Saturday, 1 June 2013

one day i saw a woman near a building with thick shiny braid till butt length.her braid was shining with oil that she has applied to her hair ,it was thick on top and back and her braid wwas one inch thick.i got instant hardon.i saw that she was having boy with her was 5 years old or so.she came to pick him up from school i followed her to her house and found out her house number and her details.
i came to know that her husband was software persson and was out of town for some work.
one day her boy was playing cricket and her fell down and got hurt.i went and helped him out and took him to his house.she opened the door with her hair slicked back into tight braid i got erect seeing that and kept my eyes on her hair for sometime she saw her boy and asked what happened i told her and she thanked me and asked me to come in.i went in she turned back and boy it was erection on high for me seeing her butt and hair swaying on it.she took her boy to her bedroom to apply first aid she kept staring her boy wound while i kept staring her hair.she kept her hand on boy thigh and was applying bandaid her hand was kept on boy stomach to hold him while the boy was playing with her the process her hand got pressed on boys cock and she kept on concentrating on her work and the boy was laughing pullling her hair while she was pressing his cock.i got tremeandous hardon and precum was leaking through my pant.she scolded the boy and put firstaid to him and tld him to sleep and took a comb and opened her hair and boy it was so thick and dense it fell till her butt i couldn't control and kept my hand on my cock to masturbate but thought i was out in her house so controlled it.then she came outside to hall after braiding it neatly.i was jjust staring at her hair while she was coming she smiled and said thank you again i said its not a problem.she sat down in front of me and asked me what is my name.i said i am kalyan.she told her name as preethi.i said ok.she asked me where i live i told her that i sty near by flat.she said ok.she asked what do i do.i said i am stock market broker.she said ok i wanted to invest in stock can you help me out.i said ok.she told me abt her family and i told abt mine.she told me that she want to make huge income through stock i said its ok but you need to go step by step.she said ok then can you help me out on sunday.i said ok.she felt happy.then she went into kitchen to fetch some coffee i was staring at her hair with my cock erect.she gave me coffee we chatted for some  time i left.her place and told her that i would come on sunday.she told me to come in the afternoon as she would have headbath in the morning and would apply oil in saturday night.i said to her that whether i can come on saturday evening hearing the words she said i had my wicked plans.she thought and asked why.i said i had other meeting on that time but i will come in sunday evening and saturday evening.she said was saturday evening i went to her home and rang the bell she opened her hair dry i said hi she said to come in i went and sat on soga.she told me that her child has gone to his grandmothers house because he would disturb her that is why she sent him off i said ok.then she told me that she will come in five minutes and went to her bedroom.i got thirsty i went to ask her for water in bedroom the door was open i pushed it little to ppep through it she was turned back and was applying oil to her hair she heard the door sound and turned around as she saw me with surprise look.i said to her that i just came to ask for water she said oh and went to kitchen to bring water she gave it to me and i drank it and said thank you and she went to bedroom and i went to hall.i got hardon thinking of the scene i had seen so i went to bathroom and open my zip and that day i dnt wear any underwear because i wanted hairjob and my cock was struggling other day because of the underwear i wanted to get big erection.i went to her bedroom again she was combing her hair with thin comb that comb made sexy streaks on her head top i saw it and my cock began poking out of my zip she asked me what i said that i want some magazines for time pass.she in meanwhile stared at my cock while i was talking i saw her head top and got treameandous began growing and leaking precum and i behaved as if i dnt knw that it was open.she ignored it and she took out some magazines from tv shelf i got look of her hair back it was so sexy thick and slick like waterfall she gave me some magazines and i took them and said thank you.she said ok and went in bedroom to complete her hair braid and come out.i said that you are ready she said yes.i asked her to bring the lapton and switch on the tv and keep some news channel.she said ok and did both.her hai was now in slick braid with shine because of oil and upto butt.i was hardon.she asked me about few tips and i gave her few tips and suggestions abt stocks.she said thank you.and asked me that whether i have any work i said why she said nothing that she is going to bath and will come back in half an hour.i said ok take your the mean while in tv some hair oil ad came and i saw it and got erection and she saw my staring at the tvc and asked whether i like hair.i asked her surprisingly that how come she got to know.she said that it is visible by that and pointed towards my hardon.before i could say anything she said  i saw your cock becoming hard staring at my hair too when you came inside the bedroom two times.i said sorry i love your hair i want to have sex with you.she got angry hearing me and i said sorry and pleaded to her that i would do anything for it she got wicked thought and said after some silence ok if you would bring me huge profit in stocks i will do with you.i said ok.but atleast now let me have hairjob with you atleast.she said ok but you tell me the best stock now and i ll allow it.i said there are some secrets i can reveal to you.she blackmailed me and said if you want this pointing towards her hair you should tell.i said ok and told her abt it.she got happy.and went to bedroom to bring oil bottle and comb of two or three tooths and sat infront of me.i was getting erect at the thought of getting what i have have done this for her hair will be on my cock in few minutes.i pulled her head back and opened my pant and sat naked she saw my cock and complemented it to be was long 8 inch and 3 inch wide she said i have never seen such big cock in my life and began licking her lips.i said you lll lust for it soon bitch.she smiled and turned back and i pulled her head back and rested it on  my cock and it was twitching and patting her head.she closed her eyes and was smiling thinking of my strange fetish and her profits that she could make while exploiting my fetish.i dnt care because i wanted her hair that is it.ii took the oil bottle and began puring oil on her herad from forehead to top the oil began dripping from the bottle hole to her forehead the first few droops fell on her forehead and slid back to her head top and then it began falling on her head top.i with my hand began spreading it.i got wicked thought and said to her that if she has balcony she said yes.i said to her then lets bring a stool and o it in balcony.she said what anyone will see it.i said ok its your wish then you cant make profits in stocks i was kidding but my trickk worked and she agreed.we wen to her balcony with the stool it was open garden with ample sunlight falling and with high walls about 10 ft so that no one can see inside of it.i put stool in middle and asked her to sit in front of me so that ample amount of sunlight fall on her head it was shining i was becoming erect and lot of precum was leaking out of my cock.then she rested her ehad on my cock and closed her eyes.i pushed her forward to apply oil to her back hair after oiling her top.then after applying oil i took comb with wide teeth and put the teeth on her forehead start and began combing her hair with gentle pressure.the comb made wide and sexy streaks on her head top and my cock was twitching saying to me hey buddy enough of combing now let me kiss her hair man.i said wait buddy let me enjoy it slowly.i then took thin teeth comb and began combing it with little pressure on her head and the comb gave me more tremeandous hardon .i then pulled her head back and pressed my cock tip on her head top.aaaaaaaah it was pure heaven i was moaning i peeled my foreskin and tried to put my head on her head top.but i could not get control so i asked her to peel my foreskin with her hands and she did that my cock head cane out and then i pressed it on her head top aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was in heaven what a feleling she teased me by pressing my cock hard on her head top.i said to stop i cant control and i dnt want the party to be over soon.she left my cock then.i stood behind her and asked her to braid her heair but before that i took my cock and preseed it at her back region up on the neck area my cock for sometime it was more than expected i was in heaven i put some pressure and slide up and down holding her head then withdrew and asked her to make braid and she made it while she was making it i kept masturbating seeing the sight my cock became oily and my hand was easily jacking me off because of the oil.she made a braid and then i hold her head and thrust my cock at the back region and slid my cock with pressure up down left right then on top her head was pushed forward because of my pressure then again i thurst my cock back and began rubbing it vigouriously and then i was buliding pressure i began thrustinfg up down left right back top in every direction and i was moaning aah in heaven suddenly i caught hold her head and pushe one last time with all the strength on her head back and began cumming i was like uncounscious at the time of cumming i kept cumming for two minutes and i then removed i can see thick white streaks on her head back i  move her hair and saw deep inside her hair near her scalp and my seed got pasted over there too and her hair few streaks became white with cum i fell down naked and thanked her she smiled and said you got to do what you promised  i said to her ok tomorrow on sunday i will tell you the trending stocks and on monday you can purchase them ok.she gave a wicked smile and i asked ok tomorrow what abt your head bath she smiled wickedly and said what is that you have given me now i said i want to give you protein shampoo on your hair so that it grows even long she said ok tomorow at 7 come to my house i said ok
the next day i went to her house she opened the door with loose hair dry in bun hairstyle.she gave a smile i said why you kept your hair in bun and its very dry.she said that she will apply hair moisturiser and then have head bath.i said to her that i will give her the best moisturizer why to apply other one.she laughed and i too laughed because she understood what i meant.she asked me to come in.i went in and sat on sofa.she gave me tea and we started our session.she bought the lice picking comb too with parachute hair oil and livon bottle too.then we went to balcony it was morning and the sun began to rise and i placed the stool in position so that sunlight will fall amply on her head so that it can shine.i opened my pant and sat down on stool she sat down in front of me.i opened the bun by removing the clip of her bun it fell down like waterfall.i then put my hand on her head and pulled it back
i first took the wide teeth comb to remove tangles and then the small teeth comb and combed her hair tightly and gently with small pressure to avoid breakage.i then opened the new parachute hair oil bottle and pored oil on top of her head and the drops fell on her head center i then with my left hand began spreading the got thouroughly applioed on top and then i went to back section i took some oil and applied it to every strand carefuylly it took half bottle to oil her hair properly.then i took the thin comb instead of wide because i dnt want to waste time.i put the comb on her head the teeth touching her forehead and with little pressure i gently pulled it back the comb slideing through her head top makeing sleek streaks and then to her back and hip and thenn to the hair that was on ground touching i combed it thouroughly.her hair became sleek and sexy.i then simple put my hand and pulled her head on to cock and made it rest on top of my cock i peeled my foreskin back so that my cock popes out and pressed it on her head top little i gave a moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah she laughed and said it is so nice if you press it on my head i got encouraged by it and preseed it little more i was turned  i kept my hand on side of her head began thrusting my cock on her head topn her head top and then pushed her head back with my cock thrust i inserted it in back and gave little thrust her head got pushed little forward due to my force she began moaning now i too was moaning.i asked her to fix bun she did it i took a comb and made it sleek with comb.then i moved forward to her front she stared at me with her eyes and was asking me what i am upto now with smile she had brightness seeing my oiled cock i told her that i want a blowjob she refused but i put my hand and grabbed her hair and pulled it back little and she moaned ahhh i then took the chance and put my cock in her mouth and caught her head and began forcing it down on my cock the sunlight was falling on her head and her head top was shining the sight turned me on even more and i thrust her head till cock hit her throat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a heaven. she was unable to breathe i removed for her to breathe and then thrust it back again i began fucking her mouth and opened her bun knot and kept fucking my forsekin was peeled and the cock head hit her throat each time i thrust in her mouth then she kept her hand and peeled my cock foreskin exposing head of my cock and licked the cock slit with her toungue aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ow i am gona cum was all that i could say and she gave a wicked smile looking at me i then asked her to stop it then she took it out of her mouth i thought i was relieaved but the next move of her made me cum she peeled my foreskin and pressed it on her head top aaaaaaaaaaah how soft it was i said the cum is growing she kept pressing ti and sliding it from her forehead to back like combing her hair then i caught her head and bent it forward like the ball as her head and cock as snooker i pushed it one last time and my cum began falling on her hair till half minute i cummed and her hair became sticky with my cum i then went back to her and took an very thin comb and combed her hair with my cum within the sight was very satisfactory my cum disappearing in her hair it spread to her roots and some got stick to the comb too i peeled the cum to the comb and inserted my finger to her mouth she sucked it off and said i like its flavor i said hold on bitch i can give you litre of ir it and she smiled and left

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