Friday, 12 July 2013

Banumathy long hair head shave story at parlor

Banumathy is a house wife and she is from small town in kerala. So she is a kerala long hair girl. She lives in a joint family. Her husband (Ram), mother in law, sister in law. She is an uneducated girl. She is having a waist length hair. She maintain  properly. Her husband loves her long hair lot. Every week he comb her hair and some times he trim her hair little, but not cut her hair. She also love her hair. But her mother in law and sister in law hate her long hair. Because they have short hair. Some month back they asked us to tonsure but her husband is not accept for her tonsure. So Banumathy is confident about her hair growth and not to shave.
But everything is change within the month, why???
Because of her husband’s friend Karthick.  Her husband friend is coming to house frequently, Banumathy and him are chatting very well. So her mother in law and sister in law suspect Banumathy’s character and they inform about her relationship with Karthick. But her Ram won’t suspect Banumathy, because Karthick is a schoolmate, and Banumathy is innocent girl. In the weekend Sunday again Karthick came to Ram’s house by the time Ram combing Banumathy’s hair. By the time Karthick commenting, “Ram you are look like a beautician”, Ram replied “really”, Karthick said “yes, because without you Banumathy can’t maintain her hair properly. Her looking awesome with her beautiful longhair, also I like her hair ”. Ram said, “what you said is very true, but I’m just combing her hair” but she only maintain properly, every alternative days she take head-bath .  This discussion is listen her mil & sil, so they planned very well, once Karthick left the place, they speak to Ram, they said, look at this guy character, he like Banumathy that’s why he come here, also he likes her hair, also he comes frequently if you are not in the house also. So we need to cut the relationship between the both. Otherwise our family respect will go down, so please do something. But Ram is not accepting their statement.
But her mil and sil every day they are create some stories and they informed to Ram about her character. Atlast Ram also had some little suspect over Banumathy. Next day again Karthick come to his house again, that time Ram went to bathroom, they are chatting and by the time Banumathy oiling her hair. Again Karthick said, pls tell me your hair secret so that I can inform to my wife also. She smiling and said, nothing much, maintain properly and don’t cut and don’t allow dandruff that’s it. By the time Ram is calling Banumathy but she is not listen her husband voice, so both of them continuing their discussion, Ram came and asking Banumathy, I called you why you are not coming, she said, no Karthick is asking about my longhair secret , we discussed about that ,also I can’t listen your voice. He got tensed, but he hide his tension.
After this incident he starting suspect Banumathy, so he spoke to his mother and sister, they said, she had a beautiful hair, that’s why Karthick had a relationship with Banumathy, he like her hair, so if she lose her beauty, Karthick won’t like her. Then we can easily solve this problem.
That day midnight once she went sleep he took the scissor and he cut her long hair without properly. It’s look like one side of her hair long other side is full short, also he cut her hair front side very shortly. After that he slept, next day morning, Banumathy’s voice is disturbing him, she is crying like anything, he suddenly look and asking what happened to your hair, she said, I don’t know somebody cut my hair, this room also locked inside, we both only inside, I believe you are not cut my hair, because you love my hair, she is looking ugly with her half haircut, and she check the window her hair is in the outside window, so Ram said so somebody from outside cut your hair, she is crying like anything. He convince her but she is not accept any words from him. After half an hour mil and sil also came, they enjoy inside but they won’t show their joy. They said we can’t do anything, this situation. If it is proper haircut you can do short boycut or bobcut, but the only way is tonsure. Ram  also said the same thing . She look her face in mirror, frontside is very short and backside and leftside it’s not proper cut. So finally she accept her tonsure. Ram said so did you tonsure at any parlor  she said I don’t want to come with this ugly face in outside, so pls call some barber and I will do my tonsure home itself. Ram said ok for that.
And he went to the barbershop for bring the barber. Other half an hour one barber is came, he said who will tonsure, Ram showing Banumathy, she cover her head with saree, and she is crying. Barber is asking to put one chair, after that he ask Banumathy to sit she sit and remove her saree from her head, barber looks her haircut and asking the reason, Ram said the reason, then he ask the water they gave to barber,by the time he cut her hair all the side properly. She is look like shave her head 1 month back. After that he pour water in her head and massage very well. Then he took the knife and starting to shave nicely, she is crying all the way. Another 5 mins Banumathy is on bald.
Next week Karthick came to Ram house and he shocked her bald look and he is asking about her headshave. Ram replied she had a vow at tirupathi, that’s why she shave her head.

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