Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hair Experience

I am Shiva kumar from Andhra Pradesh. I am doing btech final year now. This is my real story happened in my life.
We are four in my family. Mom, dad, my bro n me are living together now. In my childhood I lived in my village with all my family members. Our family is very big. My father’s brother (babai) and sister (mother in law for me) lived with us with their families. My mothers in law have one daughter and my father’s brother have two daughters. Babai’s wife (pinni) is beautiful and good looking and she has waist length black silky smooth hair and my aunt has butt length silky hair. Aunt’s daughter has butt length hair and they maintained their hair very well.
From my childhood I am a hair fetish and I always dreamed of cutting and shaving women long hair. I used to watch movies which have haircuts and head shave. I dreamed of shaving the women in my home too.
Once I saw my mom and our neighbor aunt trimmed each other hair. My mom has hip length smooth hair. She braids her hair when she goes out and she makes a bun of her hair when she is at home or leaves her hair freely. Aunt have mid length curly hair and she always remains in loose hair. 1st my mom opened her hair bun and sat in front of aunt. She combed my mom’s hair neatly and took scissor. I was a kid around 13 years so they did not bother about my presence. I was watching the haircut seriously. Aunt took scissor into her hand and placed the scissor on my mom’s hair and started cutting SCCRUCH SCCRUCH… aunt had cut about 1 inch of my mom hair. The hair that was cut was lying on the news paper. Aunt asked if my mom wanted to shorten her hair more. Mom doesn’t want to decrease the length and said this length is good for me. I think aunt was jealous of my mom’s hip length hair. She forced my mom to cut her hair till shoulders or mid back. She said mid back length haircut is perfect for my mom and shoulder length hair would also look good for my mom. My mom refused to cut her hair short. But aunt forced my mom to cut her hair up to mid back. Mom said another 4 inches is ok and not more than that. Aunt combed my mom hair again. I was excited to see my mom losing another 4 inches of her hair. Aunt took scissor and kept the scissor 5 to 6 inches above the hair length, almost above the waist and started cutting SCCRUCH SCCRUCH SCCRUCH… Big amount of hair is lying on the ground. My mom’s beautiful hip length hair has been reduced to almost above the waist. Mom was not satisfied with that hair length but aunt was praising mom’s hairstyle. I thought if aunt would force my mom to shorten her hair to shoulder length, so that I could watch a big haircut again. After that, aunt sat in front of mom. Aunt’s hair is curly and wavy. But she maintained her hair well. Mom combed aunt’s hair but the hair is still curly that my mom could not be able to cut, so mom brought some water and applied water at the end of the hair and combed her hair again. She took scissor and asked aunt for the length to cut. She said 2 inches and mom started cutting her curly hair. Her hair is curly and seems soft to touch. After this session they discussed a lot about haircuts and head shave too. My mom said she had shaved her waist length hair in tirupathi when she was in teens and she maintained short hair up to her marriage. My mom had a vow of offering her hair in tirupathi after the marriage. Aunt had also shaved her head when she was young. She showed her bald photos to mom. Aunt said she had vow of offering her hair in tirupati. She will offer her hair in the coming month. I remembered this and waited for the next month. After a month aunt and her husband went to tirupati as planned. I was waiting for their return. After 4 days they returned and I was very excited to see aunt in bald head. She is bald now; she had lost her beautiful curly hair. I felt jealous of the barber who shaved her. She looked beautiful in bald look too. At present she has waist length curly hair. 
When I was 15 years old, one day all my family members went to some function. Pinni and I were alone in home. She cooked food for us to eat and after lunch she fell asleep on the couch itself. I just reached home for lunch and entered into the hall and I called her for serving me the food but she was in deep sleep. I ignored it and served my food and after lunch I switched on the TV and sat near to her. She took head bath that day and left her hair free on the couch. I observed her free hair and thought of touching it. I wanted to confirm if she was in deep sleep and called her again but she was not responding. Then I reached her and caught some hair in my hand, I felt her smooth long hair with my hands and I smelled her hair for some time. I almost touched every strand of her hair. The hair is little wavy. After playing for some time I thought of playing with the hair using the scissor and brought the scissor from papa’s shaving kit, I put the scissor in her hair and playing as if I am cutting her hair. I kept the scissor in different places of her head mostly near the ear. The hair play was awesome as her hair is still wet and scissor was tending to cut her hair. After few minutes I couldn’t control myself and decided to cut her hair. I selected a lock which was 1/2 inch thick and I separated the lock from the hair. The lock was very long, around 12 to 15 inches from the neck. I placed the scissor in the hair lock near the neck and slowly closed the scissor, SCCRUCH … and the big lock is in my hand. I was shocked to see that and got very excited. I was not satisfied with a single lock, then I chose another two locks of same size and cut it in the same way I did before. I kept the three locks of hair together and observed that it was a big chunk of hair that I have cut. I took that hair and kept in a safe place so that no one can see it. But after two hours when my pinni got up she rubbed all her hair together and tried to make a bun, she observed that someone has cut her hair and shouted with a big voice. I was in bed room and ran to her; she asked me who has cut her hair. I said I did not cut your hair but she concluded that I am the one who had cut her hair because no one was home and the door was locked. She asked me “why did u cut my hair" but I did not reply and stood like a statue. She scolded me very much and asked me to show her cut hair. I went into the bed room and showed her the hair locks. She became nervous by seeing her hair locks in my hand. She asked me again for the reason why I had cut her hair then I explained my fetish to her and I pleaded her not to tell this incident to anyone. She said ok and took the hair locks with her. After that incident I played with her hair many times with her permission but did not try to cut it. In those days I always dreamed of cutting her braid forcibly and shaving her long hair with a straight razor.
Now I am doing my btech and living away from my village. Recently I have gone for a vacation to my mother in law’s home. One day my sister in law decided to reduce her hair length. She had butt length silky hair. The makeover was planned in the home itself. My aunt has arranged a stool and news papers in the bedroom. Sis in law sat on the stool in front of the dressing table. She chose the length to be short up to the mid back. My aunt combed her hair very well. I was watching her makeover. Aunt combed her hair and tied a band at the centre of the hair length. She tool scissor into her right hand and caught the hair near the band with left hand. I was watching it eagerly and my aunt started to cut the hair …SCCRUCH SCCRUCH SCCRUCH and the hair is being parted from my sis in law. I took the long cut hair into my hand which was tied with the band tightly in the upper corner. I was playing with that long hair and my aunt trimmed sis in law’s hair neatly. Sis in law was very excited with her new look and was very happy with the look. Meanwhile my aunt loosed her neatly braided butt length hair and sat on the stool. I was shocked to see my aunt sitting on the stool if she is also ready for a big makeover and asked her what hairstyle she chose. She answered she want just a trim. I suggested her few hairstyles but she is not ready for that makeover. My sis in law was combing her hair and I was watching her hair. She combed it perfectly and asked my aunt about the length to cut. I replied cut up to the shoulder. my aunt smiled and told her daughter to cut not more than 2 inches. She followed it and cut 2 inches of her hair neatly. After that she cleaned the room and kept the long hair of sister in law in a cover and placed it in that room itself. It was my sister in law’s room. As I was the guest my sis in law has shifted to my aunt’s room for few days. That night after the dinner I went into the room and locked the room. After 2 hours of study for my exam, I suddenly remembered the haircut in the morning and thought of playing with my sis in law’s hair. I brought the cover out and opened the cover. I removed the long hair out of the cover and played with that long smooth hair using the scissor and water. I wanted to cut her hair but did not ask her before the haircut. But I have her longhair in my hand. But if I cut it now I will be caught, then I decided to part few tresses from the long hair. I parted few tresses and had cut those tresses into many pieces. I enjoyed a lot cutting my sis in law’s hair and playing with her hair. I have spent 12 days in their home and I played with her hair daily. I dreamed of shaving her even in exam also. It was a great hair experience for me. 
My dream is to shave my aunt, pinni and sister in law hair. I hope it will be fulfilled some day. 

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