Monday, 25 February 2013

Long Hair Rachana and Shorthair Latha

Rachana is from north india and she stayed in tamilnadu for her job. She stayed in a working women’s hostel. She just completed her college her age is 23. She had gorgeous knee length hair. She joined the company 2 months back. Everybody in her hostel and office watching her long hair. So she also proud about herself for her glorious hair. But her hair is curly, so she want to straighten her long hair without cut or trim. So the weekend she went to parlor and she completed her hair straightening. It looks gorgeous again, because her hair is little extended now. All of them in her hostel loves her new look. She keeps her hair freely. After the 2 to 3 months she got a new project, and she works in office for morethan 13 hours, so she is very tensed and high pressure. Also she felt sick for couple of days. So she is not maintain her longhair properly. She also worried about that but she can’t do anything. Also she works in the weekend. So she don’t have leisure time for the past 3 months. Also this work pressure will continue for morethan 6 to 7 months. So sometime she stayed in her office and finish the work, and came to hostel after 2 days at 5pm.
Her roommate latha is from Andhra, she maintains her hair shoulder length. However she is love to grow long hair but she is not patience to grow such long hair. So she maintains shoulder length. She cuts her hair every 2 to 3 months. Rachana return to work and sleep well, so latha don’t want to disturb her. After 3 hours sleep she wakeup for the dinner. And she went to toilet and refresh herself and come back. Then both they went to dinner. Once they finish the dinner they comeback to their room. Latha asked about her work pressure, Rachana said, it’s high pressure job and she is fresher, so she want to learn the experience, so she want to work the company for other 3 to 4 years.   Latha also accepted this.
But Rachana worried about her hair, she said, “It’s difficult to maintains my long hair, because for the past 1 month I haven’t wash my hair, it’s looks ugly, so I plan to wash my hair tomorrow. Otherwise my long hair will fallen soon. Latha said, no problem Rachana, if you want I will also help you, because I love your long hair, Rachana said thanks. Then they went to sleep. In early morning Rachana wakeup and she called Latha for her help. Latha washed Rachana’s hair completely with shampoo. And she used hair dryer to dry her hair. Then only Rachana feel happy. And she hug Latha and said thanks. Then she left to the office. So after this every week Latha helping to Rachana for her hair wash.
But after the 1 month Latha got transferred to other branch in Chennai, so she wants to vacate the hostel and move to nearby her office. Latha ask Rachana to join with her. But she said, it’s far away from her office. So Latha only vacated the room. After Latha’s absence Rachana feel bad for company, like food, and mainly for her hair wash.  After a month again her hair got dried due to not proper care. Some of her office friends and hostel friends suggest that short her hair sometime, once the work pressure is over then you can grow again long hair, otherwise your hair will start falling also it will not grow like this much. But Rachana said no way to cut her hair. Also she went to beautician for her haircare, she also suggest the same thing. She don’t have a choice. Finally Rachana decided to cut her hair short, but she don’t know what length she want to maintain. Most of them preferred bobcut and some of them said midback.
Then finally she decides first go for midback hair, if it’s suits she can maintain, otherwise cut it short like bob. In the Sunday morning she went to near by parlor for her first haircut. Once she reach the parlor, she informed she want midback haircut. Beautician questioned about her haircut, she explain her situation, then beautician replied, if you want to cut her hair please go for bob otherwise it’s same kind of difficulties for midback hair also. Rachana said, please cut midback I will check if it suits me otherwise I will go for bobcut. Then the parlor lady said ok. Then she covered her body with cloth, and comb her long hair and sprayed water in her hair. Then she took the scissor and cut her hair upto her hip length, now she is in hiplength hair, Rachana look her hair length, and she wants reduce more length, so again she cut her hair upto midback. Rachana looks her half her hair is gone, but she is not satisfied this look, it’s look very ordinary. She finally decided to go for a bobcut. Then the beautician put the scissor in her shoulder and cut her hair. Rachana feel badly that moment, because for the past 6 to 7 years she maintains but 5 mins all of her hair is gone. Other 2 mins beautician cut her hair equally and asking for front cut, she said ok, so she cut her front portion. Rachana is look a like a modern girl. She won’t recognize her face in the mirror. Then she pay the amount and came back to her hostel, everybody in her hostel looks surprisingly and asked about her haircut, she said just for a change. Next day she went to office, again everybody shocked and surprised her newlook. Rachana got irritated about the questions so she said I want change my look for some time so I cut it short, I don’t know next 2 to 3 months what hairstyle I will do whether boycut or bald. I satisfied my look so don’t ask anything about my hair. After her statement everybody left from the place.
Next week Latha came to hostel and she also surprised with her newlook, and she said I know, you are going to cut your hair soon, this time Rachana got surprised her Latha’s statement and she asked how do you know? Latha said I just thinking If I am not there it’s difficult to maintain your longhair so 1 or 2 months you will surely cut your hair. Rachana said “yes correct” because I don’t have choice now I am happy to maintain this short hair for sometime, if not again I will go for a boycut. Next 1 year I want to maintains the same kind of hairstyle, after 1 year based on my work pressure I will grow my hair again. Latha smiled and appreciate her decision. After the 2 months Rachana gone for boycut due to summer and the work pressure. But this time latha want to grow her hair long now she is in midback hair. She want to grow her hair upto her hip

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