Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Correction

It happened when I was in my third year of B.Tech.  I went home in Vijayawada during the Dasara vacation.  When I reached home there were some relatives in our house.  My aunt Malathi (mother's cousin sister's daughter) and her husband came to our house. She is just six years older than me.  I am very much delighted on seeing them after a long gap. I wished them and exchanged greetings.  Malathi said they came to Vijayawada to visit goddess Durga during Navarathrees.
  We talked about everything between the sky and the earth.  After some time I observed Malathi's braid.  I am surprised because it is less than half of its length which I know.  She had butt length braid.  Malathi read my feelings and clarified.  She said, "We visited Tirupathi last week. There I offered one fourth of my hair to Lord Balaji.  And again I offered hair to Goddess Durga in Vijayawada yesterday."   Her hair is very short now.
  Then I noticed something wrong on her hair.  It was very uneven at the end.  I brought it to her notice.  I asked her to stand before the mirror fitted to iron safe and placed another hand mirror behind her.  She look at the mirror and said, " Yes, Leela. I didn't observe it.  It is very uneven."  She thought for a while and came to a conclusion.  She said, "When when we went to the temple yesterday, there was heavy crowd at the tonsuring hall.  All the barbers were very busy.  So, the barber who cut my hair might have cut it like this in a hurry."

  Her hair was cut in such a hasty manner that it had an ugly end.  Then she asked me if I could something to correct it.  I said her she need not bother about it and it could be easily corrected.  I took her to my room.  I asked her to sit in front of my dressing table. Then I took away the scissors from the cup-board.  I brushed her hair.  I said to her that at least two inches of hair is to be cut to make it look even.  She readily accepted.  Then I held her hair in one hand and carefully cut some two inches.  I brushed and asked how it was.  She looked at mirror and said "It is nice now."
  Then I asked her to cut it further short so that she could wear it in simple pony.  She thouhgt for a while and asked me to cut it in the way my hair is.  That is in U shape.  I cut five more inches in U shape.  She felt very happy and thanked me.  The next day they left for their town.

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