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We are two brothers so we do not have any sister or girl in our house, in 1991 when my brother got married his wife come to our house as a new member she is 7 year older than me. She is very beautiful and has beautiful long waist length hair, since childhood I love to look her and specially her beautiful hair. When I grew older my fetish also grew and I start dreaming about my sister-in-law in shorter hairstyle. As I am very close to her I am freely talk with her on different topics. One day when I came back from my school I saw her in the kitchen as she was preparing the meal having her hair open showing her full glory and that was the first time I got the urge to have my hand on her hair, I came from behind and grab her hair softly, she got shocked but after seeing me she got relaxed. She asked me did I like her hair and I answered in affirmative, that was the first time I talked about her hair so openly I told her that I like her hair very much when she wrap it in a tight bun, when it is loose, when it is braided and when it is simply in a pony tail, but one thing which I did not mention on that day and hide it from her is that I like to see her in short hair and I want to cut her hair short. 
Since then when ever we met in free time I some how manage to bring her hair in our topic of discussion, one day I casually asked her that did she ever think of any restyling of her hair, she asked me what I meant by restyling? Now this is a tricky situation but I gather some courage and tell her that I mean a little short than it is now, what do you mean by short? She asked angrily, as her hair is waist length and very healthy I got scared and just manage to say that I mean a little short above your waist I mean 3 to 4 inch of hair cutting. She sighed and said that I love my hair as it is and even want to grow it longer than it is now. 
After that day I slowly manage to talk with her about different haircutting things and events such as mentioning TV actresses who cut their long hair short or even quite shorter without mentioning her own hair, she also comments on it that this style is looking good on that actress or it is not suiting, I also some time casually mention that this actress is looking similar to her and after cutting her hair short she would be more beautiful and seem a exact replica of her, but she has some nerves of steel as she is determined that she is not interested in cutting her hair for even an inch from its current position. 
Now this seems a challenging situation for me as days passes, I keep on trying and as it said try again and again and you may get success, I somehow able to sow a seed in her and she begin to think about bring some minor change in her hairstyle, which is not my target but as a beginning this seems to be okay for me. 
Initially she spoke but after sometime I feel that she got bored of this subject and trying to avoid it as I kept on insisting to change her style. 
One day when we are alone at home I again begin the topic; she got irritated and shouted at me, which is quite shocking for me, as she so soft spoken and loving to me. We stop talking to each other for many days, after sometime I went to her apologies and promise that I will never talk about her hair cutting any more. 
Day’s passes and my brother got a posting in Fareast and they are leaving for good, two days before their leaving I went to her and again apologies for our past conversations, she smiles and said that it’s ok. I sit with her not saying any thing but she understand that I want to say something, then she broke the silence and said say whatever you want freely without hesitation, I said that I don’t want to hurt her again but she says no problem she will not mind. I ask her that I have a request if she fulfill as she is leaving for a long time “What request? She asked, I said that I want to brush and measure her hair, she paused for a moment and then to my surprise she nodded her head and said do it now as nobody at home that time, I was so happy that I could not control my excitement, which also surprise her, I took a measurement tape and a brush and start brushing her beautiful hair, stroke after stroke and I was going on non-stop for at least half an hour then I realize that my brother is about to come home so I stop and took the measurement tape and measure her hair which was 30 inch from nape. She turn towards me and asked “Now are you happy?" I smiled and said that you know well than me whether I am happy or not, and what makes me originally happy. She laughs and said sorry I can’t give that at any cost which gives you real happiness, I said Never say Never as you never know what will happen in future, she said We will see……………. 
After Ten years  
Now its 2008, my brother and sister-in-law after spending ten years abroad are coming back, in all those years my fetish for hair has grown multifold, now apart from short hair I am also interested in shaved head girls, I visited several websites and register my self with them, made a you-tube account and download many videos having haircut and head shaving material. Nobody in my family know about my fetish, only my sister-in-law knows little that I have something towards her hair, but that was ten years back and in all those years I never spoke to her on this topic. 
Day come and they arrived back, I went to the airport to received them, my sister-in-law is now become more beautiful wearing sun glasses and a floral scarf to cover her head, I unintentionally look towards her head and having hair fetish experience feel that her hair is tied in a bun and seems to be bigger in size than its used to be ten years back. 
We went straight back to home and start talking about their journey and all those years, she was still wearing that scarf after sometime my cousin mention that she is still wearing the scarf then she realize and said “oh sorry I forgot to remove" when she remove the scarf her beautiful hair revealed and I was jaw struck to see that huge bun of her. When I was looking at her bun, she suddenly turn towards me, I immediately change my direction and hide my expressions from her. 
Now that she came back, my old desire to cut her hair, is again on the rise, but now I am no more a teenage boy and things are not that easy, after few days I came from the university and she was working in the kitchen and fortunately alone as well having her hair open to its full glory, now after so many days I for the first time saw her hair in full length which in all those years grew to her thighs, for some time I was speechless seeing those long beautiful hair of her and then as an action replay of yester years I came from behind and do the same thing as I did in my teenage grab her hair in my fist at her nape. Now again she got scared and turns immediately but after seeing me she got relaxed, “Oh you scared me; she said, and casually said “you still like my hair “. “I am speechless" I said you have taken good care of your hair in all those years. She smiles and thanks me. 
After few days we both are sitting together watching her favorite actress TV show, her favorite actress also has long hair of her current length, but what she didn’t know is that just recently she sporting a new hairdo, which would be quite shocking to her as well. My sister-in-law is very much following this actress and always copying her in her daily life as well. I conceal the fact from her that her favorite actress changes her hair quite dramatically. I also read the reason behind the sudden change which was due to some illness and not because she wanted to part ways with her trade mark hair, but after this happen she got quite rave reviews and she also like her new do “which is actually a half inch buzz cut" almost a bald look, people admire her courage and she said in her recent interview that she will continue with this look and regret that why she did not do it earlier. From here I got the idea of something which might work for me.  
I knew that in few days time her favorite actress will be coming live on telethon and my sister-in-law will be seeing it too, fortunately TV channel also promoting this telethon with her old shots showing her luxurious mane. On the day of telethon I deliberately skip home and spend time with my friend when I reach home it was quite late in the night and both my brother and sister-in-law were already in their room. 
Next morning I wake up late, I knew that my brother was already left for his job and my sister-in-law was alone. When I reach at dining table for my breakfast I saw my sister-in-law quite and deeply in some thought, suddenly she asked me" Did you see last night telethon? I pose that I did not see it and said “Sorry I didn’t, is there any thing special?" She just scream “You know She almost shave her head, my gosh from thigh length to almost NO HAIR". I said WHO? Can you please explain to me in detail and then she informed me that last night her favorite actress was on TV telethon and that she is sporting an almost bald look. Oh! I am very sorry to hear that, she is your idol and now it is very difficult for you to accept this, may be she has to do it because of some compulsion. NO she replied there seems to be no compulsion as she looks to be quite happy and you know what, I called her live in the telethon asking her feelings on this look and she said that she is quite satisfied, love this look and would continue to be in this look for the time being. I casually asked did she like her favorite actress in this almost bald look and would she like to follow her, she said I don’t know, definitely it’s look good on her but I don’t have the courage to follow her and secondly I love my hair this long, Our discussion ends there but gives me a glimmer of hope to complete my dream. 
Few days after this I was passing by my brother room when I heard my sister-in-law asking my brother “Darling! I want to ask one thing, if you don’t mind, my brother said yes and she said do you like me the way I am looking? Of course darling my brother replied, what if I made some changes in my appearance like change in hairstyle or clothing is it ok with you? Darling are you planning to do some changes? My brother inquired , Yes I am, but not sure, actually I am bored the way I am looking and need some changes, at the same time I am afraid of the change and also thinking what the family members are going to say, as you know that everybody admires my beauty and specially my long beautiful hair, everybody notice a minor change in me even if I combed my hair in side part instead of centre part, if you remember when we were in Singapore and I trimmed my hair a little bit even our neighbors were quite inquisitive that why I have trimmed my beautiful hair. Now this is quite embarrassing for me and secondly I also love my hair very LONG. Can you give me some suggestion? My brother replied that he never thought about it, and he suggest that she should visit some reputable beauty salon where some hair expert will definitely guide her how to do her hair in different up-do’s without parting with her long hair, but in the end he said one sentence which is very encouraging for me, he said darling I love you very much not because of your long hair or beauty but only because of you, your loving nature and your pure heart, I love to see you in long hair very much, but even if you become bald due to any reason my love for you will never go. 
From that day onwards I start my plan to bring my sister-in-law under the edge of clippers, but I have to do it in phases, as I do not want to reveal my secret to anyone. 
After their conversation my sister-in-law start looking for a reputable salon, she was asking to my cousins about it and to her surprise everybody was quite inquisitive why she was asking for salon and as she reveal that she need some change everybody was forcing her to change her decision even though she explain that she is not going for a drastic cut, everybody thinks that as soon she enter the salon they will not spare her and send her back with shorter hair. 
Now I am watching this situation closely and then I start my plan phase I, I bring several fashion magazine every alternate day having a makeover section. I cleverly choose those magazines which have very long to mid length makeover. I am not talking to her on her hair subject and putting those magazines just over my bed or side table opening the desired page. 
On the other hand due to discouragement from my cousins and other family members and their continuous insistence on keep her long hair intact as is it, my sister-in-law get annoyed and become somewhat stubborn, her usual friendly nature was some how go into shadow and her desire to have some change is getting stronger, I saw her several times looking my magazines and also standing in front of the mirror to see how she looks by keeping her hair at several lengths. 
In the meantime I also got a boost by an event in my family, one of my cousins also a long hair beauty, who lives in another city come to our house for family visit to meet my brother and sister-in-law, when she came we got a surprise specially my sister-in-law as my cousin chop off her long hair with a long bob cut, she is also an example of long hair in our family, what was more surprising is that from front it’s a long bob but from back she was sporting a buzzed nape. my sister-in-law asked her when she did it and why, she said that a few days back she spoke with her husband and after getting her approval she did it at last, although everybody was against it, even she was not sure about this cut but all she want a different look for a long time, she actually went to the salon for a mid back or shoulder length cut but stylist insist that this look great on her, initially it was shocking but now she is loving it specially the buzz nape, she also tell my sister-in-law that her husband is now more than close to her and he keep on brushing her nape. She also said that she might go for a shorter version next time. By seeing my sister-in-law huge bun she comment that My Gosh you are still holding this trophy on you head, I thought by spending several years abroad you might have already get away with this. My sister-in-law smiles and said that she okay with this but also said that she is also looking for a minor change. My cousin insists that she should go for a major change as minor change will not work. 
Now I start my plan phase II, one day after coming from university, I yelled oh its too hot to handle this summer, my sister-in-law was reading a magazine, she turn back towards me and said that its not that hot, I said I don’t know how you keep so cool in this weather specially with this sooo long hair. Some color just passed over her face; suddenly she asked me" what do you think about my hair". Well as you remember that in my teenage I use to talk a lot about your hair and you got angry so I don’t want to talk about it as I do not want to make you angry again. She smiles and said No I will not angry say what you want, I said that I like your long hair very much when I was a kid and still like it now when I am a grown up person, but I think you need some change then and you still need some change now as well. She said ok carry on I am listening what you have to suggest, now the time has come which indicate that the seed I sow several years back is now getting strength and if I lose this opportunity then I will never get it again. I firmly sit and said, “Look SIS you have long hair all these years, it’s become your identity, you become the Rapunzel of the family, but in the story Rapunzel also have to liberate herself from her hair to live a free life and get a different identity. Dear SIS in my opinion you should start from small amount of cutting and gradually go for the big change that is definitely require whether you like it or not. Also you should vacate this place for some other Rapunzel in the family. Don’t listen to other family members just listen what I am saying right now, you might don’t like initially but I must say that let the change begin from today or just right now, because it is now or never. 
By hearing all this she just stunned and looking at me with an expression less face, I gather the courage and took her in front of the long mirror in her room, bring out the brush and undone her huge bun from top of her head, all those glorious hair fell like an waterfall and reach to her knees. Now without saying a word I keep on brushing her long beautiful hair which I knew is last time I am seeing as from now on this length is going to be reducing, and keep on reducing, till my teenage wish fulfill.
I also bring out my digital camera and take some snap of her hair at its full length. Now I announce SIS feel this length for the last time as I am reducing it to waist length, for the first time she scream NO I don’t want a hair cut even an inch from my current length, now situation is quite tense for the first time, I have to act quickly, first I thought that I should cut it right away and did not listen to her, but sanity prevails and I drop the scissor and start calming her, She was shivering, as I mention I don’t want anyone to know my real identity, so I said to her its ok SIS I am not doing anything, take your time, think over it again and then decide.
Two weeks past after that incident, I was looking for another opportunity, which come to me very quickly, it was Monday afternoon when I came back home SIS was drying her hair after taking bath and as always happen to long hair ladies after bath their hair got tangles, SIS also forcing her comb into her hair to clear the tangles, she seems to be frustrating, murmuring that what the hell is this, as I again enter her room quietly and sat besides her, she feels that someone is in the room she turns and saw me, she smiles OH its you I forget that you are coming home from University, since last one hour I was trying to straighten my hair but I don’t know what happen today, it did not sorting out easily, what she did not know is that I have tampered with her shampoo today, which is the main reason for this mess. She inform me that today lunch is not prepared because of this hair affair, so go out and bring some lunch for both of us. I went out and bring pizzas for lunch, as I knew that she is fond of pizza. When I came back she was still fighting with her hair, I said a little angrily that SIS what the hell is going on and for how long she will continue with her hair, She got shied and put the comb aside and rap her hair in a huge bun, another mistake as it will more dried her hair, we ate together and during this I again start the topic of her hair, SIS; I said, as your hair grew longer your problems will also grow, did you consider what I said sometimes back, she did not reply and quietly leave the room.
In the night I again went pass my brother room to listen what they are discussing, I heard my brother voice and for the first time in so many days I feel an angry tone in my brother’s voice, he was telling SIS that she is spending so much time on her hair and that she must consider some way out to balance the situation, things are going my way slowly but gradually.
After two days I again saw her putting oil in her hair to clear the tangles which are not straightening easily, I went to her and tell her SIS I think you need some repair work to clear out of this, she angrily asked what is the solution I politically replied that instead of deciding ourselves let go to an expert and see what she suggest.
We went to a reputable salon at least what I said to her, although its reputation is in drastic haircutting or rather extreme haircutting, I have a friend working there and I told her about the whole scene, that shampoo was also tempered by her. So we went there after examining her hair she called her supervisor to have an expert view, she was also briefed about the whole scene, so after some time she said dear Madam you have extra ordinary hair but due to some chemical issue your hair is damaged although not fully but unfortunately we have to reduce some length to save your lovely hair, now realizing the situation she said in very low voice is there some other remedy instead of reducing her hair length, I am sorry madam but we have to do it otherwise it will damage more like a disease (actually it is a pure big lie, as no such big damage was done and it can easily be rectify by reducing the length by only 2 inches but it did not serve my purpose), SIS said sadly how much do you have to cut to rectify this damage, after posing for few minutes supervisor replied I think 12 inches at least,  we can go for more if you agree now or later. 12 inches!!! She yelled No No it is too much, do something else, Sorry madam we cant do anything, you can take other opinion if you want we have no issue, we are not hair hungry people we are here to give better solution to our customers.
Now SIS was thinking, I have to act quickly otherwise whole scene would go wasted, I said no no madam we have trust on you what you are saying is only for our benefit, come on SIS they are not cutting that much and its only 12 inch hair which will grow back very quickly.  Come on madam do it quickly otherwise it may spread more to damage more.
They quickly sat her on the chair caped her and pulled her hair behind the chair which due to its length reach the floor and lying there, now the supervisor look towards me as what I want  right I said removed 15 inches without making any noise. She nodded and the lovely sound of scissors drumming on my ears, she quickly removed 15 inches of hair and asked do I want is I said YES, packed it for me.
Now SIS hair hung just above chair base, when she standup her hair reaches below her hip, it is still very long but the journey begins…………
She was weeping, I console her that it’s only hair SIS don’t worry, when she was about to leave the chair, the supervisor said from behind, Madam wait a minute as this seems to be your first major haircut in years or may be in life, I give your hair some small touches so it will look a little different, and she again sat her in the chair, she was about start protesting but supervisor take some hair and start cutting from front at jaw level, then at lip level and then at eye level, now SIS face is changing getting a glamour look. She removed the cape and said look at yourself madam in mirror, you look different and you can feel it yourself. SIS leave the chair and when we are leaving the salon, supervisor said do come again madam, we will be at your service anytime even at your doorstep. 
Thanks for the gesture I said, we will come back again for another cut, hearing this SIS look at me angrily, I quickly said I mean we will never come back again and winked……… Now SIS wow that this the first and last time she is visiting a salon, I again  said Never say Never SIS as you never know what will happen in future, she said We will see….
When we reach home in the evening, I said SIS you look very attractive and BRO will be flattered, SIS quickly ran into her room, when my brother came back at night SIS came out with light make up, dressed beautifully with her hair open, BRO was dumb found, I quickly came out of the house, giving them some moments of love.
At night again I went pass their room to know what they are talking, BRO was praising her new redesign hair and also appreciate that SIS reduces some length, SIS replied that all has been done due to compulsion as she has no other choice and tell him that she will again re-growing her hair to get back its original length. Now this is a real challenge for me to stop her from going back to its original length.
After one week I went to her and said hello SIS what’s going on, how is your hair, she says nothing and that her hair is fine and she thinks that her hair grow a half inch in one week, so 12 inch will grow back in six month’s time.
Again an idea struck me I said that okay let’s have a bet if your hair grow 6 inch in next four months I will support your hair growth and never forced you to cut your hair again and what if it does not happen she asked, then you have to remove another 12 inches plus whatever grow in next four months from current length. Our bet will continue whenever you win it will stop and we will never indulge in haircutting anymore.
As she is stubborn she accepts my challenge, which I have to win at any cost.
When SIS attends family function after her haircut everybody was very annoyed and SIS all the time explaining that she has to do it because of some chemical issue and that she is now re-growing her hair.
Time went by and four months was about to complete, I saw her one day measuring her hair and have some tension on her face. I assume that I am winning the bet and she will going to lose another 12 inches which will bring her hair above her waist for the first time in so many years. I am closing on my target.
When four months complete I remind her that time has come and kindly measure the hair so we can know who the winner is.
She quietly takeout the measurement tape and handed over to me, I measure the hair and to my pleasure it only grew 5.5 inches so now she is going to loose 17.5 inches but in reality she will loose 20 inches, as I have again change my plan.
Now SIS is looking at me for some pardon or relief, I said please don’t look at me like that, a bet is a bet, it was your own hair which ditch you if you would have won I will definitely support you and never ask for a haircut or even talk about it.
After hearing all this SIS again bring one issue that what will your BRO said, I said it means now you are not bothered about family members and other people, that’s a good sign, I said last time BRO was flattered, this time too he will be speechless, if you allow we can go even further and have a complete makeover of you, SIS flatly refused the suggestion and said I will see what to tell to your BRO, I said OK this time instead of going to the salon why not call them at home, so we can be more comfortable. She resigns to her fate and said OK.
I called the salon and ask the supervisor the come home as SIS want some repair work again. Supervisor came in the afternoon and said I told you we are at your service anytime, now what we are doing, I said SIS want to reduce some length and she decided to go above her shoulder, SIS angrily saw me, sorry above her waist I said.
Supervisor caped her in the kitchen and took out measurement tape I pointed at 20 inches, her eyes widened that’s too much, I said its OK she agrees to 17.5 and I agree on 20 not a big deal. Again the beautiful sound of scissors come to my ears and 20 inches of lovely hair fell to the floor, she picked it for me, and then as on previous occasion she redesign her hair.
Now SIS quietly came out of chair, went to her room and closed it. When BRO came in the evening he again speechless but this he politely said that I thought your last hair cut was the only one In coming days. SIS says that my hair is thinning from the base so I have to do it again, I hope next time I won’t need a haircut.
Next day I remind her that our bet has been restart and this time stakes are high, SIS said what you mean by high stakes, I said this time target is 6 inches in three months and if you do not succeed you have to remove 18 inches plus whatever grows in three months. SIS said that terms are harsh and she is not accepting it, I said in that case you have to pay the penalty immediately and that will also be in shape of hair, SIS said and what was it I said you have to cut your hair according to my wish and you have to sport that style for at least six months. I said in first condition you have a fair margin of success but in penalty you have no say at all, think over it SIS and tell me tomorrow.
Next day I went to her and said SIS what is your final answer, SIS said I go for the first one. I said that’s the better choice, wish you all the best.
Now SIS is trying very hard to grow her hair 6 inches in three months, I am also giving her a fair chance, but to my pleasure, again I got what I want as I waited so long for this day, we again met after three months to measure her hair and again it was short by half an inch.
She suddenly broke as she knew that this time it will be cut to her shoulder and now It will be impossible for her to go back from here to its once glory.
I call again to the salon and ask the supervisor to come and make repair work, she came and asked what about this time? I said 25 inches which will bring her hair to above her shoulders. She quickly removes the bulk and SIS is all but a long bob lady. Supervisor was about to leave but this time SIS still sitting in the chair and suddenly asked her can you do me a favor as now I am already loose my hair can you reshape the hair a little shorter, how much shorter supervisor asked I don’t know but now I want a new me, sometime back my cousin sporting a long bob with buzzed nape I think I should go for that style, at this moment I interrupted her and quickly said I think SIS want to go all the way so please take out the clipper with half inch cap and move across her head, before SIS could say anything Supervisor did the same thing which I told her, and now once my very long hair Rapunzel SIS is now almost a bald head SIS. She moved her hand over her head and feels it for the first time, she smiles and said although I did not want this I LOVE IT and this will be my new identity, after this SIS said to me that I think I give you real happiness what you want several years ago.
When BRO came in the night he did not recognize her and his first reaction was anger and he did not talk to her for sometime, but later he begin to like it, as for family members it was so shocking that initially they boycott our family but slowly they also like it and some of my cousins also follow the same cut.
As for me SIS complete my dream of bringing her long hair to the edge of clippers. SIS sport that look for many months and then she made it the ultimate that is the razor edge shave. After that SIS again tried several times to grow her hair but as she taste the baldness it is very difficult for her to grow it out and every time SIS went from pixie to buzz or shave.
Now after 2 years SIS is again trying to grow her hair for the past 6 months without cutting, at present her hair reaches her shoulders, SIS is determined that this time she will make it, she vow that her visit to salon 6 months back was her last and she will never visit it again for a haircut, but as I said Never say Never SIS as you never know what will happen in future.

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