Saturday, 29 June 2013

Shruti at the barbarshop

Shruthi is a 21 year old girl.she is a fair girl.But her waist length 
shiny black hair makes her more beautiful.she didn't get a haircut or 
headshave after her childhood.her mom takes care of shruthi's hair 
well.her mom used to trim her hair in every day her mom told 
shruthi that in now days,it is difficult to take care of her hair.her 
mom had to got a job for her education due to family's economic 
level.her family is a middle class family.shruthi's father's salary 
isn't enough for them.after she got a job ,she can't take care of 
shruthi's her mom told shruthi to cut her hair will 
be easy to maintain.shruthi starts to cry.her mom said "it's just 
hair,it can grow again.and u can try for a new look."then shruthi said 
ok.she said"i will cut my hair tomorrow." her mom was happy and asked 
her "where are u going to get ur haircut?" she said "at beauty 
parlour." her mom said"shruthi, in beauty parlour,they will charge 
more than Rs.150 for u should get ur haircut in a 
barbarshop where ur dad get his haircut." shruthi got stunned. She 
hesitates to cut her hair in men's barbar shop.then she got some 
courage in her and agrees for to go to the barbar that 
night,she couldn't sleep well. She got up from the bed and went near 
the dressing table.she opens her hairbun.her hair looks like a black 
river.she brushes her hair for a while.then she made many styles with 
her hair.she put her hair in a ponytail,single braid,two braids on 
sides and so many...finally she put her hair in a ponytail and go day; the haircut day arrives. Shruthi wears her favourite 
white color chudithar. And went to the barbar shop.when she entered 
the shop,there is no one in the shop. She went inside and sit in the 
first barbar chair.she was bit nervous.suddenly the barbar came inside 
and saw me.he took a cape around my neck.then he asks me" girls like u 
have never visited my what u want me to serve,a trim or 
else?" shruti said " i...i...i want to cut my hair short," he asked me 
"do u want a bobcut?" shruti said"no, i want to ,..i want a 
headshave." barbar was surprised. Then he starts his work. He took the 
clippers and switch on it. Without wasting a second, he places the 
clippers on shruti's fore head,and pushes it to the top of her 
head.tears welled in her eys.barbar makes pass after pass.her longhair 
rains on the floor.her beautiful hair falls on her shoulders and 
rolled down to her 4 mins shruti was totally bald.but her bald 
head was rough.barbar applies shaving cream and shave her head 
smooth.shruti look beautiful ever than before.she rubbed her head and 
smiles at the barbar and paid him a Rs.30.she came to home. Her mother 
saw her beautiful bald daughter and starts to cry.she proud of her 
daughter.after her hair grows again,shruti maintains her hair in a 
boycut for 3 years.after her family's economy gets well,shruti grow 
her hair 1 year her hair grow again to waist length.but,she 
decided to shave her head again after her marriage.

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