Saturday, 29 June 2013

best friends

Geetha is a 21 year old young girl from madurai.she is a beauiful 
girl.the most attractive feature of geetha is her knee length shiny 
black was thick and soft.she judge people's charactors 
quickly,easily and correctly.she studied well and got high marks in +2 
public exam.she got B.E seat at anna university.then she came to 
chennai with her family. 
she got so many friends in of her friends is 
sahana.she is also a beautiful girl.she has waist length hair,but not 
thick as geetha's hair.sahana and geetha became best 
semester exams were going start.sahana told geetha to stay with her in 
her house for group study.sahana's parents went to trichi for a 
week.geetha and sahana stayed alone in the house . house 
maid kanimozhi came to house for cooking and other day 
sahana and geetha were in group study.sahana said"ur hair looks 
beautiful" geetha thanked her and said"ur hair also looks 
beautiful."sahana said"yes,but ur hair is longer than my hair." 
sahana has a strong desire to 
shave women's longhair.she thought about even shaving her own hair. 
But she didn't get the courage to do it.geetha already knows about 
sahana's hairfetishness,after they became friends.but geetha didn't 
speak to her about this.she want to gave a chance to sahana to fulfil 
her desire.geetha felt this is the time to give her a chance.geetha 
said"yes,my hair is longer than yours,but i don't want to look 
different from u," sahana was puzzled.geetha said "cut my hair to 
equal ur hair length"sahana was surprised but she hesitated for a 
while.geetha encouraged her"it's just hair,it will grow again,i will 
do anything for u!"she took a pair of scissors and a comb and led 
sahana to bathroom.she put a chair in the middle of the 
bathroom.geetha sat on the chair and gave the scissors to 
sahana.geetha put her hair in a huge bun at the back of her 
head.sahana opened the bun.her hair fell like a black almost 
reaches the floor.sahana told geetha"geetha,i can cut ur hair,only if 
u stand up.ur hair almost touches the floor.geetha smiled and get up 
from the chair.sahana combed her hair and put a rubber band into a 
ponytail at her waist length. She cut off the geetha and 
sahana has same length hair.geetha said" sahana,nee nalla haircut 
pannura!," sahana laughed.geetha asked her"sahana,do u want to shave 
my head?"sahana was puzzled .geetha said" i know about my best 
friend.u had a strong desire to shave women's longhair.but u didn't 
get a chance.and u felt a bit shy to shave ur own head.i had prepared 
some surprise gifts for u!" geetha closed sahana's eyes with her hands 
and led her to the gardenl.geetha take off her hands from sahana's 
eyes.sahana open her eyes .she saw a chair and her house maid kani 
standing with a box in her hand. 
sahana asked geetha what kani is doing here here.geetha 
said"we are going to make ur dreams true".sahana looked with a 
confusion.geetha said".u can shave my longhair and kani's 
longhair.first i decide to let u shave my head only,but i though it's 
won't be enough to fulfil ur desire,so i convinced kani for 
headshave."kani had butt length hair.sahana felt so nervous and 
happy.geetha encouraged her a lot.first kani sat in the chair to shave 
her longhair.geetha tied kani's hair into a ponytail.sahana cut the 
ponytail off.geetha wets kani's sahana took a straight razor 
and shave kani's head.longhair falls on the her lap and 1 
mins kani was totally bald.she stood up and whip out the hair from her it's geetha's turn.geetha sat in the chair and said"shave my 
head as u wish"sahana smiled and she took the scissors and starts to 
cut geetha's longhair from her forehead.and she cuts geetha's hair 
close to her scalp.the chair was surrounded by huge piles of kani and 
geetha's longhair.sahana wets geetha's head.and shave her head 
totally bald.geetha stood up and smiled at sahana. sahana 
said"geetha,enaku mottai adika readya?"geetha was stunned.sahana 
said"i don't want to look different from my best friend.shave my head 
please."geetha felt so happy.sahana sat on the chair.the chair was 
surrounded by mounts of hair.geetha called kani to shave sahana's 
head.geetha put two ponytails with sahana's hair in left and 
rightside.kani and geetha took scissors in their hand and cut those 
ponytails off her head.geetha wets sahana's head and starts shave her 
remaining hair. now sahana was half no time sahana 
was totally bald.geetha,sahana and kani looks more beautiful without 
their longhair. Geetha and kani bring a huge cake ,and greeted 
her"HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR MOTTAI SAHANA" and asks sahana "how is my 
birthday gift for u..!" sahana had forgot her birthday.but she will 
never forgot this birthday.they pastes the cake on other's bald 
head.sahana felt so happy that she had got the best friend in the 

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