Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Language Problems

Sujata and Sunita became close friends once they met in the hostel. They are doing their post graduation from Delhi University. Sujata is from Chennai (South India) and didn?t know a bit of Hindi. Sunita is a native of Delhi and is quite familiar with the language. She keeps her hair in a nice boy cut exposing her lovely neck. Sujata?s hair is her real asset. It is nearly down to her knees and she wears it in the form of a single plait or in a nice bun. She use to get the hair trimmed from her sister in Chennai. Since her arrival in Delhi she didn?t get her hair trimmed. Some split ends started appearing and she really wanted a nice trim of her hair. She requested Sunita to suggest a good beauty parlor where she can get her hair trimmed.
Sunita called the parlor where she usually gets her haircut and told that she will be coming. The reception lady replied that 2pm afternoon will be OK. Sunita informed Sujata that they can go together at 2pm to get the hair done. But just when they were about to leave, Sunitas mother called and asked her to come home immediately. She informed Sujata about the route to Parlor and left. Sujata found the way easily. The reception lady enquired Sujata about the purpose of visit. Sujata replied, it is a haircut. Sujata was lead into an empty chair where there is no mirror in front. The parlor lady said in Hindi that, it is broken and will be replaced soon. The stylist asked Sujata, what it will be (in Hindi). Sujata didn?t know much about it, so she said it will be 1-2inches off. The stylist understood it differently (she thought it is a style with only 1-2inch hair remaining), and asked Sujata, whether you are sure about it? Sujata said yes.
Sujata was covered with a white cape and her hair was pulled back. Later, the stylist unplaited her hair, and started spraying plenty of water. Since, it is Sujatas first visit to a beauty parlor, she thought it is normal. Later the stylist sectioned her hair. The hair on the front is hanging on the sides and all the hair on the back was touching the floor behind the chair.
The stylist started from behind. She first took a big section of hair and ran the scissors through it. About 2ft long tresses hit the floor. She continued the process using scissor over comb technique. Sujata is oblivious of the damage taking place behind. The stylist continued till the neck appeared clearly. Then she started on the sides. By this time Sujata went into a deep sleep and mechanically turning her head whenever the stylist turned it. The cape started filling with long strands of hair and some of it started falling on floor.
After nearly half an hour of destruction, the ears and neck emerged. Then, the stylist took a razor and shaved the smaller strands. Sujata felt a cool breeze over her neck when the stylist removed the cape and said it is over. Sujata went in front of a mirror and could hardly recognize herself. She knew it is a big damage which will take 3-4 years to recover. She vowed she will never enter a parlor again in Delhi.

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