Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fifth Day

I am Monica, 20 years old. My job is "I will fulfill rich people sexual feelings just for money" because these days we cannot lead a costly life without money, so I have chosen this way and it suits me. Actually many men contact me through my phone and they will tell the address and I will tell the amount if both of us get satisfied then we will join and enjoy the day sexually.
I am white fair beautiful girl, and my specialty which differentiate me from others girls is my beautiful hair, because my hair is long, thick, and silky so most men prefer me. One fine Sunday I got a phone call from a stranger, and he gave me an address and told me to come. After taking bath I combed my hair neatly and I went there. Once he saw me he asked me to come in and asked me to sit in a cot, unlike other customers he didn't start on he came near me and gave a lip to lip kiss and sat behind me and started to unbraid my hair and he took a comb and he started to comb it and play with it and he took me to a mirror and asked me to sit in the chair in dressing table facing the mirror and he took a white cloth and caped it around me I was confused weather I got stuck with a crack fellow, then he started to comb again and imitated like a barber as if he is cutting my hair, I suddenly got out from the chair.
Then he explained his problem that he is a hair fetish and he haven't shaved any women's head in real life and he will pay me a large amount for my head shave which will be carried by him. I hesitated and went out; he came behind me and asked for it again and again. I called him and I told my problem i.e. if I am bald no guy will mate me and I cannot lead a rich life. He then told me that he will take care of all my expenses for five month and he will give sexual support when I need, plus a large amount in cash, this made me to rethink and I accepted but I asked for five days time. In these five days I went to my friend's, relative's home because after my shave I cannot move freely to their homes.
The fifth day came his most expected day in his life. I went to his guest house directly where he asked me to come. I was normal without make up so he took me to a nearest parlor and gave some beauty treatment to me.
Then he told me the entire program because it is going to be recorded in video camera.
He will be acting as a barber and he told me to come inside the bed room and he told me what I have to do. He told me once I entered I have to ask the barber to shave my head. As he said I went inside and asked him to shave my head. He now the barber told me to remove my dress and take the seat in front of the dressing table with my bra and panty. As he said I went and sat in the chair. I looked beautiful with my bra and panty when I saw me in the mirror. Near the mirror there are a straight edge razor, electric clipper, scissor of two sizes small and medium, and comb of three different styles and water in a bottle.
Then he took a white cloth and caped around me leaving my hair outside. He came near me and stood behind me and asked can we start? I nodded my head. Then he unbraided my hair and started to comb it and after that he sprayed water in my head and wet it thoroughly. Then he took the comb and a scissor and started to cut my hair from its edge. My hair length started to decrease from my waist length to my shoulder length. He then kept the comb and scissor in table and started to wet my hair again, then he massaged my hair for five min. then he told he is going to divide my hair into two sections and he combed my hair parted into two and he put ponytail on two sides, since my hair is thick enough both the sides looks like a big bun. He then removed the hair band from one side and started to massage then he took electric clippers and started to run in one part, my hairs fall like a cascade in my lap now I am half bald.
I was enjoying the clippers then he kept the clippers down and took the straight edge razor and started to shave my hairs near the ear and the small hairs that are in the edge which haven't entered in my ponytail and the hairs in my nape by applying water. Then he removed the white cloth me collected the hair in a bag and asked me to sit cross legged down in the floor and he applied some water and took the straight edge razor and started to shave rest half of my head. Water droplets are all over my body and within a min my hairs started to fell in my lap and in shoulders. He then shaved my armpits and Pusey. Then he collected all my entire hair in a bag and gave me a nice bath.
Then as he told he gave me money and I went happily. He took the video camera and he enjoyed the full head shave video acted and directed by him.

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