Sunday, 17 March 2013

She Liked It

Recently I visited my cousin Sarala who lives in Tenali, a medium sized town in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.  Sarala is three years senior to me.  Last year she got married and her hubby runs a cloth business in Tenali which is also known as Andhra Paris.  I heard much about Tenali but visited it for the first time. 
  In the first two days Sarala took me to all the temples in Tenali.  I was thrilled to know that Tenali Rama lived in this town for some time and we visited the temple where he worked as priest. 
  That was a Sunday.  Sarala's Hubby went out on some business work.  Sarala and I were just chatting.  Then Sarla's neighbours Kalyani and Sandhya came to her house.  Sarala introduced me to them.  Both of them were in their early thirties and they are house wives.  We discussed changes in fashion trends.  In our conservation Sarla told them about my hairstyling skills. They are very friendly and I mingled with them quickly.
    I observed their hairstyles.  Sandhya's hair was normal and waist length. She braided it till end.  Kalyani's hair was some what special.  That was very rare texture we find.  Soft curly hair with waves.  Her hair was very thick. She braided it till the middle and tied a rubber band.  I understood that hair of both of them is not trimmed for months. 
    "What type of hairstyles do you sport?" I asked them. 
    Sandhya smiled and said generally they braid her hair and ocassionally they leave it putting a band at the neck.  Sarala said , "Modern hairstyles are not in vogue in Tenali". 
    Then I said, "Why don't you try for U shape or Vshape cuts at least?"  I am very much attracted towards Kalyani's hair and I wanted to cut it at any cost.  I pursuaded her.  I told her that Ushape cut will be very much suitable for her hair.  First she didn't show much interest.  But after showing  photographs  of my friends with Ushape cut she was convinced.   "How much length should be cut for U cut?" she asked
  "As much as you like. Minimum two inches", I told her.  She thought for a while and said she would tell her decision after consulting her hubby. 
  Next day she came to me and said her hubby is also interested in her new hairstyle.  I felt very happy and asked her to come after washing her hair.  In the afternoon she came.  She shampood it and left loose wiht a band at the beginning. 
  Sarla arranged a wooden stool in the balcony.  Kalyani stood on it.  I removed her band and combed it thoroughly.  I could get the smell of Pantene shampoo from her hair.  I asked her what length could I cut.  She thought for a while and said, "Not more than six inches".  I was thrilled because she accepted to  lose six inches.  Then I parted her hair into two sections.  Taking right side section in between my index fingure and middle fingure, I started cutting her hair positioning scissors in cross position.  Her thick hair slowy started falling on my feet. After cutting right side section I came to her left.  I repeated the same procedure.  Now her hair is very attractive with sharp edges. Then I comber her hair againg and trimmed to give it perfect Ushape. 

  After ten minutes she stood up and looked at the mirror .  She was very much excited to look her face in her new haircut.  She thanked me a lot. The nest day Sandhy also came to me and asked to cut her hair also in Ushape. 

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