Sunday, 24 February 2013

Temple head-shave story

I am radhika near Madurai I got marriage three years mil and hus are more religious I am also religious every year my mil and husband are wearing mala for palani temple and they go temple by walk.this year i asked my mil aunty I also wearing malai she said day all the three members in our family go to market and purchased tulasi mala and four yellow sarees for me and mil and two yellow dothies for my day morning we take headbath and wear yellow sarees my mil applied vibuthi pattai on all fore heads that meants three long vibuthi stripes. Then go to vinayagar temple near my house and weared a malai.after coming to our house my mil said she and my hus mil said she and my hus planned to shave their heads in palani and she requsted me to give three cuts.i accepted and asked my mil aunty you have a long hair why to shave she replied venduthal. two days later my friend suba come to my house and she looked my getup and said enna samiyarini mathri ayita entha koviluku malai.i replied palani murugan temple and she said manjal selai vibuthi pattaila samiyarini mathri irruka appidiyae palanila mottai adichitina orginal samiyar ave mariruvae.i laughed and said naan mottai podala enga athai yum hus um motao poduranga she said neeyum mottai pottuka appathan mottai kudumbam nu solla midium my mil laughed pavam radhika avala vambu illukatha. After suba relive from our home that matter going on my mind and imagine abt my bald look it was interesting and I thinked abt en naamalum oru thadava mottai adika lunch table I asked my mil athai ennuku mottai potta nalla irrukuma my mil replied why u r asked that question mottai poda assaiya I replied illa atha summa than kettan neenga mottai poda poratha pathi nenaithu partheen appathan naanum mottai adicha enna nu thonuichu she said you r a young girl and u have a long hair athanala nee venanumnu sonnanen I replied parava illai athai samiku thana mudi a koodukirom and I also had a wish to shave my head .mil said ok your hair ur wish but inform to ur hus and parents.i said pls,thai neengale solli permission vangi thanga.she agreed.evening my hus retrun from office my mil said to my hus radhika um mottai poda assaipadura nee enna sollura hus asked enna didirunu aasai I replied neenga rendu perum mottai adikum pothu naan matum mudi oda irruntha nalla irrukathu.he smiled and said ok.after that mil called my parents in mobile and naanga ellurom malaai pottu irrukom kudumbathoda mudi irrakalumnu mudivu panni irrukom neenga permission kudutha radhika vum mudi irrakuva illaina poo mudi eduthu parents said if radhika wish she shave her head.i am very happy next day I go to suba house and asked neeium palaniku vaa enku company iku.she agreed and I did not said abt my tonsure.on that day me my hus and mil go to palani by walk suba joined with us in palani bus stand and she asked my mil aunty eppa mottai adika porenga apidiyae ivalukum mottai adichi vitingana nalla irrukum I said suba summa irru naan mottai poda maataen then we go to lodge and freshup.i said suba nee ingayae rest edu ivarum athaium mottai poda poranga naan kudappietu varen she said ok. I kept my tonsure matter surprisely for suba. we go to saravana poigai tonsure hall and we directly go to barber he said first purchase a ticket. My hus go to counter and bought three tokens and gave in our hands first my hus and mil sat before various barbers in a same time . That time I was nervous and butterfly fly in my heart. And I un braid my five mins they stand up with clead bald head my hus was diffeent look without hair and mistache .i rubbed my mil head and said mottai athai she replied innum angu nimasathula neeyum motta mandai agapora appurum enna.that time my said appurum pesikillam late aguthu so I gave token to one barber he asked mottaiya poo mudiya I replied with smile mottai barber smiled asked me to sat before him.i sat barber bent my head towards him and take a hand full of water and message in my head that time one lady come she braid my hair in to two knots then my head is totaly wet and water swatig on my face then he change the blade in knife she started shaving my two mins one knot fall in my lap after twomins another knot follows it.and he made my head.after that we go to room I was stayed before a door suba looked my mil and said aunty u r looking beautiful in bald and wr is radhika she said she is coming that time I entered in the room.suba saw me and got surprised hey neeum mottai pottutiya and rubbed my head for long time.we take bath my mil applied sandal paste on all bald heads it was so cool and I like it . And we wear yellow dress mil applied a vibuthi pattai on all fore heads including suba.i asked suba nee sona saamiyar look vandhuruicha she smiled and said me mottai we go to temple next day I go to my parents house I gave prasadam I mother very happy. and my elder sisters childrens coming and rub my head and said mottai aunty.from that suba always called me a day I inform my mil athai adutha varusamum mottai podalam,she accepted.and suba hus told their family inculding suba will shave their heads for next year suba smiled I also smiled with bald head.

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