Friday, 8 March 2013

It's Time for Tonsure

Sindhu came with her hubby, she waiting in the queue for her headshave, she cried a lot, her hubby is not consider her feelings, he is angry and he said, hey calm down, she said, pls I don’t want to shave, I can cut my hair shortly and I can shave my head next year. But he is don’t care about her words. He coolly said, pls wash your head and prepare for your shave. Before sindhu, 2 female’s with mid length hair, and 4 male, 1 young girl with shorthair.

Sindhu wet her longhair in the water, and came and stand again in the queue, she is thinking after her headshave, because she is working in private company as sr. clerk, her friends are calling sindhu as longhair baby. Her office staff also calling in the same name, she is hair icon in the company. She got arrange marriage, her husband is doing business, 6 months after her marriage only he got irritated awith sindhu’s long hair, because, everywhere she is going with him, everybody looking her longhair, and she also taking lot of time for makeup and hairstyle. Last month he said, pls cut your hair sindhu, I got bored with your longhair, I am looking for new hairstyle, but she is not accept. After that he continuously about her haircut. Finally he decided, and he said to sindhu, next week we are going to tirupathi for your headshave, she shocked and said noway, but he replied, otherwise pls divorce me. She don’t have choice, she came and stand here.
It’s sindhu’s turn, she sat before barber, her hubby, gave the token to barber. Then the barber put two knots and put new half blade in the knife, and put her in the middle of the head and started her headshave, she crying all the way in her tonsure, but she don’t have other option. Another 3 mins she completely bald, she stand came near with her hubby, he smiled and said you are looking cute, she hide her face with in her hand and started crying.
And next day she starting to office, she hide her bald head with black scarf. Once she went to office, everybody shocked her newlook, and all of them asking why you are not inform to us for your tonsure. She said, it’s surprise one for me also, because I am planning to do my tonsure next year, but everything happened suddenly. After her bald every body change her name as Bald head sindhu. After her tonsure she maintain her hair with boycut style. Her hubby also happy with her new look. And bald head sindhu became a boycut sindhu nowadays.

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