Tuesday, 12 February 2013

head shave story - Long hair shaved

Hi I am Subha married since two years since then leading a happy and cheerful married life. I and my husband were planning to get our heads shaved after the marriage. Today our head shave fantasy has come true.
The journey towards our Dream . . . . 

We have planned and booked tickets for our journey, lodging and Temple Dasrshan prior visiting Tirumala Temple tirupati. We have traveled through flight from Hyderabad and reached Tirumala  by 9.00 am on 16/1/13 and got refreshed and went for Dolotsavam and got returned to room around 5.00 pm and decided to get our heads shaved the next day and so we slept early to raise early to fulfill our fantasies. We woke at around 4.10am and we have decided at the last moment that i will get shaved today and he will be doing it tomorrow. I took a long head bath with shampoo and shikakai as this is the last time i will be doing it for my long hair. After that just towel dried to remove the droplets from the hair. I also gave nice beats to my hair to and fro. That sound chit chit chit when i beat my hair was astonishing and I hope its the last time I get that sounds. 

I wore a blue sari and went for Kalyanakatta located at Sundaramoorthy guest house as it is early hours there were a few to offer their hair to god so we took a ticket went in with two sharp new blades which we purchased earlier and found that I will be the next to offer the hair and i watched a very fair girl around 18 years before me getting her head shaved and i eagerly waited for my turn to come. My Husband stood beside me and we chatted until the girls head shave is completed. 

At last after Ten minutes it got completed and the barber asked me to sit down and he asked whether i will go for three cuts or for head shave? I handed him the token and the blades along with the blades i have purchased early. He took it and changed the blade in his razor. He then begun wetting my hair with water and he did it for two minutes to get my head soak with water where i felt like heaven and then he messaged with cream and savlon which i gave him. I requested him not to part my hair while shaving to enjoy my hair falling in strands rather at bunch. He accepted my request and he took the razor blades to shave my head I was thinking in the mind that this might be the last time i will be having my long hair and felt excited about my new look after the shave as i haven't shaved since my childhood. He took the razor and started shaving my backside as soon as the razor touched my head during the first time i felt a cold chillness and the scrape scrape sound i loved it. He slowly turned my head to facilitate the shave and i have submitted it to him within a minute or so my left back is without hair and I can feel the strands falling onto my back and my head is getting lighter and lighter with every stroke. Then he finished shaving my right back within a minute. Within two minutes my back is completely bald. Then he started shaving my front side the strands have started falling onto my lap and the way he is turning my head to facilitate the process and the movements of the razor on my head I felt funny. He then reached my fore head and beside & beneath the ear to remove the remaining hair and the only hair left on my head is on the front left side and felt very funny imagining me in my mind. He then removed my remaining hair with the same mastery and it got completed with in seven minutes. My husband has requested him to reverse shave to get the head smooth and to remove any left over. He then washed my head with some hot water and the feel of hand on a bald held felt cold and i enjoyed the feeling. He changed blades once again and he started shaving my bald head in reverse direction to make it smooth. The razor felt cold on my bald head and the sound makes me excited and I anticipated my look after the shave is complete. Within four or five minutes my head shave is complete and I own a shining and smooth bald head. We have reached the room and I have requested my husband to shave me once again using foam and mach5 which he did and afterwards i took bath and the rush of cold and hot water on my head made me feel wonderful. I have decided to take photographs with my bald head wearing my favorite yellow sari and big ear rings and we have spent the whole evening dedicated to the task. After returning I have applied sandal paste on my bald head to cool it. During the night we have fluid exchange and my husband enjoyed my bald head even better than me.
During the morning its time for my husband to become bald and we went again to the same place and to the same barber and his head shave is completed within seven minutes. We came to room and i shave him once again with mach5 and foam. The feeling of shaving others head is also joyful and then we took bath and went to perform Kalyanotsavam and collected prasamam and vastram and went back to room after 5.00pm. We then decided to stay for two more days so we have changed the room and stayed for two more days enjoying the scenic beauty of Tirumala.
Saturday we have reached Hyderabad and people got stunned to look at me having bald head. Some of them embraced me by touching my bald head and i felt good about it and said that bald look made me look even more beautiful.
I have other fantasies to be fulfilled like military cut, cruse cut, mushroom cut and Mohawk which we will try this whole year and then in between cuts i will go for head shave thrice a week for two weeks and I am so excited and I look forward to it to make my dream come true once again.

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