Friday, 8 March 2013

Preeti's Haircut

 I was introduced to Preety since last 5 years in her family as teacher. She has became a student of college this time and now she is staying with her aunt in some other city. Now her younger sister is my student. When she comes home, she gives me proper regard and goes with me to my house. You know my fatish nature, hence always my eyes go to one specific thing. Last time in winter she visited home. Than my eyes went at her mane. That mane was going beyond her hip. What long! and thick and black! I got amazed but my mind thought to cut that. I asked her why she does not cut that mane, she said she is thinking but not doing so.
  Last day i met her, i saw her mane. I found that was cut about 18 inches but still than more than mid back. That is enough for my fetish nature. I asked her to visit my home. She agreed and went with me. On the way i stopped my bike at a restaurant and ordered 2 plates of curry packed. The waiter said to wait for half an hour. I asked her to go to Vishal Mega Mart to buy something. She followed me. I bought something for me asked her to buy something for her. She did not buy. At the cash counter, there were some bed clips. She was looking at them. I asked her to buy some clips, she said she is going to cut hairs so no need of such clips. We returned, on the way i asked her you did not marketed anything for you. You do haircut as you want. She thought a moment and said yes. You know my heart became so cool that now i can see haircut of a girl. I took the pack of curry and went to the parlour where i had cut my sisters. My bed luck the beautician was absent. Than another that was closed. Than another she said no to haircut as she had applied oil before a day. My heart cried. We were on the way to home and on the way i asked her how to sampoo and come in the after noon. She said yes and we reached home. In my home i offered her a towel for sampoo. She took and sampood. She stayed in my home till 4pm. While returning my bike stopped at the Singar Beauty Parlour. She jumped down. We two entered in the parlour. I sat at the waiting chair. She went and set at the beautician's chair. The beautician asked what haircut she want. She said LAZER. The beautician said yes.
  There is a transparent screen and Preety was sitting about 6 feet before me. About 50% activities were visible to me and total words was audible me. There were conversation between them two. Beautician asked about length she described. I was struggling to see more views. Than my eyes fell at the switz board. I switz on the fan switch. As fan started the screen flew and i was able to see about 75% of the activities. 
  The beautician covered a cloth around her. Combed her hairs. Sprinkled water and again combed. Than parted hair from front in two sections. from front hair she started to cut. The sound cruch cruch was going on and the curtains were flying. I was struggling to see more and more. I was looking. Bunches of hairs were falling on ground. My heart was getting delighted. She was combing and cutting. One part over than she moved to other part. Than other part was also over. Than she combed and hair drier dried. Than Preety came to me. I paid the beautician and we were out of parlour. She showed me her hair. Those were below her shoulder. Now about 12 inches were cut from back. She was thinking a great volume of hair fell. 
  I said Preety if i say a word wont she feel. She said yes. I hugged her and kissed. She was looking me anxiously. I said this activity her boy friend will do as preety she is looking. I thanked her for her decision of haircut. I left her at her home. I think very soon she is going to give me her virginity. And next time she is going for more shorter haircuts. 

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