Friday, 12 July 2013

Ranjani long hair cut story

Ranjani have long and straight hair, it’s up to her thigh. But she will cut her hair short today. She is not interested to cut her hair. But her situation she need to cut short, she don’t have any option. And she is waiting in the parlor for her haircut. And she is keeping on touch her long hair with nervous mind. Her friend mithra is sitting along with her and she is convincing Ranjani, but she cried all the way. Other girls also watch her tearful eyes and longhair.

Roopa is staying in hostel and she is working in pvt company. She is having gorgeous curly hair. She asks her roommate to cut her long hair upto her neck. Her roommate Banu shocked her decision, and she is asking the reason for her haircut. But she is not said anything, she said pls cut my hair, I will said the reason after sometime. Banu got confused her decision. So she asks once again to Roopa, is you kidding or really want to cut your hair? Roopa said really I want to cut my hair, so pls  cut my hair upto my neck, and she gave the scissor. She sat infront of the mirror. Banu confused and get the scissor from Roopa, and she comb Roopa’s hair properly, then she put the scissor in her neck and she starts cut her long hair. By the time Roopa starts crying. But her long hair is gone. She is now bob haircut.
Beautician called Ranjani for haircut, both of them went inside the room, and Ranjani sit the chair, her friend mithra inform to the beautician for her haircut. Beautician asks what kind of haircut she needs, her friend mithra said boycut. Then the beautician cover her body with white cloth, and she pour water in her long hair. Then she comb her long hair properly. She took the scissor and starts cutting Gomath’s hair. Her long hair is gone she is in bob haircut. Then she put machine cut in her head, cut it short. All of her hair is gone within 5 mins. She is in boycut. Ranjani watch her new look and cried again. Then both of them leave the place. Ranjani’s friend mithra is asking why you cut your hair short? What is the reason behind it.
Ranjani telling her haircut reason to her friend mithra. Ranjani and Roopa are working in same company they are in the same department. In their department other 3 girls are their, they put bet with Ranjani and Roopa, the bet is if Ranjani got promotion they will cut their hair short, if in their group if anybody got promotion Ranjani need to cut her hair short crop and Roopa need to cut her hair bob style. All of them agreed this bet, because Ranjani is the top performer so she thought she will surely get the promotion, but due to some problem Ranjani is not get the promotion. The other girl got the promotion. So that both of them done their haircut.
Next day Ranjani and Roopa reached their office with new look, the other girls are laughing and ragging both. They are not cried by the time, both of them smiled and said, we are now got new life because of your team, otherwise we both maintains longhair. But after our haircut only we realize our beauty. So thanks for your bet. All of them shocked and they don’t have any words.  After this incident, Ranjani and Roopa cut their hair frequently. They maintain boy and bobcut.

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