Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Family Head shave

My dad had died when i was 9 and from then me and my mom lived together. I had a close friend named Jai whose dad divorced his mom when he was just 5. We both are now 18. My mom is 39 years old and his mom is just 37 years old. Our moms decided to marry us both and be as close as ever. My mom had waist-length hair and his mom had butt-length hair. Both were traditional. So they made me also have long hair till waist. We mostly used to braid it. Once Jai met with an accident and was almost dying. He was admitted in ICU. His mom was crying and my mom was consoling her. Then they both decided to visit the lord of tirupathi and offer their prayers to the lord. That night itself we went there but darshan was on next day only. We were spending our night in a hotel. Both the moms were always talking about their hair. I wondered why. Then i slept. My mom woke me up at morning 5 o'clock itself. When I woke up, I saw both the moms having their long hair wet and loose. They had taken head bath just then. My mom told me to take head bath also and get ready. I could not understand. I asked, “Why head bath mom?" My mom said not to ask questions and do it. I did it. Then they both wore same yellow colored saree. I wore my favorite black colored chudidar. We all then braided our hair loosely. I, then, asked mom," Mom you are hiding something from me. What is it?" Mom replied," Sorry dear. We three are going to give all our hair to the lord as offering to save Jai." I was stunned and shocked. I was called hair beauty in college because of my long hair. So I said I wont. But mom said," Its for your lover dear. Your future husband." Then i agreed. His mom bought the tickets for head shave. As we went early, we were the first ones there. The barber asked who would shave first. My mom went and sat down. She unloosened the braid. The barber poured water on her head and started massaging her roots. Then he put two buns,one on each side. My mom looked like a small child except for a few grey hairs. Then,the barber inserted the blade. He touched the hair with the razor. A bald patch was revealed on mom's head. Few strands of hair fell on mom's lap. Slowly,he shaved mom. He finally removed the sideburns and mom was completely bald. She touched her head and smiled. Then it was Jai's mom. She was crying throughout the shave. After it was over,she came and hugged my mom. My mom showed her head and consoled her. Then it was my turn. I started to fear a lot. I had already loosened my hair. My mom was smiling at me. I sat down and gave the new blade to barber. He gave a wicked smile. Then he massaged me as he did my mom. He gave his first stroke. Hair fell on my lap. I could feel cool breeze touching my scalp. Then,i controlled myself saying it was just for my future husband. Then he gave more strokes. Slowly all my hair was shaved. I got up as all the hairs tumbled from my lap. Then the sweeper came to sweep. When all our hair was gathered,i could see how much we all gave totally. After that,Jai got cured. Then we got married in three years. That time my hair grew back to mid-back length. We started our married life.

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