Monday, 15 July 2013

head shave story at Tirumala

Madhumitha is a angel of the family, because she is from rich family. And she is the younger daughter in law in the family. Her husband Arjun. Madhumitha’s marriage is love marriage. Initially both the family won’t accept their love, but after their stron g love they accept and 3 months back only they got married. They are middle class family. Arjun loves Madhumitha because of her long hair. She is modern girl with longhair. And she also love her hair, not even trim her hair for last 2 years. It’s shining and long. She is look like an angel.

After her marriage she mingled with the Arjun family very well. So everybody likes her verymuch. Sidharth had 2 brothers and sisters, all of the married, 2 brothers wife and brother also live with the family. After Madhumitha coming the house the family is enjoyed lot.
One day Madhumitha speak to Arjun, she said I want 1 promise from your side, Arjun also asking the same thing with Madhumitha. So they both of them agreed, then Madhumitha said her wish, that is she want to shave her head at Tirupathi. Arjun got shocked and smiled, he replied the same wish for me also. After that he asked Madhumitha why you want to shave your head, she said, before our marriage we faced lot of problem, so that time, I prayed to the lord, once our marriage got finish with good note, I will tonsure my head at tirupathi, that’s why I want to shave, also you love my hair, you will not accept my decision. That’s why I asking you as a promise. He also said the samething. Arjun said, only problem is in our family female won’t shave their head, so our parents won’t accept for this, if I informed them they will say if you want to pls cut your hair at Tirumala. That’s the only thing they can accept. So what we can do?. She said, no need to inform for my tonsure to our family, once I shaved my head I will explain to them. This one Arjun accept. So they are planning to go to tirupathi next day.
They informed both of them going to tirupathi for some prayers, but they won’t inform about Madhumitha’s tonsure. Once they reached at tirupathi at 7 am, both of them went to their cottage, its already booked. After some refresh, both of them starting for Madhumitha’s tonsure at kalyanakatta. Arjun bought 1 ticket for Madhumitha, after that he asked to Madhumitha, did you inform your family regarding this, she said no, after my tonsure, I will convince both the families, you don’t worry about that. He also said ok. She stand in the que, before that male and female are doing their tonsures. Again he asked to Madhumitha, did you really want to shave your head, she said yes, he is asking did you have any tension, she replied yes, littlebit, but I don’t mind.
Then come Madhumitha’s turn, she sat infront of the barber, and Arjun gave the token, barber is asking haircut or shave, she said, headshave, then he took the knife and insert new half blade, by the time Madhumitha is washing her hair, Arjun also is helping to Madhumitha, he pour the water in her hair. Then the barber, put two knots in Madhumitha’s hair, Madhumitha is said, govinda, govinda, he put the knife in the middle of the head and smoothly shave her middle part, she feel the shave and she enjoyed a lot. Her long hair is falling in her lap, she is now half bald, her front side of the head is completely bald, right and left and back side is full of hair, then he started shaving all sides, another 2 mins, she is gone bald, he rub her head, and he said, it’s over, she stand rub her bald head , he is asking to Arjun how is my head, he rub her bald head, and said, it’s very smooth, I like your new look. She enjoyed a lot for his husband’s comment.
After ther darshan they started to Chennai, she called her parents to come to her house, so when they reached their house, all of the family members are there. All of them shocked her bald head. Then she explained everything to them, and she trying to convince for 2 hours, then everybody accept her decision. After her tonsure also she is the angel of the family.

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