Friday, 8 March 2013

My Haircut Kalpana

I am Kalpana. By profession I am a working woman in Kolkata. I used to work as babysitter and household maid in different houses full time to earn my living. Now things have changed and I am now working in a self help group selling our own products door to door. Thanks to the Left Front government who helped me out in forming this self help group.
 I had long hair upto my buttocks.I am going to narrate the things what happened when I was working in Mr Das's house. I was very fond of my hair and used to spent a lot of time in caring my long hair. In a week I used to do shampoo twice and rest of the days used to apply oil in my hair. I am fond of my hair from my school days . I was born in a Bengali family which lived in sub human conditions in shanties. Our family was a victim of partition of Bengal in 1947. I was able to attend school up to class eight. As a Bengali girl I had the fascination of keeping my hair long. My mother used to take care of my hair. She used to trim my hair once a year.
 From then only my hair became very long and all my neighbors used to praise me about my hair. I used to be very proud over my possession. Aunties from the shanties used to touch my hair in affection and sometimes made it a braid with it. I loved the small girls who used to come to me and play with my hair. It was in class eight. One day I went to a neighbors’ hut to get some sugar. When I entered her hut I saw a scene which I will never forget. I saw the aunty is sitting on a stool with a bowl of water kept beside. I heard the Crunching sound of scissors. A barber was sitting behind her. I went behind her and sat beside the barber to see her haircut. The barber put a white cape around her. Then he took some water from the bowl and sprinkled her over her head. The barber then started brushing her hair with his fingers and gave her a head message with water. That auntie’s whole hair became wet and she sat speechless. The barber took full control of her hair and started combing it. After this he took out a scissor and again started making that sound of scissors. He then bent her head little down, held some amount her hair with the comb and then snip snip. A big chunk of hair fell into the ground and on her white cape. The same thing continued for 15 minutes until her hair was perfectly trimmed. The barber then opened the cape and again brushed her hair. She then got up and paid the barber. She then said to me "How is my haircut? I am having problem of dandruff. I was told by doctor not to keep my hair long. So I cut it." She then swept the big chunk of black hair into some packet and said "I will throw them in the Ganges. May be Gang Devi can cure my dandruff problem." I returned back with the sugar but had the scenes in my mind.
 That very night I had a dream. In the dream I saw myself in the position of that aunty and a barber cutting my hair. I woke up in fear and realized that it had a permanent impact on me. Some days later my friend Nibha came to my house. I had applied shampoo in my hair and kept the hair open. In a playful mood she came behind me and said "Wow!! Lovely long hair! Please let me smell it". Even I have never smelled my lovely hair. Before I can object I felt her nose going through my hair. First I had an ackward feeling but after 2 minutes I had a different feeling. As her nose touched my nape I was feeling some attraction towards her. She smelled my hair right from top to my buttocks where the split ends were. She then put my hair in a bun and started smelling the bun. I could feel her breathing near my nape. I liked it very much.After having this experience I used to smell my own hair. But couldn't bring that feeling I had with Nibha.5 years after that incident I joined Mr. Das's house. They were a family of three. They had a son 14 years old studying in class nine. Mr. and Mrs. Das used to go out in the morning for their office and I used to make food for that boy and send him to school. Rest I had ample time to take care of my hair. I used to put my hair in a bun in the daytime and in the evening I used to put it in a braid. I was proud of my hair that was thick and kissing my buttocks. It was on Rathyatra that the boy had a holiday in school. As usual Mr and Mrs Das went for office.
 In just sat for watching TV when the boy came and sat beside me. I held the boy in my arms in affection. The boy said "Kalpana di. I want to play with your hair." I said "You are a grown up boy now. Why will you play with someone's hair?". In reply he said "I have dreamt of playing with your hair for a long time. Please let me do so." I couldn't say no as I cared about him very much. He was affectionate to me. I agreed. He went behind me and opened my bun. Started pulling my hair and his fingers ran all over my hair. Suddenly I felt his nose on my head. I had the same feeling that I had with Nibha. I looked behind and saw a smile of satisfaction in him. I just touched his cheek with my hand in acknowledgement. He again started smelling my hair. ohhh! What a feeling I was having. It turned me on. He asked "Don't you cut your hair?" I replied "Aaaaaaa !!!! I do. But I haven't cut it for a year. My mother trims it very well." The boy said "I can cut your hair." I just loughed at it but the boy seem to be serious and he started pleading to let him cut my hair. Finally I agreed. The boy laid some newspaper on ground. I was standing before a mirror with my hair open. He asked me to put it in a bun and I did so. He put a red comb on my hair and pushed the scissor on my bun. It was looking like an ornament and I was amazed to see it. The boy then took me and made me sit on the news papers. He then brought a bowl of water. I remembered the scene of barber cutting hair of that women. The dream I had was becoming true. He sprinkled some water on my head and started messaging my head. Oh my God! It was turning me on.I could barely resist myself. He then started combing my hair and at times smelling it. I could visualize it in my own eyes as I have seen one. The boy said "Every time I cut your hair, you have to encourage me". I agreed. Then I heard the sound of scissors "Crank Crank". He bent my head a little down and I heard the sound of snipping scissors. I realised what happened. I looked back to see a black mass of hair on newspapers. The very scene of it made me more excited and I kissed the boy's head. He again combed my hair and again snipped a few inches until the bottom of my hair was in shape. He took me to a mirror and showed me the hair behind. I was astonished at his skills. But I decided to cut a litle shorter. I again sat on the news papers and he started cutting my hair. He combed it nicely and sometimes smelled my wet hair. I was sitting like a slave infront of him with my head down. I encouraged him whatever he wanted to do with my hair. After an hour my long hair became mid waist length. He decided not to cut anymore. I then got up and swept the huge mass of black hair into one place. I looked at it for a few minutes when the boy came and hold me in his arms and said " Kalpana di!!!those are all gone. I will store it for my memory. You again grow your hair. I will cut it. I have become a haircut fetish."

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