Friday, 8 March 2013

Sister and Bhabi

I have taken my bhabi to a beautician for her haircut and eyebrow works and many more. On this works i became more friendly with bhabi. I have seen almost long hair to shoulder length. There Bhabi knew my interest that i love to see haircut of female. Bhabi convinced my sister Priyanka too cut her long mane. First Priyanka denied and than agreed to cut it.
 I became so happy to see another very very long hair to be cut. Even if she is my sister. My mind became naughty and i thought if i would enjoy of cutting my sister's hair. I ran to the beautician of my Bhabi and convinced that my sister will come for haircut. What will be the time better for us. She said 2pm is the time, than nobody will come and disturb. I agreed. I was about to return home, again i moved and said her if i say something wont she feel wrong? She said no. Than i said that seeing Bhabi's haircut, i got the interest in haircut. You know i like to cut hair of any female. Even if my sister, i have the interest to cut her hair. Can you please give me the chance? The beautician laughed and thought for a while. Than she said, she will find a way to give me a chance. Than she said to visit her place on that day at 2pm positively, than she may give.
  That day around 2pm i reached her place with Priyanka. She was about to close the shutter, than she opened and entered us into the parlour and closed the shutter. She said that not to mind of closing the shutter. As she is tired of whole day work and not willing for anymore customers for today. Priyanka appreciated her words. She said Priyanka not to mind to give Ashok a chance to sit in Ladies Beauty Parlour. Priyanka said that she wont mind as i am her brother.
 Priyanka sat on the chair, the cloth was cover around her. Beautician sprayed water on her hair. She combed perfectly. Than she exclaimed at Priyanka, how she kept such long hair at the so teen age. How she not kept interest of cutting it. Than she took a pair of scissor and a comb. kach Kach sound was coming from her hand. When i looked to the face of my sister at the mirror, she was looking at the image of Beautician at the mirror. LOO!!! At that moment a bunch of long hair fell on ground. OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Cried the beautician. Both i and Priyanka looked at the beautician. What happened Priyanka asked? Beautician said she got pain at her finger, that finger was broken before. She was unable to cut hair and fun hot air at her hair. But the cut started. i knew that now she is giving me chance to cut. Priyanka said you started to cut what will be the next. Beautician said Priyanka not to mind if she says. Priyanka said no. She said Ashok to continue next, she will guide Ashok. In mind i thanked the beautician to give me the chance. I came and again combed. Took the comb and the scissor. As the beautician said, i cut the hair of my sister. Really i enjoyed a lot of cutting the great mane cutting at my hand. I gave the multy layer cut to my sister. Thanks to that beautician.

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