Friday, 12 July 2013

Tamil Nadu long hair girl head shave story

My name is Ramya, one of my best friend is Durga she had butt length hair in my college days, she is a beauty queen. 2 times she won a beautiful and longhair award in our college. After my marriage I never seen Durga, but I know she is in Chennai only. But suddenly oneday I got a call from her, she want to meet me, so she ask me to come her office. Her office is in mount road, then next day I went to her office, in the reception I am asking Durga, the receptionist said here we have 3 Durga’s, so which Durga I need to met, I don’t know her house so I said she got married and her age is 26 years, receptionist replied all the three of them are married and around 26 years they need a unique identity or her home address. I said I don’t know her home address, but I will tell her unique identity, that is her longhair, but the receptionist said, there is no longhair Durga here, 1 gaythri is mid-back hair, other one is bob-cut and last Durga is bald girl, which Durga you want, because, all the 3 are in meeting, I can’t disturb all the three, if you give correct person we can allow otherwise I can’t, she replied the same statement. So I tried her mobile number also, but its not reachable  I gave her mobile number to receptionist she said she don’t know her mobile number , also I don’t have her photo with me. So I left from the place. I feel I came to wrong office, because, as per the receptionist’s statement, all the 3 Durga don’t have longhair.
Again the same evening I got a call from Durga, I said I went to some wrong address, so pls give me your correct office address, but she replied, receptionist told me you came to my office only. I asked but the receptionist said there is no longhair Durga here, she said yes she said correct, i don’t have longhair now. We will discuss directly pls come tomorrow my office again at 12pm, also I am inform to the reception, I am waiting for you, we both have lunch in outside, so I said ok. I eager to wait for her new look and reason behind her haircut.
Next day, 12pm I went her office again, I inform to the receptionist, she replied wait in chair, I will inform to Durga, after 5 mins Durga came, I shocked and surprising with her look any guess??
Yes, she is now bald look, and she look like she shaved her couple of week back. She said, come Ramya will go outside, I don’t have words, I seen her with shockingly. She smiling and bring me to near by restaurant. When we seated the server came and ask the order, we order the food, and asked to Durga, what happened  you, why you shave you hair? She smiled and said that’s  sad story, pls leave that don’t ask me about that, but I am forcing her to asking the reason. Finally she accept and she tell the story.
She got married last year, and her marriage life went well upto last year, but she had severe headache for couple of months, so she quit her job also. She took lot  of medicines, but nothing went well, so she went doctor, after the scan they said she had a water-block in her head, that’s why she had a headache, doctor suggest to short her hair or shave her head. But she won’t accept for this. And she is asking medicines without cut or shave her head. Doctor gave medicines she took 2 weeks but still the headache continuing. So she again went to clinic, doctor said the same thing to her without cut or shave your head if you taking tablets the headache will not stop, so you should cut or shave your head. Finally her husband and doctor completion she went to parlor and she cut her waist length to bob-cut  but still she facing the same problem, so she went the parlour and again she short her hair with boy-cut look, after 2 weeks also the headache is not cured, so finally she decided 4 months back she went to tirupathi and shave her head,  also she said every 2 months I shave my head this is doctors suggestion, so I every month or 2 month I went to parlour and shaving my head cleanly. Also its boring in sitting without anywork in home that’s why I joined last week here. In office everybody thought I vow my hair. After that I asked her, how long you will shave your head, is any improvement? She said another 6 months I need to shave after that also I need to maintain boycut or bobcut hairstyle not morethan that, now a days the headache is reduce a lot. Doctor said don’t allow sweating in head, and wet hair. Then I decided this longhair will not suit anymore for me. Now I am comfortable with my bald look. Also she appreciate my longhair, because in college days I’m maintained bobstyle. I replied, compare to your long hair mine is nothing. But she said that’s ok, but compare to now I’m bald and your’s is longhair.
After that I asked why you suddenly call and meet me, she replied, after longtime I won’t seen any of our friends, also I don’t have anybody’s number except you, so I want to chat with our old memories.

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