Saturday, 29 June 2013


Saranya works as a tamilteacher in govt. Girls hr.sec school.her 
parents passed away in a she lives alone.her beautiful 
thick and shiny hair will attract any one.her hair reaches her butt. 
Priya, pooja,and jessy are saranya's students.they came to saranya's 
house for tuition.they chat about many things after the tuition is day they starts to talk about saranya's hair.priya said "u 
look so beautiful with ur beautiful hair,teacher" jessy said 
"yes, makes u so cute!" saranya smiled at them.pooja said" 
hay,girls, saranya teacher will look so beautiful without longhair!" 
all girls agrees her statement.pooja asks saranya"teacher,do u 
remember the last haircut u had?dont include trimming ur 
hair!".saranya said"yes,i had my last haircut,when i was 12 year old." 
jessy said"oh my god,teacher u grow ur hair for 12 years!" priya 
said"didn't u got bored with these same hairstyles" saranya 
said"girls,i got bored of my longhair!" pooja said "then try a new 
short hairstyle,teacher" saranya said "i don't want a short hair or 
longhair" all girls got puzzled. Saranya said i wish to shave my head
girls got shocked. And pooja said "then why didn't u do it,teacher?" 
saranya said "i didn't get time for doing it" jessy said "we can help 
u to shave ur head" 3 girls agrees for this mission. Saranya was so 
happy. All girls went to bathroom.a chair was placed at the middle of 
the room.saranya sat on it and said "hay girls if u are angry 
on me,don't show it on my head) !" all girls laughed and starts the 
work.pooja undo saranya's braid. And jessy starts comb her hair.she 
put saranya's hair into a high ponytail.still her hair reaches her 
waist.pooja took the scissors and said "teacher,u told us that don't 
cut short the answer,now we are going cut ur hair short!" all girls 
laughed.then pooja,jessy and priya took scissors in their hands. Jessy 
said"lets play a game,girls.we all should cut teacher's hair,when 
teacher said to stop the haircut,who has the most hair in their hand 
is the winner.and she will shave teacher's head smooth.ok?"saranya 
said "all of u decides to play on my head,then enjoy it!" now the game 
starts. Girls were too few minitues ,almost all of the 
saranya's hair were in those girls hand.saranya was almost the 
end of the game,pooja is the winner.saranya said "ok,pooja, shave me 
bald!" she wets saranya's head and shave her remaining hair 
10 mins saranya was totally bald. Girls said "teacher u look so 
beautiful with baldhead!" saranya smiled and thanked the 
day saranya came to school with her bald head.every body got stunned 
and admired at her.after this saranya grows her hair to her waist 
length again in 2 years.

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