Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I would like to share my head shaving experience in tirumala on jan22.My mom had a vow to lord balaji. When I fell severely sick due to cerebral malaria last october that she will get my head tonsured in tirupathi. I had no idea of the vow until late december when she revealed me of the vow. I was shocked for a moment and taken back. My mom made me cool and convinced me of the situation. I had no option other than saying 'ok'. Finally we all (me, mom, dad, my brother and his wife)started to tirupathi on 20jan.we got our sudarshanam tokens in advance at our home place for 22jan 2pm.we reached tirumala on 21stmorning.we got get accommodation at ram bhageecha guest houseno.2. I was very anxious and nervous from the moment I stepped in tirumala. I asked my mom to rethink and if she had any alternative to her vow.  She said it is for my betterment and that if I don't fulfill my vow I would fall sick again.
My bhabi tried to console me saying that my hair will grow soon and there is nothing to worry as you are going to give hair to the Lord Balaji. I was imagining so many things as to how to face my friends in my college or people on road. I from my previous observations noted that people look strangely at gals who are tonsured. But I had no chance other than getting tonsured.
We all took rest for sometime and my dad and brother told us to get ready to go to mini kalyana katta by 11am. My nervousness started increasing. As per the advice given by many friends from the orkut I shampooed my hair for the last time so that my head tonsure would be smooth. I wore a salwar kameez as my bhabhi said that if I wear t-shirt it would be uneasy there at kalyana katta and also that hair will stick to t-shirt firmly. My mom tied my hair loosely with a band instead of plait as I will be going bald in no time. My hairs are waist length. We all reached mini kalyana katta by around 11am.my brother brought the tickets and blades from the counter for me, himself and dad. it was busy there, so we were waiting outside. I was looking at many ladies going bald there which boasted me up a little. After some time we all entered in, waiting for our turn to get tonsured. The barbers were all males!! First my brother and dad sat in front of the barbers and in no time their heads were shaved smoothly. After them they seeing the token and blade in my mom's hand asked her to sit. She smiled and told them that they are for me. They asked me "how many scissors" they should cut my hair. I told them that they should tonsure. They were little surprised I guess to see such a young lady ready for tonsure.
He asked me to remove the band and wet my hair thoroughly myself. My mom helped me in doing so. Later I was asked to sit in front that barber. I sat in front of the barber. He was not satisfied with the way I got my hair wet. He took water in his palm and started pouring on my scalp and started rubbing thoroughly. I asked him to be gentle and slow. He just nodded. Tears in my eyes were ready to come out but my mom and bhabhi are on my either side giving me all the courage. After thorough massage with his fingers on my hair, he took the comb and started combing my hair in the middle. I was surprised but he did it to divide my long thick smooth hair into 2halves and tied them loosely on either side.
Then came the crucial time. He removed the blade from the razor and rubbed it with water and his towel. Seeing that my mom immediately took a towel from the bag and asked me to cover my lap with that so that the shaved off hair wont fall on my dress. He then inserted the blade given by me and asked me too bend my head too down. Before that he said that it would be over in 2 minutes and that too smoothly without cuts provide I do not shake my body or don't bend my head properly. I replied yes by nodding my head. My head now was totally wet with water and water droplets were falling on my shoulders, back, neck and on the towel below. I could see nothing but the ground. I was shivering with cold water. He asked me to say govinda once and he too told it once and kept the razor on my scalp and slide it smoothly. All of a sudden I could feel a cool breeze of air touching my scalp.
I realized that tonsure started. He with his fingers is removing the hair shave off from my scalp. Tufts of hair were falling on my lap and on the ground. Seeing them I felt like crying but controlled. He proceeded to the right first from front to back accumulating all the hair on right half near my right ear. He then hold my ear to bend it down and shaved gently all the hair crowded there. All of a sudden a big bunch of hair I could see in towel on my right lap. He then asked me to turn my head to right. Mean while he was talking to his neighbor regarding something. I just lifted my head a little to see my right. I could see my bhabhi smiling at my half tonsured head. I felt uneasy and embarrassed seeing her smile at me. I called her to give my mobile which I was carrying all through this. He returned to his work and still turned my head to right and started sliding his razor in small strokes on my left scalp and then he asked me to bend down completely to shave my left back hair. All the hair on left side was made to crowd near left ear. By bending down my left ear he shaved gently in that area. All of a sudden again a bunch of hair fell into the towel on my left lap.
He asked me to lift my head up now to see any hair hanging above the fore head. He turned my head all the sides to check any left out hair on my scalp. He then rubbed his hand once all over the scalp to feel any hair. He felt some thing I guess; he again opened the razor and went for another round of shave to ensure everything is smooth and perfect. He also removed tufts of hair on my back, on face. He told me now that my GUNDU is over and I can get up. My mom approached me to remove the towel and handed over all the hair to the barber. Now I saw my mom's face. Her face is beamed with smile that finally her vow is fulfilled. She then with another towel cleaned up my face and covered my gundu with a big scarf like kerchief she brought. I gave the barber Rs.10 extra for shaving me smooth. He was happy and offered me a mirror to see. I was anxious to see my face and when I saw it I was shocked to recognize my self. I was so different, a totally new bald look.
I felt my beautiful jhookas which were hanging from my ears now looking awkward on GUNDU face. So I asked my mom to remove them. Also I noticed the beautiful nose ring on my right nostril is also looking absurd so I removed it too there it self. I felt as if some mountain has been removed from my head after getting GUNDU done. I asked my bhabhi how I was looking with my head tonsured. She said everyone one will look like that only and that it's just a matter of 6months and u can put a pony.
We all reached the guest house. I immediately ran in front of the mirror to see how I look. I was looking so ugly in GUNDU. But nothing can be done now, so I consoled my self. My mother and bhabhi too consoled me saying that I've given my hair to god and so there is nothing to feel ugly. Later during bath I rubbed my hands all over the rough and freshly shave scalp. It's a very nice experience!! Later after drying the scalp I applied some sandal as advised by my mom to keep my scalp cool. It really kept me cool from that rough shaving. Later in the day I applied coconut oil all over to make my scalp smooth. I started counting days for that day itself eager to wear a pony.  Next day we all had a good darshan of the lord. I prayed the lord that because u has taken my beautiful, long and smooth hair u should take care of me in troubles of life.

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