Friday, 12 July 2013

Kanika the kerala girl's hair shaved by barber - story

Kanika's head is shaved by the barber. She is not crying actually she is happy about her headshave. She is not a short hair girl she had a long hair anfd she is from kerala, south India. Kanika suddenly wakeup from the sleep. She touch her hair is there or not. It's there then she is satisfied, then she look at the timing it's now 6 AM in the morning. Then she started for her studies. This dream is 3 time in this week. But she don't know the reason behind it. She is studying in 2 year BE in a private college. Her semester examination is started, that's why she is preparing. But the head-shave dream is disturbed little bit.

So she want to share her experience with her Mom, she got surprised but she said, no problem, it will stop other 1 or 2 days. So she also convince,but  next day the same time the dream comes, she wake-up at 6 am again. She got a confusion. She want to check any psychartist. She again spoke to her Mom, her Papa also there. So he said once you complete your exam, will go and check with the Physicisian, If the dream stops by the time no need to go to the Physicisian. But the dream is continues everyday exactly same time.

So she and her Papa went to hospital  in the semester leave. She told her dream to Physicisian. He listen everything and he asked when you are got shave you head last time. Kanika replied it's in her childhood about 8 years. He again asking you have any pending vow to any temple, she said no, but he again asking the same question please think for some time and tell me. She is thinking sometime and she said no. Physicisian said these is not a big problem, this dream will end in some days.  So don't worry about that. She satisfied about Physicisian's reply.

They came to home, she told everything to her mom, then her Mom said, you have one pending vow is there in our family temple, I prayed to god for if you get good score in 10th std you should shave your head at our temple. You got a good score in 10th but by the time in our family your uncle is passed away so I postpone your headshave and I forgot. Kanika got shocked and said then what we can do, check with the Physicisian what he can say about this. Next day she and Papa again went to the hospital and checked about this he said if you have any pending vow you can do. Kanika is asking if after my tonsure also the dream will come means what we can do? Physicisian said first finish the vow and check for sometime if this is continues will decide after that.

So their family is started their trip to their family deity.  They invite their relatives also for the function. Because every year all of their family members went to do the pooja in the temple and somebody shaves their head. This time it's Kanika's turn. Next day morning they reached the temple their family members are also came from other cities. Some 20 of the came for the pooja. Then everybody chat about their health and family. After sometime Kanika's Mom told about her daughter's headshave. They all are happy. By the time the barber came, so Kanika is went and sat in front the barber, all of her family members eagerly watch her tonsure. This barber is shaved her head in her childhood, so he remember her face, and he asked about her health and she said she is fine, then he is asking haircut, she said headshave, then he remove the rubber band from her hair, and he watches her long hair and he said you hair is very thick and long so you really want to shave, she said yes, then he smiled and said you have a brave heart. Kanika smiled, then he pour the water in her head and massaged her head properly. Her long hair is fully wet, then he took razor and put a new half blade and started shaving her middle of her head she is very shy because around her all of the family member are watching her tonsure. Her hair is felt in her lap, she is little bit of worry about her headshave, but she don't have choice, she is thinking about how to face her friends and neighbor with bald look, by the time her half of the head is bald, then the barber shaves her both side of the head. Next 5 mins she is completely bald, but the barber once again put the razor and shaves her head smoothly. Then he said your head shave is complete. She look at her bald look in the mirror, but she is not recognize herself. She touches her head and scratches her bald head completely. Then she left for her bath. Her Mom bring her to the well, and pour the water in her head and she wash her head with water. And she said your looks like beautiful Kanika, she smiled. After her bath she is wearing a yellow saree by the time her Mom applied the sandal her bald head. Then she only coordinating the pooja. After 2 to 3 hours everybody left the place and Kanika and her family reached to chenani. After her headshave her dream got stopped, she got very happy about that.

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