. On this he got very angry. Oh women I see your laziness.
From today onwards you will suffer for this. They shouted on them and
went from that home. On that day he can't sleep he was thinking how to
teach them a lesson.
In the morning he sent on of his student to the same house. Then that
student went to the same house. He started to beg in front of that
house. He begged for 1hour then he got irritation and went away from
that place. That student came near to the Saint and tell everything.
For this he got very angry. Then the Saint asked him what are they
doing in the house. That student replied that they all are busy with
there hair. This time the Saint can't control his angry. He started to
pray the God.
On the next day that saint received a call from the king of that
Kingdom. That saint went to the king palace. King received the Saint
very politely. King offer some fruits to the Saint .. After some time
saint asked me the king want is the problem. Then king replied that he
don't have any baby boy. So king asked the what he need to do for it.
Then the Saint close his eyes and after 3mins he said on this week
your wife will be pregnant. This time you definitely have the boy. But
there will be some problems. To slove those problems you need to make
a vow. Then the king asked what is the vow. Then the Saint said you
need to search 10 long hair women in your Kingdom and shaving there
heads in the temple near the river. Then king replied OK. Saint said
this should be done before your wife got pregnant . so search those
women's from now and I will check the length,thickness and quality of
there hairs. Then king order his soldiers to search womens who have
long hair in our Kingdom.
Then rushed into the village. At last they bought 30 women's to the
kings palace. King order the soldiers to put them in an order. At that
time saint was sitting on the chair. He saw the 4WOMENS and feel very
happy. Then saint stood up and move towards the group. They are
looking like a group of sheep's. He select one by one and select all
6WOMENS and at last he came to those who discouraged him. He not touch
the hair he simply select them. Now he select all the 10 womens. Then
king order to send all the women excite those 10 women's. He told
those women's that they are going to headshave tomorrow near the
river. All the women's are crying. Because they are loosing there
hair. Is order some women's in his kingdom to take care of there hair
for today night.
At last saint plan was successed. All 10 women's are combing there
hair for the last time. All the 10 women's offer mirrors, oil and
comb. Then king order the soldiers to bring barber to the kingdom.
They rushed to bring barbers. But they find only 3barber.
At last that morning came. All the 10 women's are brought to the
river. Then saint asked king and queen to take a bath in the river.
They went to take bath. Then he started some Pooja. He also all the 10
women's to unbranded there hair. Then they all started to unbraid. On
by one they loosed there hair. There hair was looking like a black
forest. In few minutes that black forest was going to cut at last they
came from they river then saint said Pooja is over. Now it's time to
headshave. Her pore holy water on the heads of the 10 women's. Her
order all the women's for the headshave. He asked them to make there
loose hair into double braid. So everyone are busy in there work. Then
he moved to that 4WOMENS and said for you 4WOMENS you need to braid
your hair into hair bun. Because you 4WOMENS are punished for your
laziness. They started to cry. Then saint brought some flowers and put
on there heads.
Now he asked the barbers to start the headshave.
She sat on the ground. Then barber take some yellow water in the boul
and pore on her head. The Saint asked the barber no hair should be
remain on her head. He wet the hair. Now he took the razor started to
scratch on an iron pad. Now he placed on her head. Now slowly he
started to move the razor on her head. White patch was appearing on
her head. Slowly her move the razor to the left side. Her hair was
peeling out. Her long braid was becoming very loose and fall on her
laps. Now he started to shave on the right side slowly her hair was
separate from her head now he shaved her head bald. He pore some water
and again shave her head. Then barber said the headshave is over. Then
the Saint took the two long hair braid and place in a cloth. Now he
asked to send another women.......
SHE was moving slowly towards the barber. She hold her braids in her
hand. She slowly sit down on the ground. Now the barber asked her
leave her braids. Her two braids are touching to the ground. Now
barber pore some water on her head and start to massage. He also pore
some water on her braids because they are very thick. At last he
completed to wet her hair. Now he was started to scratch the razor. On
that site she started to cry. Then barber bent her head and place the
razor on the center part of her hair. Now he started shaving. Slowly
slowly he was shaving her front. Slowly her hair and tears start to
fall on her laps. Remaining women's are seeing this.they can't do
anything. Now barber start to shave her braids he moved to left braid.
Slowly her left braid was divided from her hair. Now he started to
shave her head on her right. Slowly slowly she was becoming bald. Now
barber start to shave little hair on her head. Now her long hair was
gone.. Barber tell her that her headshave is over. She stud up. I
moved towards the river to take bath.
Now saint ask one women to headshave. Then one women want to shave her
head so she move very fast and sat down. Barber took some water in and
pore on her head and start to massage. Now is scratch that razor
again. Now it was sharp he placed on her forehead and start to shave
from front. Slowly her black hair start to fall and white patch was
appearing on her head. She feels cold breeze on her head. He now
shaving her head from back because her back part is very dense. Slowly
her back part was bald. Her two braids are hanging on her sides. Now
he started to shave her braids her head center part was totally bald.
Now he started to shave her left side braid and it was fall on her
laps. At last he completed to shave right side braid. He completed the
headshave on his Last women.
She stood up and went to bath.
Now another barber......
On that time same time 3womens got the headshave with different
barbers. In order a long hair girl whose age was less. She came with
her mother. Her mother also have long hair. Her mother took her to the
barber and make her to sit. Barber pull her and bent her head and
start to pore the water. Slowly he dry hair was wet. Now he took the
razor blade. Then barber make a move on her head. Slowly small white
patch was apper on her head. She started to cry. Then her mother
control her not to cry. Because she was also going to bald in a few
minutes. She feels fresh air was touching on her head. Slowly barber
was doing his work. A hug bulk of hair fall on the ground. Now he
started to shave her braids. Her pore some water on her braids. And
start to shave. Slowly he shave her braids on braid had fallen on the
ground. Then she took the braid and start to cry. In the same time her
another braid was also fallen. Now barber shave her head complete and
make her head smooth.
Now she make her daughter to stand. She stood up. Then her mother sit
on the ground. He took the razor. And scratch for some time and put it
a side. Now he took the bowl full of water and pore on her head. Now
he started to massage. Now he started to shave. Slowly slowly her hair
was peeling out from her head. He wants to shave her hair on the thick
part. He started to shave her braids. Her long braid was touched to
the ground and it is swipping on the ground. Now she started to shave
her braids. Her ends of the heads are coming out from her life. Like
when a tree roots are coming out when it was cutting. It was like
deforestation. Slowly her right side braid was falls on her lap her
daughter took the braid and amazing that her mother hair not there on
her head. Now barber start to shave her left braid. Now he completed
to shave her head. Then he took some water and again he shave the
head. Now barber asked her to stand. She stood up and left that place
with her daughter.
Now it time for the hug buns..
6th women.
At that time saint order them to loose there hair. Because they are
going to shave there hair with loose hair. Saint order the women who
brings the bad food on that day.
He asked the barber to cut there hair into 16 cuts then shave there heads.
Now that women sat down on ground. He asked her to open her hair bun.
She slowly open her hair bun. Her hair fall on the ground. Now he
takes one buck of hair in his hand and place the scissors at the end
of the hair and cut it. Slowly he cut 3cuts on left 3cuts on right.
6cuts on her front. From her sides and her front part was with out
hair. Now he pore some water on her head and took the razor and start
to shave her back long hair slowly her loose hair was falling on the
ground. Remain 3womens are got shocked. Then she was becoming bald.
Now he shave the front small hair. Now she was completely shaved now
her long hair was gone.
7th women.
After that saint order the barber to she this women head in the bun
style but don't pore water on her just shave her head simply with out
water. Then that women got shocked. She sat on the the ground. Now he
took his razor and placed on her fore head and start to shave. Slowly
slowly he moves his knife front and back and complete to shave her
front. Now he started to shave her back. He bent her head and start to
shave her back. Slowly her back hair was separate but not falling
down. Now it's time for the hug bun. Now he took the razor and start
to the bun. Slowly he started to shave her bun slowly her hair bun
become look now the huge mass of hair bun was fallen on the ground.
Now he completed the headshave . she stood up with a crying face
8th women
Now saint asked the barber to shave her head in loose hair and here
also you don't you water. Now she sat down on the ground. Barber asked
her to open her hair bun. Slowly she opened her hair bun. Now he took
the razor blade and start to shave her head with out poring water. But
her hair was curly and oiled so it was very smooth to shave. So barber
shave her hair in irregular. But it was very thick so it takes more
time and he slowly shaving her head.her head. During the headshave he
made scratch on her head. Slowly her hair was falling on the ground.
Slowly he moved his razor very fast and complete the headshave.
9th women
Now saint said shave her head like a priest style.. Then he pore water
on her head. Then he massage for some time and took the razor blade
and start to shave her head. He started to shave her bun. He placed
the razor on the down of the bun and start to shave. Slowly her hair
bun was separate and fell down. Now he started to shave her head on
her front. Slowly he completed to shave. Now he moved to back he shave
the back but he some long hair on her back. Then he completed the
headshave. Now he took the razor and complete that remaining hair very
small. Now her headshave also completed..
10th women
Now king order the Queen for the headshave. She sat on the ground and
he pore some water and start the headshave in loose hair. Slowly he
started to shave her head. Slowly her hair was falling on the ground.
Now he moved to wards sides and shave the hair. Slowly he completed to
shave the back part also. Now the Queen also become bald.
At last the king give gold coins to those 9 women's at last that saint
take the Revenge on those 4WOMENS and make them bald.

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