Monday, 15 July 2013

Nandhini's hair Tonsure at Tirupati temple

Nandhini has butt length hair. She maintains very well due to her Father and Mother completion, but she is not interested to maintain such a longhair. So every time she asks her Father and Mother for her haircut, but they won’t allow. And they said after your marriage you can cut your hair with your husband permission. Otherwise don’t cut your hair. So she is waiting for her marriage. She got married after 7 months. After her marriage she settled in UK.  Nandhini asks her husband sreethar for her haircut, he said pls don’t cut your hair, because I very much like your longhair, that why I marry you. Again she fails her wish. But frequently she is asking her haircut, but her husband sreethar is not allowed. Also he said if you cut your hair without my permission, pls stay with your Father and Mother don’t come back to me.
After her long waiting dream is come, because her husband sreethar asking her birthday gift, she asking for her haircut, so he don’t have choice. Finally he accepts her haircut, but he said don’t cut short pls maintain midback, but she said no way it’s already boring to maintain longhair so I want to cut my hair shoulder length. After her convince he accept for her bobcut.  Nandhini informed to her Father and Mother for her haircut. They said if your husband sreethar accepts we are ok for that. Then her husband sreethar spoke Nandhini’s Father and Mother.  Before her birthday she went to parlour with her husband sreethar and she came back with bobcut. She is very happy with her new look.  Some of her neighbour’s also Indians so they are surpised her look and they praised her haircut. Then she maintains her hair bob style only after this. 
After 1 year her husband sreethar and Nandhini came to india to meet their families. They also surprised her look. But her mother in law said, about their tirupathi visit, because some vow is pending. So after a week everybody went to tirupathi, on the way her husband sreethar inform to Nandhini for tonsure her head, she got shocked, and she said she don’t want to shave her head, but he said this is my mother’s decision, because of your headshave only we came to india and tirupathi, She shocked again and asking why you are not inform me before this, he said if I inform about your headshave you will not coming to india, that’s why I inform now. After this she spoke to her Father and Mother for tonsure, they said we can’t convince your mother in law so pls shave your head and complete the vow. She is crying like anything all these things watching her mother in law, but she is not considering anything. 
Finally they went to kalyanakatta, her husband sreethar bought 2 tokens for headshave, then they went to stand in the queue, she is nervous about her tonsure, but she don’t have choice, her husband sreethar said, this is the situation I’m there before your birthday, because you are asking permission for your haircut, I don’t have choice, if you are not cut your hair that time I will convince my mother, and just a little cut for your long hair, but when you bobbed your hair my mother got angry so she informed your tonsure. Then only Nandhini feels badly, her haircut going to enemy. By the time her husband sreethar finish his tonsure, and he said pls wet your hair, then she wet her hair and sat in front the barber, he also pour some water and massage her hair, and he trying to put knot but he couldn’t  due to her short hair. Then he inserts half blade in the knife and started shaving her middle of the head. She started crying, but no one is stop her tonsure, because she already half bald, another 2 mins she completely bald.  Then she came to her husband sreethar with bald head, he touch her bald head and said you are beautiful with this bald head, if you want please maintain this look. She got angry and said no way this is the 1st and last I shaved my head, now onwards I will maintain my hair like boy cut. After her tonsure everybody of her family members touch her bald and comment about her look. So she got irritated. Her husband sreethar applied sandal in her bald head. 
After 2 days they went to UK again, her neighbor are shocked her bald look. She said this is a vow, that’s why I shave my head, they appreciate her bold decision.

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