Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Prema's Haircut

  Prema was a lady with long hair till her butt. She had divorced her husband and lived with her only son who was just 3 years old. She was married at the age of 18 itself. So she was just 21 now. She went to office for working to raise her only child. During nights, she used to have sex with men who paid her money to earn more money for her son. She used to oil and braid her long hair and everyone in her office used to admire the long hair. In case she took a head bath ,she used to put a long ponytail. Her boss used to look at her daily and admired her. He used to think,"One night surely i will get her." It was friday evening and Prema had a lot of work in office. It was sweating a lot. So she put a bun and continued her work. Her boss saw her back and loved it. He could not resist it. He went and touched her back passionately. Prema stood up and wished him. He said,"I wanna talk with you privately tonight. Come to my home for dinner."She agreed and continued her work. That night she left her son in her friend's home. She understood what her boss meant. So she decided to wear a sexy saree she had. She put her braided hair in bun and went. Her boss took her to a five-star hotel in which he had already booked a room. Prema and him had dinner together at a restaurant in that hotel. That time she said about her hardships. Her boss said,"I will help you out in everything but you must be my illegal wife. Is that ok? You can have sex with whoever you want but must satisfy me whenever i want. Is that ok?" Prema was surprised but she agreed. Then they went to the room. Prema removed her saree and was removing her bra. Her boss said,"Prema one more thing. I love your long hair and i wanna shave it." Prema was shocked. She said,"But sir i have always had this long hair. Please don't do that." Her boss said,"Its ok. Now its time for a change. Your beauty is hidden by your hair. I realised it when i saw your back when you put bun. Do this and i will keep you happy." Prema agreed reluctantly. Her boss then took a shaving kit from his bag. Prema started crying. He assured her it will be fine. She then removed her bun and unbraided her hair. It touched her butt. She then removed her bra and panty and became nude. Her boss asked her to sit on a chair. She sat down. He combed her hair and oiled it heavily till it dripped. He then put a long braid slowly. She saw her hair once more. Then he took the scissors and snip snip snip. Her braid was on the floor. The lady who had butt length hair now had neck length hair. He took the braid and sniffed it. He said,"Wow,it smells great." He then took the clippers. He said,"Are you ready dear?" She nodded her head. He ran the clippers on the middle of her head. Her hair was raised to a stubble in middle. Then slowly,enjoying her beauty,he finished off her head. Now she had only 1/2 an inch hair. He said,"Now lets enjoy sex and shave you cleanly." She got up with no hair to hide her butt in back and boobs in front. He squeezed her boobs hard till she shouted in pain and sucked it. He then,removed his dress. He bit her butt. She grabbed his penis and sucked. Both were enjoying. He then wanted to shave her clean. He made her sit on his lap. He took shaving cream and applied on her head and with a brush spread it over her head. He then took a razor. Slowly he cleaned up her head. She looked as bald as a cue ball. She went and looked in mirror. She couldn't recognize herself. There was a strange lady looking at her. He grabbed her and applied shaving cream on her eyebrows. She said she didn't want to shave eyebrows. But no use. He already shaved half of her left eyebrow. He finished shaving both the eyebrows. He said,"Wow! You look great."He then licked the place where she had eyebrows. She was crying a lot. Now even her child wouldn't recognize her. He then shagged on her head. She touched it and licked it. Then he took her to the bed and had sex till she shouted in pain. Then he asked her to go and will call her whenever he wanted and will give money to her every month. She wore her dress and looked in mirror. It was not Prema. Some bald girl without eyebrows,wearing a saree,looked at her. She left the place and went to her friend's house. She took her fallen braid in her handbag. Her friend couldn't recognize her till she showed her braid. Then her child didn't play with her and was afraid of her. She gave him the braid to play and took him home.

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