Monday, 15 July 2013

house wife head shave at Temple

Surya working in a pvt concern, and he recently married Chandrika. Both of them working in different companies. She is from kerala both of them loved each other before their marriage, but both the family is not accept their love. One fine day they got married without informing their parents and they settled in Chennai. Obviously kerala girls have long hair, so Chandrika have waist length hair. She maintains her with lot of care. Surya also loves her long hair. He also bought lot of natural oils and samphoo’s for her hair. 

One day Surya met with accident, and he admitted in hospital. Chandrika cried like anything, because she loves Surya very much. Both the families didn not consider Surya’s condition. But Surya’s friends and office collegues  helped lot. Then he got cured. He was discharged from hospital. But he is in bed rest for next 3 months as per doctor’s advice. So Chandrika’s salary is only the family's income for past 5 months. She prepared food everyday for Surya and she went to office. Weekend whole day she spends with Surya.
But this Sunday Chandrika starts for office. Surya got surprised, and he is asking where she is going. She said, in her office audit is going on so this Sunday she need to work.  Also she said she will be back on lunch. Then Surya said ok. She also left from house. And 2 pm, Chandrika came, she covered her head with hand kerchief. First Surya is not considering this dressing. After some time he look little different with Chandrika’s face, so he ask Chandrika to remove her saree in her head. She also removed, Surya got shocked, because Chandrika sporting clean shaven head, her long hair is gone. Then Chandrika said this a vow, when Surya met accident she prayed to vadapalani muruga temple for her headshave if he cured. So that she went and tonsure her head. Surya asking why you are not informing me for your tonsure before. She said if I informed this you will not allow me to tonsure, so that I am not informing you. Surya huged Chandrika and cried, Chandrika convince her hubby. But Surya said, you had a waistlegth hair,  you loves very much, every women loves their long hair, but you shaved your head because of me. She said this is not a big thing. Anyway after some time hair will grow but in my point my husband is important compare to my hair. After this incident both of them love life more colourful.

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