Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vidya's Vow

It was a new experience. Here is the way it happenned. I went there with two of my friends & my cousin. We went to into the cottege first. Took some rest. My cousin thought it may take a long time (Even a day) in the queue for darshan. As one of my friends has reservation next day to hyd, We thought of doing soon. My cousin went out to get some snaks for us. We were a little nervous. It was alright till my cousin told us about the darshan. But as soon as we decided to do it soon, Face feelings were changed for all of us. So we were discussing on who does it first because of the nervousness. Finally my cousin came in. We had the snaks & went into the queue. When I was in the queue my cousin told me he also is going for headshave.

So we thought of seeing him first & then decide who does it first. It was just 1 hr in the queue. My cousin bought 4 tickets & we went into the hall. We saw one girl getting the shave. When we saw,the shave was almost at the end. That was the first time we saw a fresh bald girl. We all went to the same barber. There were two boys before us. While they were getting shaved we decided I should go after my cousin. First my cousin sat for the headshave. We all were watching him. The barber did wet his hair & shaved him in 2 minutes. He stood up & gave some money to him & told him it is for all of us. After him, Barber asked me if I & my friends are going for the tonsure. I said yes. As I was in plait, The barber asked my friend to go first becuase her hair was in a ponytail. So she sat first. She untied her pony tail & gave me the rubberband. The barber asked me & my friend to release the plaits. while releasing the plait, we saw my friend's shave. Barber did wet her hair for a minute. Then parted it into middle & made two knots on each side. My cousin gave him all the blades & the barber started the shave by keeping the razor on the back of my friend's head. He shaved her hair on the back first. It was fun to see my friend's scalp. Then he shaved the front side. Then the right side by bending the head towards left & then the left side. Then he saw some leftover hair near ears & neck. He then shaved it clean. He touched her head & did the whole shave again on her shaved head. It was done & she got up. She had a nervous smile & we felt her shaved head.

Then I sat before him. As I had knee length hair, My hair was lying on the floor. He changed his blade. He said I have very long & thick hair. He parted my hair in the middle & made it into two halfs. He said my hair is too thick & told me he will cut a liitle hair on the back first. He asked my friend to lift up a little portion of my hair on the back. Then he stood up & did cut the piece of hair my friend was holding. He then sat & did wet the hair a lot. He took a lot of time wetting my hair. He said he joined there recently & didn't shave this thick hair till now. He did part it again in the middle & made two knots on each side. He kept the knotted parts on my lap because they were touching the ground. He then bent my head & kept razor on the top & shaved it towards the neck. I just closed my eyes & was praying God. I started feeling a little sad but I convinced myself soon.

After a while, Barber asked me to bend my head towards left. He started shaving the right part of my head. After a while, I was asked to to bend the head towards left. After some time, he touched my head at various places & shaved it again. Then he said it was all done. I did open my eyes & all my hair was on my lap. The barber took it out of my lap & said again my hair was very beautiful & he said I will get hair on my head very soon. I just smiled & Thanked God for fulfilling my request. I then stood up & felt my head. It was different. My friends also felt my head. After that my other friend sat before the barber. He did wet her hair, parted it into middle & made it into two knots & did the shave in the same way as he did it for my other friend. After it is done she stood up & we all went to cottege. We took bathe. It was the first time I could finish my head bath fast. After the bath we made some fun of our new looks. After that we went for darshan. For some reason I was very very very happy when I was reaching the temple. I thanked God again & enjoyed his beautiful statue. The darshan was only for a minute. It was not sufficient. After the darshan we went back to cottege. We had dinner in a restaurant. We came back to cottege & slept. As there was no rush in the moring, We had darshan again next morning & left to tirupati. We had some fun time in tirupati at my friend's house. Had lunch there & went to railway station to give send off to my friends. They left to hyderabad & we came back.

Now I am in my grand parents village. Got used to the bald head & actually got a little hair on my head.

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