Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nisha is a housewife her age is 28 and she is the best longhair women in the flat. Everybody likes her long hair. Some of the females are jealous about her hair. But she is friendly with everybody, also easily mingle with others. So most of them like Nisha. Her hubby is in Hyderabad, he will come every month. Her best friend in the flat is Gayathri, she is also an house wise. But she is younger than Nisha. Her age is 24, she got married last year only. Both of the went everywhere. They understand each other. But Nisha had a mid length hair. 

After a month Gayathri coming with a new cut bobcut, Nisha for shocked her new look. She said, it's difficult to maintain a long hair that's why I cut my hair, also I want to change my look. Nisha also likes her short hair. Gayathri asked why you are not try a short hair, Nisha said, I love my hair also I don't have any difficulties to maintain such a long hair, also I don't want try a new look. I want to stay with my long hair for in my whole life.

But everything changed with in a month, Yes, Nisha shaved her head at tirumala, everybody got surprised, her new bald look, especially Gayathri. Hey Nisha what happened last month you said me, don't want to try a new look and stay with the long hair, but suddenly you are coming with a bald head? Nisha said, correct that time I don't have a idea to shave my head, but my hubby have vow at tirumala, so he wants me too join for this, initially I was fear about my tonsure, but he advised me to tonsure. In my marriage life, he did me for everything without without asking, also he is not asking anything to me , this is the first time he request me, so I accepted my hubby's wish and I done my tonsure. Anyway hair will grow other one year, it's not a problem, I had a little worry of losing my long hair, but my hubby's wishes comes true. If he is happy I am also happy and our life will go without any problem.

Actually I cried a lot in the whole night, then my hubby said if you are not interested I will not force you, the word he said is I feel guilty. Finally I accept with smiling face. Yesterday we went to tirumala and shaved both of them head and comeback.

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