Friday, 11 January 2013

My name is sandhya and my friend is Divya. As I am a hair fetish I love Divya’s hair as her hair is so thick long and soft. I usually touch her hair and keep my fingers in her hair for a long time. But in my mind,I use to think to shave her hair and enjoy that excitement.

She study very well and almost she is only the topper in the class. One day when we are studying, I talked with divya. “Hey divya this is really a tough exam. So to get passed we should pray for god. And moreover I heard that if you do headshave then you will definetly get good marks”. She first didn’t agree because she dont want to shave such a long hair of her. I again asked her “if hair gets shaved, it will grow but if exam goes means it will not come.”

Now she got in a deep thinking about it.

She asked me ” what about u ? Do you shave? ”

I replied her ” ya. First you if you agree and than its me”

She finally agreed for that but asked about the place of the temple for headshave.

I replied her “tomorrow is our exam so we cant able to go to any temples now so we will do one thing. I will shave your head and you will shave mine”

She agreed for that and as I already have razor, so I took divya with me to the garden at our house where no one is there.

I also told divya, if any one asks about headshave, we should tell them that headshave is done at temple for exam.

Now my desire is getting fullfil. I asked Divya to come and sit infront of me. Her hair is neatly oiled and tied long braid. I kept my hands on her hair and loose her oily braid and free her hair.

I poured water from jug on her hair and start massaging her head. Her breath increased with tension. After fully wetted her hair, I took razor and asked divya to bend her head. Now I placed razor on her head and start shaving. Her black hair fall like a river and I enjoyed verymuch by doing this.

Now I completely shaved one side of her head and saw her face. Its really amazing. Now I poured some water on her head as water dried off, and again do the shave for remaining area. All her hair fell down and she is now completely bald.

Now its divya turn to shave my head. She told ” sandhya! Come and sit for your shave.” As no chance, I sat before her. She loosen my shoulder length pony tail and wetted with water. She didn’t make any knots as I done to her. My hair is now wet and loose and I bent head before divya. Suddenly a cool sensation started that divya started headshave. Hair locks felling down and I didn’t raise head until headshave completed. The front part is bald and she is shaving the back side. Finally its bald and the place is filled with both our girls hairs.

Now sandhya and divya both are bald and beautiful

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