Friday, 12 July 2013

 one day my mom and me were in home sudenly my mom told me that she had lot of tangles in her hair her hair is upto the butt , thick black, as im an hair fetish i all ways loves to look her in short hair and want to cut her hair, at that time i was very close to that opurtunity, she said me to remove har tangles i was ready with the comb and playing with the hair like i was cutting with my fingers mine was so erricted so that i feel and i cant stop so at any cause i want that hair,in my hand with cut,my mom said can you trim my hair at the ends as it was very dried and of tangles i was looking wierd at that time it was an pleasure i was combing her hair and was ready with an siscor, to trim, but as i plan her to cut it short as im trimming i got an idea and said her i will reduce some more lenght then she said ok but not more than 2 inches,it was the time i was clearly measuring the lenght but my mind and hand with siccors wre to cut it upto the shoulders or more short, at time sudenly her phone rang she was atending the phone and i was continuig as i was ready to cut she bend toward to lift the time actually if i want ican stop but i didnt i made that this is an oppurtunity and played my scissor very short and as she was bend she nevr noticed tha huge lock nearly an massive lock which i can hol in my fist was cut and lying down after ward my mom had started crying and started scolding me but ther was no use it was cut upto the shoulders, i convienced her and also told by keeping the other side hair up andshowed herin mirror that you look amazing with short hair, after all weeping her tears she said ok and closed her eyes it was an advatage , i started cutting her hair, as if i want i can manage to keep her hair upto shoulder length and she can make it as ponytail, but i was ericted it was uncontroloble i cut huge amounts of massive hair as much as the siccor can and atlast i was out, and shown and concentrated on her hair and trimmed and surprisingly remained with an bob hair cut above the ears she looked amazing after oweds she went to parlour for correction when the parlour womenseen my mom she was amazed she said she is ok and appreciated the work that she was very good she needs no correction and also said to mom that she looks beautiful in that hairstyle as my mom was working women she said it will be easy to get ready,and as she sasid it was very easy for my mom to grt ready and she also get rid from tangles as days passed my mom grown hr hair uptoshoulder length and maonitaind an short cute ponytail, but i was again waitingthis time she herself called me and told that the bob was good and she wants that hairstlye back and i gave her the bob hairstyle and as always i continued the enjoying haircut

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