Friday, 12 July 2013

Story of a beautiful long hair girl from India

 just entered into the line along with my cousin sister who's behind me.I'm eagerly waiting for my turn to get the token at the token counter. Its really a thrilling experience for me to wait in that line. She is a chatter box n she is keep on talking n asking me so many questions. But all my mind is observing the 28 years old lady and I'm keenly observing her who is coming out of the cottage with a big smile on her face...... The most attractive thing in her that attracted me is her Head.Jus an hour I just saw her beside my room by brushing her lustrous long butt length hair.She is really gorgeous with such thick pride on her head. When I saw her she was combing her hair with the comb [as it was the last time to see such wonderful present on her head]. Her hair was a big asset for her n it makes her much more beautiful than ever. But those beautiful hairs are not on her head now. Even though she is looking damn beautiful than before. Her beautiful head with full of hairs are now shining due to the rays of the sun falling on her bald GUNDU. [She was thinking n saying to herself that "WOW what a wonderful GUNDU.This is the sight every HEADSHAVE fetisher wants to see n njy :) :)]. As she was observing her very keenly n njying the bald look of that lady the touch of her cousin made Banu tremble n she came to this world from her wonderful fetish world :P

Hey sorry buddies till now I didnt say about me right. I'm Banu n my sweet nickname is Saru which is used to call by my sweet frnds n my family members. I jus completed my MBA.U know where I'm now?? Yes ur guess is right. I'm in Mini Kalyanakatta in Tirumala waiting in the line for the token with my long thick jet black hair tied in a loose knot at the back. Total of 4 ladies.Me(Saru), Sumathra(my cousin sis), My mom n my aunty. Sumathra completed her Intermediate n she is very good at studies n she got good rank n she s ready to join in an Reputed engineering college. In the queue, my mom n dad n after them I'm there n then Sumathra n aunty n uncle. 

Till now I gave intro about me n Sumathra, now I would like to say about the beautiful hairs on our heads n our hairstyles. First will let u know about my cousin sister Sumathra. Sumathra, she is a lil bit modern girl from her childhood n she love to wear jeans n tees. She love long hairs but she is not good at maintinaing such beautiful long hairs,so she used to maintain a short style that will suits her very well. Now she is having "FEATHER CUT" (most girls like to have it). When ever some one asks her about her marks in studies she used to say that due to spending less time on hair nly I'm able to concentrate on my studies very well :) :). Even though her hairs are short but they are very thick n jet black in color. The best style that makes her lovely face more lovable.

So as I said Sumathra is modern so dont think me as a Village girl. In Saru's opinion Hairs are the main attraction of every women n she believe it a lot. She is having long hairs reaching below waist n they are like NIAGARA waterfalls flowing from the top of the head towards her wonderful back. Her hairs are weavy ( at the roots it's straight n at the bottom they are lil bit curly) which makes look her hair more beautiful n attractive. She doesn't like to go for short haircuts n she used to give her hair a small trim at the ends. She maintained her hair very well with full nourishment.

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