Friday, 12 July 2013

hair cut story - boycut

Subathra is doing her 12th std, she had a boy-cut hairstyle, every 2 months once she will cut her at parlor, because, she don’t want to grow her hair long. After her examinations she went to her native. There seen a neighbor girl she is also Subathra’s age, her name is Geetha. Both of them got introduced in temple, she had a waist length hair. Subathra like her hair very much.

Everyday they met and talking about lot of things, and most of the times she talks about Geetha’s hair. She said 3 years back she also had the same kind of hairstyle, but past 3 years she haven't cut her hair. That’s why she had a waist length hair. But every two months she trim her hair little, but no haircut. After her longhair, Subathra impressed with longhair. So she want to grow like this. And she said to Geetha, after 2 years I will come here with same kind of longhair. Geetha also appreciate her words. After her commitment with Geetha, Subathra won’t cut her hair, her parents also surprised about her decision and accept.
What she said to Geetha, Subathra did it in after her 2nd college, She grow her hair up to her waist. And her hair also very shining and long she is look like an angel. But everything going wrong to  Subathra. Because she bought a new scooty, and she went to college in her new vehicle, when come back to house, she met with a accident, one car hit Subathra, and she got severe head injury, the car driver and public took away and admitted in the hospital, also they informed to their parents, after one week she cured little bit. But her head is shaved completely due to operation, she don’t about her head shave. Because she is in coma stage for the past  1 week. Once she got normal position, only she realized her head got shaved due to the injury. She crying like anything, but her parents convice Subathra, but she is not convince. After 2 weeks she came to house, stitching also removed from her head, she back normal. She seen her face in mirror she cried a lot, but she covered her bald head. Her parents said pls wear any wig or something, but she is not accepted, after one week her college examinations also started. So she studied for exams, and she wrote her exams normally.
Then parents wants Subathra to take up to her native, but she is not accept, due to her commitment with geetha, but they are forced to send Subathra. She went her native, and she met geetha. She got shocked her bald look, and she discussed about her headshave, she informed everything and she shown her longhair photos to geetha. Geetha said don’t worry anyway you will grow your hair like this, but Subathra replied, I don’t want to grow longhair anymore, I will maintain my hair like boy-cut style only. Because I don’t have any luck for longhair. But Geetha explaining everything, Subathra is not accept. So geetha said OK what ever you want do, because this is your face and hair so decision is up to you. After this incident Subathra is not grow her long, she maintain her boy-cut style. She went back to her old hairstyle

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