Saturday, 29 June 2013

Next Summer mottai

Sherya is a female barbar.she owns a barbar shop in chennai.she is a 
talented person in she became famous and well known 
barbar in 1year in the she had so many regular 
includes many men and children.some women came to her shop to have 
trim their hair.but few women only had haircuts.but they are middle 
aged women.sherya is a fair girl.her shiny black hair will attract 
anyone.her hair was thick and reaches her duty time 
she tie her hair in a high ponytail or in a tight bun on the back side 
of her day she was about to close her shop.she saw a young 
girl coming towards her shop.she entered the barbar shop.she was 
wearing white color shirt and blackpant.sherya got admired at her 
waist length straight black hair which is tied in a ponytail.sherya 
welcomed her.the young girl said that her name is keerthi and 
asked"ippa enaku haircut panni veengla,madam?",sherya said 
"sure.chairla utkaarunga enna madamnu koopdathing,sherya nu 
koopudalmay..keerthi" keerthi smiled at sherya and sat in the chair. 
Sherya said "ok,eppadi mudi vettanum?".keerthi said that she had 
heavy work load,she can't take care of her keerthi said" 
mudiya shorta vettunga, mottai adichudathinga,sherya!" sherya fixes a 
perfect haircut for keerthi.she put a cape around keerthi's 
neck.sherya took off the hairband and left keerthi's hair open.sherya 
took the comb and brushed keerthi's hair.she starts the haircut from 
shoulder level.huge piles of black hair falls on the floor.keerthi's 
hair rains on the cape and the floor. Sherya give her a shoulder 
length bob suits keerthi perfectly.but keerthi want to go more 
shorter.again the hair rain starts.sherya gave her a pixie 
looks beautiful on her.keerthi said"sherya ,ithu supera iruku.aana 
enaku mottai adicha nalla irukuma?"sherya said"sure,keerthi.mottai 
adichudava..!?" keerthi said"no,sherya ippa venam,next yearkulla en 
mudi nalla valanthudum, appa summer holidayla mottai adichika varen" 
sherya said"naanum mottai adichukaren,keerthi.naan un thalaiya mottai 
adikaren,nee en thalaiya mottai adichiru..!naan wait panren,next year 
summerla inga rendu ponnung mudi irrakuranga..! Ok" keerthi became 
excited on hearing this.then they notes their phone number.keerthi 
left the shop.sherya cleaned the floor and closed her shop and went to 
home happily.her mind was thinking about next year summer.

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