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Baskar is a advocate. He married Sujata a beautiful women. Both are relations. They have one child. They lived in Chennai. Baskar native is Madurai. Sujata is more beautiful because of her hair. Her hair is upto her hip, thick and shiny. Baskar fall in love with Sujata because of her beauty. Sujata is good women, kindness with others and also give respect to all others. Baskar was very happy about that. Baskar was very short temper person. He was very angry in small things. But Sujata adjusted along with baskar character.
Both Baskar and Sujata lived happily. He got enough money to live. They lived in a bungalow along with car and other assets. Sujata take care of Baskar very much. They had a maid called gowri for house hold works. Gowri is unmarried with her mother and no father. Her mother is taking care of Baskar relative house. Her mother handed gowri in Baskar’s guidance and told to gowri that do the house hold things as per baskar and gowri says and obey the couples as their wish. Gowri is appointed to baskar house to help sujata. Gowri had mid back length of hair. 
Happy going life came to be an disaster one day. Baskar’s sister Indira who is younger than him came to Chennai for her studies. She is also having long and thick hair upto knees. But not shiny as sujata. She came to study computer diploma in chennai. She got friends from her study centre. Her friends were Nasreen, Savitha, Selvi and Nisha. Nasreen is a a model girl from high class family who have her hair upto shoulder length, going to parlour for haircut every month. Selvi is from high class who is having hair just below her hip. Nisha is modern girl who is having her hair upto her hip. Savitha is younger than others from a middle class family who is having hair upto her knee. She used to wear double braid which will be folded like school girls everyday.
These five become friends at computer centre. Among them Indira is most beautiful and having long hair than everyone. She is proud and head weight about her long hair. All these five girls are co-operative with each other but very rude with the other peoples apart from them. They praised every one in between them and teasing the other peoples apart from them. All the girls parent’s know about this. Apart from Indira all the other girls parents thinking that they should teached to learn a lesson in the coming days. They waiting for that moment.
One day there is a conversation held between sujata and indira. Indira told that her hair is longer than sujata and that is the best one among them. Indira now making a bun of her hair and bet sujata. Sujata also know about indira. So sujata should thought indira should to learn a lesson. So she said “I bet you. My hair is shiny and thick when compared to your longer hair. So my hair is best. You can ask your brother when he return from office about this. If he tell my hair is best then u should cut your hair length to my hair length. Is it ok for you”. Indira told ok. 
Sujata make a call to baskar and told about this. Baskar also know about indira’s character. So he decided to tell that sujata’s hair is best one. When he came back from office both Indira and Sujata together asked about that hairs. Baskar replied sujata’s is best according to the shiny and thickness. Indira get frasturated. Sujata said to indira “You lost your bet. As per the bet you can cut your hair to my length”. Indira told no way. But Sujata told “If you can cut your hair to my length then it’s over. Other wise i can cut your hair according to my wish”. Indira get shocked. Sujata ordered maid gowri to bring the scissor. Gowri took the scissor and give it to sujata. Sujata ordered Indira to cut the hair to her length. Indira had no choice. So she opened her hair bun. Sujata ordered gowri to comb indira. Gowri took a comb and started to comb indira’s hair. Then she braided indira hair. Then she put a band at the bottom equals to sujata hair. Nearly 12” of hair is hanging from the bottom of band.
Sujata ordered to cut that hair. Indira begged sujata not to do so. But sujata ordered gowri to cut the hair of indira. Now gowri took the scissor and crunched the hair below the band level. Sujata was very happy that she tought a lesson to indira. Indira become very sad. Now her hair is upto her hip. Sujata told to indira not to bet or no to tease others. Indira started crying and went into her room.
After that things going very well. When indira goes to institute all the other friends of her asked about her hair cut. She told all the things. So the five friends planned to make a headshave to sujata as well as gowri who cut indira hair. They make a plan.
One day when Baskar went back home from office for lunch he found a bunch of hair in his food. He got irritated. As indira’s plan she was in institute. Baskar asked sujata and gowri about the hair in food. She did not responsed well. Baskar got irritrated and said if again this thing will be there in food i would punish you both. Both sujata and gowri got shocked. 
Five days after again baskar got a bunch of hair in food. This time he got very angry on sujata and gowri. He called both of them and asked about that. They replied that they don’t know about that. Baskar in angry mood told to both that “You both should shave your head when i return back in the evening.”. Both got shocked. But Baskar told to Sujata that “If you should shave your head then you can live with me. Otherwise i divorse you” and to Gowri “Your mother told to obey my order. This is my order. You should shave your head other wise you go to your mother’s home”.
Both got shocked and started crying. They begged baskar. But he never get soft on them. He told “when i return back home i would see you only on bald head. That’s my order”. He told and went back to office. Both women’s get shocked and cried themselves. Then Sujata got decided that she will do what her husband says. So she asked gowri where we can do that headshave. Gowri crying replied about the barbershop in the street corner. Sujata asked gowri to go to that shop and asked about the freeness. Gowri slowly washed her face and moved towards barbershop. She reached that shop entered there. Kumar the barber was free and reading newspaper there. He asked her what she wants. She asked whether he can shave heads of girls. Kumar surprisingly said yes. He also asked her “whether to shave you”. But Gowri replied that “Yes. But another one is also coming for headshave. Is you free”. Barber kumar replied “Yes. I am free now”. Gowri told to wait and she will come with other one and return back to home.
Kumar is eagerly waiting for the women’s for headshave. He already noticed the hair of Gowri. He also knows that there are two more ladies with long hair in that house. He is eargerly waiting for that who is the second one.
Gowri returned home and told that the barber is free. Both ladies moved towards that shop. Kumar saw sujata is also coming with gowri. Both entered the shop. Kumar asked “Is that both have to shave their head”. Gowri replied yes. Kumar asked why. Sujata told the things happened in house. Kumar was eager to see sujata hair. Its single bunned. He is very happy to see that bun size. He knows that it should be definitely hip length and also thick. Kumar asked who is first one to shave hair. Sujata asked gowri to get on to the chair. Gowri in crying mood got to that barber’s chair. Kumar took a cloth and capped gowri. Then he told sujata to unbraid gowri’s hair which is braided. Gowri saw in mirror that sujata moving towards her and took braid in her hands and began to unbraid. Kumar get a half blade fully loaded in knife. Sujata finished unbraiding gowri’s hair. Then kumar asked sujata to sit on the waiting chair. He moved towards gowri taking a hair water sprayed and sprayed water in gowri’s head. He massaged gowri’s hair with water and drenched the hair with full of water. Water began to wipe on gowri’s face. Then he centre parted the hair in to two parts and make a bun on each side. Then he took some water and rubbed on gowri’s centre parted hair. Gowri began to cry. Sujata ordered gowri not to cry.
Then Kumar take the knife placed it on gowri’s head and make a move. White patch appears on gowri’s head. Gowri feels the fresh air touches her scalp and she thought the shaving is started. Kumar began to move the knife all over one side of gowri head. Within 4 mins one bunch of bunned hair falls on gowri’s lap. Again kumar take a hand of water and rubbed on gowri’s another side and began to shave from that side. Within some mins another hair bun falls on gowri’s lap. Then he moved the knife properly to shave her smooth. Gowri saw her in mirror. She could not recognise her. Kumar told gowri that shaving is finished. Gowri moved from the barber chair.
Kumar told Sujata to come to the barber chair. Sujata also crying. Gowri told “nothing mam. No more tears”. Sujata sat on barber chair. Kumar capped sujata. He is very happy to see the bun size. He began to open the hair bun of sujata. He shocked with the length and thickness and also the shine of hair. He got excited. Then he parted her hair. Sujata told to kumar “Shave me with double braids”. Kumar also very happy. He asked gowri for help to braid a side of sujata. He know comb her silky hair and began to braid her hair. Now gowri comb another side and began to braid that hair. Kumar told “Wow. Madam your hair is so nice. Definitely you will take 10 years to again get this kind of hair”. Sujata become very sad. After finishing the both side kumar take a bowl of water and poured on sujata’s head and rubbed with his hands.
After massaging he again loaded a half blade in knife and place it on sujata’s head. Tear’s rolled on sujata eyes. Kumar asked sujata “Can I start”. Sujata replied yes. Then kumar make a move on sujata’s head. White patch appears on sujata’s head. Sujata feels the fresh air touches her scalp. She started crying. Kumar moves his knife one of sujata head. After a few mins sujata’s one side braid is separed from her head. Then kumar moved to the next side and began the shave. Within a few mins the second braid is also separeted from her head. Kumar moves his knife on suja’s head for smoothness. After a few mins he finished shaving of two ladies. Sujata pay money and went home along with gowri. Both were bald now. Kumar was very exciting to see the length of Sujata hair which is placed on the mirror table. He feels very horny.
Indira returned from institute. She saw both Sujata and gowri’s on bald head. She also thought that her plan worked and made both of them bald. She was very happy and teased both of them. Baskar also returned home. He saw both women’s were bald. He was proud and he thought both were very good in obeying his order.

Next day when indira and her friends joined together to go to institute. On the way they were waiting for one more friend to come, the stand along the corner of the street and spoked themselves. Indira told that her plan to make sujata and gowri was worked and both were bald now. She also congratulated Nasreen for giving the plan to put some hairs of sujata and gowri in food and make her brother angry against the hairs. She also told that she will gave a party for that in her residence when they return from institute. She did not know that a disaster also followed her. Kumar the barber in the shop know that indira is also from sujata husband’s sister. He captured video of all the things in the mobile without the knowledge of indira and her friends what they spoke about sujata. He also thought that more headshave for these girls with long hair will be easy for him.
After that he went to home of sujata. Gowri opened the door and surprised. Kumar told that he want to meet sujata. Sujata came out with bald head. Kumar asked sujata to view his mobile what he captured. Sujata shocked by the incident what indira and her friends spoked. She thought they should be teached a lesson. So transferred that video into her mobile and asked gowri and kumar to come along with her. Kumar asked where. Sujata replied “before the girls return from institute we will spoke to the other girls parents about this and make a shock treatment for them”. Kumar and gowri also agreed for that. Sujata visited with kumar and gowri for indira’s friends residence and told about the things and viewed the videos to every one. Every one get shocked and become angry on that girls.
Now they told sujata “You should teach them a lesson. We will not interfere you. What will you teach them”. Kumar replied that they thought that they are beauty and they should be punished by shaving their heads. All of the parent’s also agreed. They said “Do them shave. They will learn a lesson”. Sujata along with kumar and gowri returned home. Baskar is waiting for them. They also viewed the video to baskar. Baskar saw that and asked sorry to sujata to order to shave her head. He also agreed for their plan. Baskar returned to office. Sujata, Gowri waiting for the rude girls in hall. Kumar went to his shop to take shaving materials and reached the house of sujata and waiting inside of store room of that house.
Indira returned home along with their parents. She ordered gowri to take cool drinks for her friends. Gowri returned kitchen and making cool drinks for indira’s friends. Sujata now mixed some sleeping pills in every glass of cool drinks. Gowri took that glass and returned to the hall where indira’s friends speaking with indira. She handed over a glass of cooldrinks to indira’s friends and also indira. After taking that cool drinks indira and her friends become unconsicious. Now kumar reached the hall and take the girls one by one into the chair placed on hall and tied all seperately in chairs with use of ropes.
Then kumar kept made the equipments ready for shaving. Gowri and Sujata now sprays water on that rude girls. Five rude girls began to get their conciouness. They tried to move from the chair. But they won’t. They saw that some one has tied them with chair. They saw kumar who is making his equipments ready and gowri with water in her hands. They get shocked. They understood some thing had to be happened. Indira ordered gowri to peel out the rope knots. Sujata came there

Sujata told “You all the girls should be punished because you trapped me and gowri to bald. So u should be punished for that plan”. Indira told who said we made plan. Kumar now showing his mobile video in which indira and her friends spoken out at the corner of the street. All the five rude girls become shocked. They told “Sorry. Please forgive it. please don’t punish us. please”. They begged sujata. But sujata told “We already spoke to your parents. They told us to punish you all by shaving your heads. If you co-operate with us we will shave only your heads. Other wise we make you all unconsicious and shave your head and as well as eyebrows also. Can all tell us can you co-operate or we can make unconscious and shave”. All the rude girls become very shocked and sad. They all said “no don’t do that”. Kumar now told “if you co-operate it is easy for you. Other wise i will rub a solution on your head after shave. That will prevent your hair growth for 2 years. You will bald for 2 years. What did you say”. All the girls were stunned. They told in husky voice “Don’t do that. We will co-operate with you”. Sujata told this will be punishment for their rude character.
Then kumar asked sujata who will he shave first. Sujata replied “every one will be shaved in different manner. Lets we start with short hair and finally the long hair. So first nasreen, nisha, selvi, indira and then savitha”. All five rude girls got frasturated. Nasreen told “No. Don’t do that for me first.” But sujata told will you co-operate or can we shave you to our wish including eyebrows. Nasreen replied “Ok. I can co-operate. Be slow when shave”. Kumar replied “its our time. We will do what we think. Ok. Be calm and don’t shake head”. Sujata told to kumar “All the girls should be shaved without applying water. That makes them to learn a lesson with burning sensation”.
Kumar moved to front of nasreen. Nasreen was tied on chair. She has now way to move out. So she started crying. Her hair is upto shoulder length. Kumar took a scissor and began to cut her hair at the root level with a help of comb. Hair falling on nasreen’s t-shirt flowly. After some time kumar make nasreen shoulder length hair to military cut. All the other girls watching that with tears in their eyes. Then kumar loaded a half blade and began to shave her head without appling water. Nasreen feeled burning senses in her head. Kumar shaved her without any kindness. Sujata and gowri looking at it very happily.
Few mins later all the other four girls saw that nasreen was bald. They started crying loudly. Kumar now finished nasreen headshave to smooth. Sujata ordered gowri to clean that hair in floor. Gowri started cleaning. Kumar moved towards Nisha. Nisha got frasturated and started to cry loudly saying “don’t do that for me. I love my hair very much”. Kumar did not listened to that. He moved back of nisha. Her hair is upto her hip. All the other girls seeing that very shockingly. Kumar took nisha’s ponytail in her hand. Nisha hair is such a amazing thickness and long. Kumar got excited.
Now kumar asked sujata in which manner that nisha should be shaved. Sujata replied that nisha should be shaved with double ponytail. Kumar asked Sujata and gowri to make double ponytail of nisha. Sujata and gowri moved towards nisha. Gowri now released the hair band on the top of hair bunch on nisha’s head. Sujata take a comb and centre parted nisha’s hair. Now gowri hold one side of nisha’s hair and put a band at the top of her. Sujata also holded the next part and put the band on other side. Now nisha is in double pony tail. Now kumar took the knife which is he already loaded a new blade and went in front of nisha. Tears were rolled out on nisha’s eyes. He placed the knife on nisha’s right side head. The he make move of knife. Nisha’s hair is already dry. Now her hair is peeled out from her head. She got some burning sensation in her head. Kumar began to shave her without kindness. Her hair roots get seperated from her head. Small tiny hair falls on her half saree and blouse. Kumar shaved one side of nisha’s head. Her right side ponytail now separated from her head and fall on nisha’s lap. Nisha was sad to see that. Now kumar moved to leftside of nisha and bended her head down and began to shave that side. Within a few mins nisha’s left side ponytail also separated from her head. Now sujata take that pony’s and began to merge it into one. Nisha is also bald now. Kumar finished is smoothening works on nisha’s head.

Then he moved towards selvi. Selvi wearing a single braid with centre parted hair but not properly braided. Her hair length is just blow her hip. Kumar asked sujata how to shave selvi. Sujata replied shave with single braid. Kumar took the knife and again load a half blade in in. He hold the braid of selvi and saw that was not properly braided. He asked gowri to re-braid selvi hair. Selvi now crying with louder voice. Gowri moved towards selvi and began to unbraid her hair. Then she took a comb in her hand and began to comb selvi hair. She began to braid selvi hair in a proper manner. Selvi hair is already oiled well. So gowri braided it very fast. Then she put a band at the bottom level of selvi hair. She signalled kumar that it is ready for shave.
Kumar again hold the briad of selvi. Now it is neatly braided. Then he moved backside of selvi placed the knife on the front head began to shave from her front to back. Tears rolling of selvi’s eyes. It is easy for kumar to shave her because her hair is oiled well. Kumar moving her knife very fast on selvi’s hair. Other girls watching them shockingly. Within few mins selvi front head lost all her hairs. Now kumar nodded her head down and began to shave her back side head. After some time selvi lost her beautiful braid. She watched that braid now move from her to the hands of sujata. Sujata happily look at the braid. Nisha is also bald now.
Now only two girls there for headshave. One is Indira and another one is savitha. Now sujata ordered kumar to shave savitha first. Savitha get shocked. She thought that she should be shaved last because her hair is lengthier than all. But sujata’s order make her afraid of her hair. She was in double pony tail which is folded because she had her head bath in morning of that day. Kumar moved towards Savitha. He was very happy to see savitha’s hair. Its neatly double ponytailed and folded. He asked sujata about her wish to shave savitha. Sujata told braid two ponytails and fold it like school girls and then shave. Kumar now asked savitha to turn her head right side. Savitha in crying mood started to turn her head and began to cry. Kumar loosened the right side ponytail by removing the hair band and holded her hair. He is very much happy to see the length, thickness and shiny long hair. He began to braid her hair very tightly. On the other hand gowri moved towards left side of savitha and loosed that pony tail and began to braid that in kumar style.
After braid savitha hair both gowri and kumar began to fold each side like school girls. Then kumar took the knife load a new blade and place it on savitha centre head. Now he began to shave her left side from centre. Savitha got some irritrating sense on her head. She thought that her hair in their last moment on her head. She cried. Shaved hair began to hang in savitha’s folded braid. Kumar shave with happy mood. He finished the shave on the left side. He separate the left braid from savitha’s head and hand over it to sujata. Sujata now hold savitha’s braid in front of savitha. Savitha now feel that kumar shaves her right side due to the burning sense on the right side. Kumar shaved her right side also. He again handover savitha’s right side folded braid to sujata.
Sujata and gowri both happy to saw that. She placed that braids on the table. They were eagerly waiting to shave indira. Now indira thought she won’t escape from that shave. Now kumar moved towards indira. Indira feels guilty. She begged sujata to don’t do that. But sujata did not respond her. She told to kumar to shave indira by making a bun on her head. Now kumar reached behind of indira and began to unbraid her hair. Then he ordered gowri to make a top side bun on indira’s head and he began to load a blade in his knife. Gowri now moved towards indira. She hold indira’s hair and began to make a top side bun on indira’s hair. Now a big bun appears on top of indira’s head which is like a crown on her head. Now kumar nodded down indira’s head and began to shave from backside bottom to top side. Indira feels that her shave is started. She was crying. Her hair bun getting loosened. After finished back side fully now kumar slanded her head and started to shave from left side bottom to top on her ear side. Then he does same on the right side. Now indira has hair only in centre and front. Kumar moved to her front and began to shave her from front to centre. Now indira hair a big hair only which is hanging in her centre hair roots. Kumar began to shave that centre part. A big bun falls on indira lap. Indira cried a lot. But no use. She was shaved by kumar. 
Sujata now asked kumar to shave indira eyebrows also. Indira shocked and asked sujata that “I already co-operated with you. Then why should uyou shave my eyebrows”. Sujata replied that this should be an extra punishment for her to make both sujata and gowri bald. Indira begged sujata to don’t do that. But sujata came near indira and hold her head tightly. Kumar now started to shave indira’s eyebrows also. After that they released the rude girls from tied chairs. All started crying and ran towards their houses. Indira ran towards her room. Sujata paid kumar a lumpsum for helping her to teach a lesson to rude girls. Kumar got happy and packed the shaved hair and return back to his shop. That’s how rude girls become bald girls.

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