Friday, 11 January 2013

Captain's Newly Wedded Wife

Captain Rajeev Manekshaw got some time off from the busy duties of Army and went to visit his family for Christmas after a gap of 2 years. All the members of his family were happy to see him. For the first few days they went around their tiny town visiting churches, And the following week they attended the marriage of their cousin Manoj. At the marriage Rajeev eyes turned towards the fair lady with long black hair -Vaishali. He could not turn his eyes off her. This is for the first time in so many year Rajeev looked at a girl and liked her so much. Since it was any time for marriage, he decided to talk to her. Through a known relative the marriage proposal reach either side.
It was like a dream and they got married in 8 days since Rajeev has to report back to Army and don't have much time for another vacation. So things happened so fast. Rajeev returned back to army and within a week Vaishali joined Rajeev.
Rajeev and Vaishali enjoyed the weekend walking around the beach hand in hand. They spent some time together and had dinner at the beach restaurant. Vaishali for the first time tasted wine and thrilled by the taste of wine. They went back to the army quarters and have sex that night. It was an amazing experience for both of them. After sex Rajeev and Vaishali slept together with their bodies close to each other than only a hair strand can fit in between them. Rajeev was running his fingers into the thick black hair of Vaishali.
Rajeev and Vaishali spent the weekend making love and enjoying the day and as with the sun set they realized that Sunday is nearing end. Rajeev needs to get back to work for the Republic day parade rehearsals. Since it is republic day parade every one at the army is ordered to get a clean regulation tight hair cut. Since the army saloon gets crowded as the republic day nears, Rajeev decided to go to army saloon that evening. Gorgeous long hair beauty accompanied Rajeev to the saloon. At the saloon, the barber indicated that Captain's wives do not normally wear long hair and it is first time he is seeing a captain's wife with long hair. Normally only wives of lower ranks wear long hair and look orthodox. Once can easily identify the rank of her husband based on their looks and style. The army barber told Rajeev that Vaishali better wear a short bob to avoid embarrassment at the republic day officers party. Since it is officers party only families of high ranks attend the party and most of them either wear short Bobs or inverted bobs with sleeveless dress. These parties are highly social with every one enjoying the drinks and smoke.
Rajeev convinced Vaishali to get a long bob to avoid embarrassment at the part. Rajeev talked to Vaishali for few minutes and she agreed for the hair cut. The long black flowing hair is now goint to be cut in a few minutes. Rajeev informed the barber that Vaishali will be getting a Bob and he will get a regulation tight hair cut. Both Rajeev and Vaishali occupied different seat. Rajeev was caped and the clippers started roaring. Seated in a nearby adjacent seat is Vaishali. Since Rajeev mentioned Bob the barber took it as short bob as is common style with the army officer's wives. The barber tied the long hair and cut it at the knot making the hair just shoulder length. The barber bent Vaishali head forward and started working on the back. Since Rajeev was busy at another chair and Vaishali head bent down, neither of them paid attention to what was happening to Vaishali's hair. The barber cut her hair short at the back and then started working the hair to bring it to chin length at the front. Vaishali didn't realize that she was loosing more hair than expected. The barber then buzzed her neck area. The sound of clipper sent shivers through her spine as it was the first time she is seeing a machine work on her head. The barber then shaved her neck area with straight knife bringing it to a perfect shape. He then started cutting the hair in top and front. By now Rajeev's short and tight hair cut is complete and got out of his chair. At first he looked around for his wife. Little did he realize that the short bobbed female in the adjacent chair is his wife. He was shocked to see such a short hair cut. After talking to the barber he understood that it was a case of miscommunication. Leaving with no option he asked the barber to proceed and complete the haircut. The barber cut the hair on the sides and front and cleaned up the hair over the ears and side burns. He took the brush and cleaned the hair that fell on her shoulders. Since sleeveless are common in the army, the barber offered to shave the armpits of Vaishali. Though hesitant in the beginning, Rajeev nodded his head as approval and she removed her blouse. The barber took the straight razor and cleaned the armpits. The silky hair from her armpits rolled down to the floor. He applied little bit of later and redid the shave. Her armpits were smooth now. The barber told her that it is very common for the wives of army officer to visit the saloon once in a month for haircuts.
Vaishali now looked her face in the mirror thought it was a decent hair cut. She checked her hair at the back and realized that it was very short at the back although she like rubbing the short stubble.
Rajeev and Vaishali went home and had shower. That night they had sex again and were rubbing each others hair and liked it. They now visit the saloon every month and liked the short hair cut. Vaishali though initially hesitant, decided to go for high and tight clipper cut next month.
Till then lets all wait and see how Vaishali looks in high and tight clipper cut.