Friday, 12 July 2013

Sharon Forced head shave story

Hi this Sharon i am doing my third year i had a long hair below my hip .
Am staying in my Grand fathers house as my Grand father is so strict and i am weak in my
studies in 6th semester he had warned me that if i got percentage less than 80
then he will punish me severely . Today is my result day i had a best friend her
name is soundarya she is better in studies than me so she came to my house with
the result news that time my Grand father is there in house only she told my result i
got 70% and she got 79%. Then my Grand father became so munch angry he scolded me so
much and he asked my brother who is studying 8th class told him the local barber
i was little why he ask him to call the barber came as my brother came with the
barber my Grand father told me to sit in backside of our house barber will come shave
your head i was standing speech less and he called me again the i asked my Grand father
not to shave my head he did not accepted for that and i cant do any thing so i
no alternate choice then he told to the barber to shave my head then the barber
came to the back side of our house my Grand father blackmailed me shave my head other
wise he will not pay my college fee so i agreed and crying. I sat down in front
of the barber and opened my hair. He started to pour water and massaged my head.
He inserted the blade and bent my head down, I thought there goes my hair,He
started the shaving, the scrape scape noise of the blade on my head i was crying
like anything but he didn't stop i have noticed a hair bun falling from my head
. He finished the back of my head and lifter my head, started the front,he
finished the front, turned my head to the side. He is moving my head down , up
side as per the barbers direction.He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun
fell down. He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun fell down, he turned
my head to the other side. He finished the other side too and I see the hair bun
falling down.I knew all my hair is gone now but i can't do anything then my
Grand father gave money to the barber and he asked me to go for bath. The next day
morning when i went college all my class mates laughed at me because i was
totally bald they asked why did u shaved u r head i told that this my vow in
temple so i shaved my head in local temple

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