Saturday, 17 January 2015

Geetha’s Haircut

Hari belongs to south Indian, His family consist of only 3 members he, his mother geetha, dad raju. Geetha and Raju is love marriage divided from their families, Hari is the only son so his mom dad grown him very lovely and giving anything he wants. Both of his parents are employees so in summer holidays hari will be lonely at home.Hari is having hair fetish from childhood. He got hair fetish at the age of 8 years, at the end of the street there was a barber shop which he gets hair cut every month with his dad. One Day while going to school he saw that barber shop there one 6 years girls getting baby haircut he has seen whole haircut and went to school. After coming from school to home he wants to try haircut by his own, so he cuts his top hair without seeing in mirror after his mom came and saw that dirty haircut and tells to his father and scolds him. Next Day as it was not holiday geetha sends hari to school like that only as a punishment, everyone in the school laughed at him. On Sunday Raju ask hari to come with him for haircut at street end after reaching there barber asks how it happens raju tells everything and asks for suggestion but barber tells there is no way for haircut in order to shave and make him bald, So raju agrees for that and tells barber to shave at that time hari is feeling happy for head shave. After that incident hari decided to not to cut hair for one year and for every summer he want to shave his head he told his idea to his parents they also agreed, after 2 years one fine evening geetha came from office with tired so she is sleeping leaving his hair open. Coming to Geetha is having long silky black hair up to his hip, she loves his hair very much and takes care of it.Raju Loves geetha very much because of her lovely hair.Hari hair fetish thoughts became wild and decided to cut his hair, so he went into bathroom and gets scissors from his dad shaving kit. Hair slowly takes geetha’s hair into his hands and feeling like heaven after that he takes large portion up to his shoulder and starts cutting slowly, scrrrrhhhhhh, scrhhhhhh, scrhhhhhh the sounds of scissors makes geetha to wake up. Hari is in mood of cutting he forget about geetha, after wake up geetha saw hair on floor and noticed that his hair was cut and seen back at that time hari is cutting her hair and geetha shouts like anything beats him hardly. After seeing his hair he is crying very much and scolding hari but there is no option she sat on sofa taking all the hair from floor and holding that with her hands waiting for raju. After Raju came home he saw geetha with very ugly look he asks geetha what happened. Geetha tells the entire situation and tells him to hit hari badly but at that time hari first feels sad and asks geetha to get haircut neatly now, but geetha in serious mood on hari she was not listening, So raju decided to give her a neat haircut he went in bathroom and gets back scissors and comb. He asks geetha to sit on chair and starts cutting neatly. After that haircut geetha went near mirror and see her new shoulder length haircut and started crying but raju hugs her and tells that her new look is so good. After that incident geetha maintains that shoulder length hair because of hari.

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