Monday, 3 June 2013

Sangeetha Headshave

  Sangeetha is long hair girl, and she is studing in college. Her age is 22. She is a beautiful girl. She maintain her hair properly, she staying in college hostel, and her parents are in Coimbatore. She had 3 roommates. Roopa, Sreeja and Shalini. Shalini is a schoolmate and collegemate of Sangeetha. Sreeja is from kerala, so obviously she had waist length hair, but Roopa and Shalini had boycut and midlength hairstyles. And Roopa keep on changing her hairstyle with new look. Shalini is always support Sangeetha for all kind of discussion and arguments. But Roopa and Sreeja supported each other. They will argue with Sangeetha and Shalini and they will put bet on their arguments. 

        Sreeja had ego clash with Sangeetha due to her long and shining hair, so she want to cut or shave her head at any point of time, and Roopa also knows about her wish. So both of them planning for Sangeetha's headshave. So next day they asking for bet with Sangeetha and Shalini about their examination result. Roopa is better studen compare to sangeetha, so she said to sangeetha if you score high marks than me I will shave my head, if I scored more than you, you need to shave your head. Because already roopa is a modern girl and she want to shave her head for new look, so she won't bother about her headshave, but sangeetha is worring about her headshave. So she is not accept this bet, but both roopa and sreeja said this time your studied well then why you are scaring. I'm only scaring to shave my head so don't scare. After the lots of convincing statements she said ok, by the time Shalini is not in the room, so she don't know about the bet, once she came in to the room sangeetha informed about the bet. Shalini got shocked and she said why you accept this, Roopa is a good student compared to you, if she wins that's it. Also she said they are purposely done this. So don't accept we can speak about this again with them, so sangeetha said ok. 

        But Roopa and Sreeja is not accept their denying the bet. They said bet is a bet. She already accepted and the bet is on. So they don't have any choice. So pls concentrate on your studies otherwise sangeetha will bald. Then sangeetha dont' want to shave her head so she studied hardly, night and day she studied. Roopa also doing the same. She is not consider about her headshave she want to make sangeetha to bald. And the exams are over, next month only the exam results will come, so all of them went their natives. 

      After the one month result also came, sangeetha scored 98% and Roopa scored 99%. Once they know the marks sangeetha crying a lot. Shalini is convincing sangeetha, don't cry, will speak to them not to shave your head, we can change the bet, by the time Roopa and Sreeja came into the room with smiling face. Sreeja is asking to sangeetha, when is your headshave will happen?. But she is crying like anything. Shalini replied, pls change the bet because she is not yet married also she love her hair lot. So if you want anything she will do except her headshave. But both of them not accept. They said, tomorrow is the last day for headshave otherwise we will shave her head while she sleeping they said and left the room.

     Shalini said to sangeetha, there is no way for other option so choose your location for headshave. You want to shave your head at any temple or any parlour. Atlast Sangeetha stop her crying and boldly said i will do my headshave at parlour and this will happen today evening. On the evening sangeetha and Shalini going to the parlour. On the way sangeetha is crying all the time. Shalini is convince her, but she is not accept. Shalini is already customer of the parlour, so she knew the parlour staff very well. Once they reach the parlour nobody there. Shalini speak to parlour lady and she inform sangeetha want to shave her head. She is look her long hair and surprisingly asking why you want to shave your beautiful hair? shalini said next week she have head operation, that's why she need to shave her head before. Then the parlour lady ask both to inside the room. 

       Shalini is sat in the visitor chair, and sangeetha went sat the chair, and the parlour lady inform the same thing to the staff. They come and cover her body with white cloth, and they loose her hair, and they asking any cut or direct shave, sangeetha crying and said direct shave. This is the final time she seen her long hair in the mirror and started crying again. The staff bring her into washbasin and wash her hair properly, then again she came and sat in the chair, then they comb her hair smoothly, then they asking sangeetha, shall we start madam? she shake her head. Then the lady took the knife and put in the middle of the head and shaving her head. Hair felt into her lap, sangeetha closed her eyes and cyring. Staff is continuing the headshave she is in half bald head, next she shave her both the sides and back side. Finally sangeetha is bald. Then the staff said madam your headhsave is over, she open her eyes and she her lap. its full of hair, and she look her bald look in the mirror and smoothly rub her head with crying eyes. And shalini pay the amount to the parlour, then sangeetha cover her head with churidar's thoopatta, and the left the plae immediately.

           They came back to the room, by the time all of them surprise to sangeetha covering her head, she get into the room, Roopa and Sreeja laughing and said, welcome miss bald. Then sangeetha remove the thoopatta in her head. Roopa and sreeja come near to her and touch her bald head and said,you are beautiful. But sangeetha said, there is no more bet. Also i don't want share the room with both, me and Shalini will vacate the room will take the next room.

   The next day everybody asking about her headshave, she said she had a vow for scoring high marks. And she will not reveal her bet with anybody.

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