Monday, 15 July 2013

Bindu and Sindhu's long hair head shave story

Bindu and Sindhu both are sisters. Bindu is elder than Sindhu 8 years. Bindu got married 3 years back. Before her marriage she had a gorgeous long hair but Sindhu had a shoulder length hair. So Bindu teased Sindhu with her long hair. But Sindhu is not worry about this because she don't want grow long hair. After Bindu's marriage Sindhu became a matured girl so she won't cut her hair. She grow her hair long. Now she had a knee length hair. But Bindu cut her hair mid back. Sindhu asking about her haircut she said it's difficult to maintain such a long hair and take care of her child and the entire family that's why she cut it. So this is time for Sindhu to tease Bindu. She said now my hair is long compare to yours. However you had a long hair sometime back but now mine is longer than yours, what you say? Bindu smiled and said Abi, I accept your statement. I want you to watch your long hair. So please don't cut any situation. Then both are hugged each other. 

After a year again Bindu grow her hair long unto her hip length. This time again Sindhu asking now why you grow your hair, you said it's difficult maintains such a long hair? She replied, correct, but next week I will shave my head at tirupathi. that's why I didn't cut my hair for the last 1 year. Sindhu got shocked and said what you are saying, are you gonna bald next week? Bindu replied with smile "yes". Her parents also said the something. She already informed about this last week, initially we shocked but this is a vow so we don't say anything. Bindu is worry about her sister's head-shave. And she is asking anybody in your family is forcing you to shave your head? Bindu said "No" actually my mother in law ask me to shave my head, I also accepted, because she had a vow. Also in family nobody shaven their head except me. Because this is a long time vow for my Mother in law. So I don't want to deny her request. Also I eager to shave my head, it's boring for long hair, so I want to bald for sometime. Then Sindhu said can I come with you to Tirupathi? She said ok.

Then next week all of the family members and Sindhu also traveled to Tirupathi. They reached at 9 AM. They had darshan at 3pm. So her mother in law said abi please go complete your tonsure and comeback, by the time we are getting ready. Sindhu said aunty I am also going with my sister. Her mother in law said ok. Then both of the went to kalyanakatta, and she bought a tonsure token. And both of them standing in the Que. Sindhu said abi I want to cut my hair here. Bindu surprised with Sindhu's decision, and she asked why? she said you giving your all of your hair, so I want to given my hair some part with your company. She said ok.  First Bindu sat in front of barber and said please cut my half of my hair. Barber also cut her hair equally her half of her hair. Her knee length hair is gone, now she is with mid back hair. She looks her haircut and smiled. Then Bindu's turn, she also sat, and given the tonsure token to barber, then the barber pour the water in her head, and massaged her, her entire hair is now wet. Then he put two knots. And he insert the half new blade in the knife, and he put the knife in the middle of her head and shave the part of her head, her bald plaite is coming. Sindhu is watching her sister's headshave first time. Another 2-3mins Bindu is completely bald. Sindhu touches Bindu's head and said nice look sister you are beautiful with this look. Bindu smiled. Then both of them left the place and reach the cottage. Her family members are happy. Also they appreciates Sindhu's haircut. Again Sindhu said this time also my hair is longer than your hair. Bindu said yes, but at present I don't have hair. I am hairless lady.

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