Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Vanaja is my mom’s friend. She is a bengali and she is tall and fair in color and slim in size and also have small boobs. Since she is from bengal she has a beautiful knee length hair and she maintains it will as it is in equal size from top to the tip. She loves her hair very much and daily morning she applies oil to her hair and then she takes head bath. I always had a crush on her hair to cut it somehow but I dint make any steps or efforts to try cutting her hair.
After a long gap meeting her, I and my mom went to her home by 10 in the morning to meet her. Her husband has gone to work and her kids have gone to school. She has been alone in the home and there is no many houses in her street. My mom and aunt spoke a lot till afternoon and vanaja spoke to me also so much. We had our lunch in her home itself and it was 3 like that and vanaja have put her long hair in the pony tail and the rubber band was on half the length of her hair and her pony was very thick. I wanted to pull that hair band from her hair and then wanted to pour my cum on her hair and then wanted to cut her hair inch by inch and wanted to give her a boy cut and wanted to fuck her nicely and beat her breast nicely asking why she din grow her breast. 
But all this was running in my head and I was not able to say this all out and I was able to hear that my mom and vanaja was talking something about hair.
Mom: your hair has grown too long vanaja. Isn’t hard for you to take care?
Vanaja: yes aunt it’s very hard for me. I thinking to get my hair cut till my butt at least from this knee length.
Mom: oh is it good. Do it else this hair itself will spoil your health.
Vanaja: aunt can you itself cut my hair till my butt please?
Mom: sure vanaja bring the scissors and comb.
Vanaja took the scissors from the drawer and then took the comb from the shelf and gave it to mom and mom took her outside the home and I was able to see mom cutting vanajas hair very clearly. Mom pulled the hair band from vanajas hair which I wanted to do and then she dropped the hair band down and then took her hair in her hand and started to comb vanajas hair and I could hear the sound of mom combing her hair. The sound of her hair strands passing through the teeths of the comb. Mom was combing her hair for 10 minutes and finally caught vanajas hair till her butt hole and asked vanaja shall I cut this much? Vanaja said ok aunt and then mom took the scissors and then placed her hair between the scissors and started to cut it. Schruch schruch schruch sound was very audible to me and I was leaking very badly. Mom was cutting for a long time and mom was saying since your hair is too thick it’s very difficult to cut. Vanaja smiled and was standing giving her hair to my mom and mom have cut her hair for long time and finally finished cutting it and mom have cut 6 inches of her hair and then mom trimmed her hair for one inch and now her hair ends were very neat. Vanaja checked her hair now and said aunt you have cut neatly and she got the cut hair from my mom and also the scissors and the comb and put her hair band on her hair again in the same position and she went to the dust bin and put her hair inside and she came and sat talking to mom and they spoke for another few hours and finally it was 6 in the evening and we started to our home.
My cock was leaking badly that I was not able to control itself and I went to bath room and masturbated twice thinking vanaja, her hair an also her haircut. After that daily I use to think of her haircut and will masturbate badly. In a week mom dad moved to native and I was left alone in home and again I was masturbating thinking vanaja and her haircut. Then I thought of cutting her hair somehow making out some plan. That whole day I was thinking and in 2 days parents will return from native and before that I should make some plan and cut her hair and finally thought out of a plan. Next day by 10 I started from my home to her home with a 2 liter empty water bottle. 
Before reaching her home like some 100 meters I stopped and I stood in the sun and I was sweating very badly. Now I went to her home and rang the calling bell. Vanaja came out smiling seeing at me and invited me inside and asked why am I sweating like this? I said to her tat from 9 me and my friends are playing in the ground nearby your home. We asked water in many house for drinking but they are not giving and asked can you give me some water? Vanaja said that the water came before 10 days so there may be no water and she got the water bottle from my hand and said that she will give water and went inside. I followed her inside the kitchen and I noticed her hair.
Her hair was nicely and heavily oiled and it was in a huge bun. I first asked vanaja for water to drink as I was very thirsty standing in the hot sun. She gave water and wiped my sweat with her hands. Then she got the jug from me and started to fill the bottle. The conversation started.
Me: aunt shall I say you one secret? 
Vanaja: tell da
Me: but promise me you will not say to my parents and anybody. I should be within us.
Vanaja: promise. Now tell what it.
Me: from the day I meet you I had a crush on your hair aunt. I always wanted to touch your hair, comb it anddddd
Vanaja: and?
Me: want to cut your long hair aunt. Want to reduce some length from your hair aunt.
Vanaja: why da you want to cut my hair?
Me: from the day I saw you and till now you have the same hair length. I wanted to see you in some other different hair style and length aunt so only I wanted to cut your hair.
Vanaja: smiled at me and asked so you want to cut my hair now?
Me: I just said you my crush. If you are ready to get your hair cut by me then am ready to fulfill my dream, aunt.
Vanaja: pinched my cheeks and went inside and bought the comb and scissors and stood front of me.
In one hand she was holding the scissors and comb and in other hand she removed the hair bun and I found her hair was rolling down and went and kissed her butt. She combed her hair once in her hand and then brought it on her left chest and asked how much you want to cut? I said if you let me I will cut till your chin length even and caught her hair till her chin and once I touched her hair my cock started to peep out from my pant. Vanaja said that she will not allow that much short all and she said how about 3 inches? I said that for that I will not cut it. She asked then how much you want to cut. I said at least half the length of your total length. She then asked half length means how much?
I again caught her hair just below her tiny breast and said this much and she said that the hair below my hand is too long and just pushed my hand till her hip length and asked is this length is fine and said for this itself mostly 10 inches of hair will go. I was not satisfied but still I said ok to her thinking that while cutting I will cut till her breast. She then gave me the scissors and comb in my hand and turned around and stood and throwed her hair backside. I said aunt you please bun your hair I will remove your bun. She smiled and then bunned her hair. Then I placed a chair and asked her to sit in the chair. She asked why I said I wanted to cut your hair like this aunt and pleaded her. Then she sat in the chair and then I placed a camera on the table focusing her back. She asked why am I taking video? I said first time my dream is coming true so I wanted to record it and promised that I won’t misuse the video and once will see it and will delete it for sure. She said ok and then I came to her backside where there was a huge bun waiting to get it played and cut.
I slowly rubbed her bun and then removed it and then combed it with my hand and she was remaining silent. Then I took the comb from her hand and started to comb her hair it was very nice to comb her hair as it was touching the floor and I loved it. I smelled her hair it was so sexy. I wanted to fuck her hair and pour my sperm on her hair but I know she won’t allow for that and if I ask permission for that then she will not let me to cut her hair also. So I put her hair inside the pant and my cock was feeling her hair inside my inners. She doesn’t know that her hair was been played by my cock too. It was leaking badly and few of my sperm was on her hair when I pulled out of my pant. I combed her hair for half an hour and she said that she is having lot of work so asked to cut it soon. 
I asked her aunt I will cut your hair short please. But she refused and said to cut till her hip length and then I combed her hair nicely once and then caught her hair just below the shoulders and took the scissors from her and said aunt am going to cut. She said ok do it. Schruch schruch schruch schruch schruch sound was ring from the scissors for a long time and little by little half of her hair was cut and she could feel something on her shoulders and she pulled it in her hand and it was her hair. By the time she felt it was her hair I finished cutting her hair till her shoulders. She just got up and saw my hand with a long hair and she saw her hair flowing here and there in her face. She asked what you have done and she ran to the mirror to see her face and she started to cry and then I said see you cuter in this style and she was still crying and asked are you happy now? I said yes aunt am happy and I want you also to be happy. She said how I will be happy if you have cut all my hair short. I convinced her saying she is looking cute in this hairstyle. After one hour of convincing her she was little bit ok and then again she stood front of the mirror and was seeing herself in the mirror and then I came behind her and then started to comb her hair and she was seeing me combing in the mirror and then I took the scissors and started to trim her hair and then she was seeing her hair being cut and the hair strands from her shoulders falling on the floor. I was correcting her hair and now her hair came to neck length and she said she is looking cute In this style and she was happy and she said hereafter she will not need to spend much of her time in washing her hair combing her hair oiling her hair all these things and then she thanked me and I said she is looking more sexy and she blushed out. 
She was cleaning the hair from the floor and I said that I want your hair as the remembrance of the day she said to take it. Then I took the camera too and when I was above to move she said that hereafter I only should cut her hair always. I said I will if she asks me to cut. She said ok and I moved to my home happily.

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