Tuesday, 13 January 2015


A village near Salem is a nice place to visit and it will be liked by all those who like to live in a natural environment with low automobiles, pollution less, tension free life. There is a little temple at the border of that village and it is family god for some people and in normal days there won’t be single people to take care of temple in festival time about three days the temple will be busiest place with thousands of people all the time.
Priya a fair white, slim, average height and homely girl, who is residing at nearby city doing her final year BBA in one of the famous college in state, she is famous for her hair style in her college every one love to touch her hair. She has butt length thick hair mostly single braided and jasmine or rose flower matching her dress. Our hero vasu he stays in same village and maintains his farm and he will be busy in farm work most of the time.
During the festival season all the relatives go to that village and stay there for at least three days and share their feelings. Priya haven’t gone to temple for 10 years, she and her parents went to temple before three days from festival since they have planned for priya’s father head shave. Vasu had fetish for head shave, so he was roaming near head shave area.   Priya and vasu were child hood friends but haven’t met in recent days. Vasu started to like priya for her beauty and her hair and priya also like vasu for his beauty. The day came priya’s father went to shave, priya went with him. she first hesitated to go inside shaving hall then went inside, his father removed his shirt and gave it to priya and sat for shaving priya looked around and was excited to see what is going around, many girls and women’s waiting for shave. She opened her eyes wide when she saw a teenage girl shaving her head and she thought she is more beautiful with bald head now. She was shocked when she saw vasu seeing her from backside by the time her father is done he woke up with bald head and they went.
Vasu saw priya again two times near head shave area, since vasu is a fetish he got doubt in priya also. Vasu called priya to back side of temple and started to open his conversation in general life and college life and priya also became comfortable to speak with him. Vasu collected all his courage and started to open his favorite topic “priya your hair is long and beautiful have you shaved your head before?" priya was tensed and told no no; I was shaved when I was kid and I cried a lot those days and from then I haven’t shaved or cut my hair. Vasu told will you cry if you shave now? Priya started to laugh and they were discussing about each other character, suddenly vasu told ok priya I have some work in head shave area, priya asked are you going to shave your head vasu? He told no priya I have to maintain barbers shift there. She asked can I join you there. Vasu was happy and thought he trapped her and took her to tonsuring hall. She was excited and seeing the shave, suddenly vasu gave the straight razor to priya and told her this is razor and this is used to shave head and beard you can see there.
Priya excited and got the razor in her hand and told nice. After an hour priya went home but without her knowledge she took razor in her bag. That night when she saw her bag she saw razor and took it in her hand and opened it and started to move as if barber moves she sat in front of the large mirror and kept razor in her forehead and saw her in the mirror and was laughing. Next day when vasu and priya was talking priya asked don’t you have work in tonsuring hall today no priya not today.
Vasu told I have to shave my head, I have a vow but I refused this time, priya asked why? Because I like you if I am bald you may not like me so I shifted to next year. Priya told I am going to like you any way even if you were bald. Vasu asked ok I will go and shave my head; do you want to see my shave? She told no I have to shave your head! Vasu was shocked and told can you do it now? Yes sure. Vasu took priya to his guest house and told I am all yours priya. Priya asked vasu to sit in the floor and she took the straight razor in her hand and poured water in her head and massaged him. She followed what she saw in tonsuring hall and shaved vasu. Vasu is bald now; she kept her hand in his head and enjoyed smoothness…
 Vasu asked how you feel.  It’s nice and great. it’s a great feeling when razor runs in our head but unfortunately you became beautiful girl or I will shave your head and show the thrill… priya was tensed again and told I am not feeling shy actually I too have interest in shaving my beautiful head but I am thinking about my parents. Vasu was sad and gave permission for priya to go home. Next day priya called vasu and told, vasu “I am ready for shave" vasu replied what u r saying, priya told I convinced my parents as I am need to shave my hair for my work and I will do it here. Vasu was thrilled he took priya to guest house and asked her to sit in floor, he sat behind her and unbraided her hair, her hair was touching the floor he took it and kissed it and unbraided smoothly and removed the flowers, hair bands and hair clips and kept it near her . He then took a mug full of water and poured it on her head and started to massage it took almost 10 min for massaging alone. Then vasu changed a new blade in razor and kept it near her and started to make two buns of hairs in her head. It was a huge bun since hair is long. He then asked priya can I? She said enjoy…..
Vasu kept the straight razor in priya’s head and started to move, a small patch appears in her head. Priya closed her head and enjoyed the chillness and razor feel. He kept moving the razor in her head in ten min a large bun of hairs falls in her lap that’s the hair from her left side head she is half bald now. Priya then turned a little bit vasu continued to shave the other half, they enjoyed each and every movement in head shave process. In another ten min another huge bun of hairs fell in her lap. Priya Is bald now again he poured some water and shaved once more for smoothness. Priya closed her eyes and enjoying. He told priya it’s over you r bald now. Vasu helped priya in cleaning hairs from her shoulder and neck. Priya saw her bald face in mirror for the first time, so far she saw many hours a day while combing her long beautiful hair but with hairs. She shouted in excitement and thanked vasu for showing her real beauty and kissed in vasu’s bald head and went home, vasu kept the hairs with him. She then roamed with bald head covered with kerchief in that village, everyone is shocked to see the most beautiful girl with long thick hair and suddenly bald without any information she is bald now. Every one asked why she shaved? And got different answer and finally priya went to city leaving village with thousands of questions.
Her whole college got confused is she whom they like for her beautiful hair. Days went and after a year priya married vasu and they lead a complete understanding life…

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